Dana Loesch Gets A Taste Of Her Own Medicine And It Couldn’t Happen To A More Deserving Gal.

Now that Dana Loesch has discovered a new way to get people to listen to her stupid and senseless I’m a pistol-packin’ Mom video, we can all sit back and wait for her next attempt to climb out from underneath her rock and pretend that she knows anything about guns. I’m referring to the childish effort by a video designer to mock Dana’s even more childish defense of gun violence by creating what is obviously a satire of her message which ends with an explosion, a spatter of blood and, if you have any kind of imagination, it looks and sounds like Dana shot herself with a Glock.

Unfortunately, the video has been removed both from the Twitter page of its designer, as well as from a story that obligingly appeared in The Blaze.  But this hasn’t stopped Dana from lining up her right-wing media cronies like Cam Edwards, as well as her legion of adoring fans to come to her defense in her hour of need.  The problem is that Dana’s original video about having a gun because she needs to protect her family uses the same, old, senseless argument that the NRA has been putting out there for thirty years, namely, that we are all the targets of violent criminals both within our homes and out in the street, and the only way to defend ourselves in an increasingly violent world is to get our hands on a gun.

loeschBut this time the attack didn’t come from some imaginary (I’m going to use one of Dana’s favorite words) thug bursting through the door; it was in the form of a video that played harmlessly on the web.  Too bad for Dana that she can’t defend herself from words or pictures by brandishing her gun.  But she can remind all her fans that the only violence they need to fear is the artistic violence perpetrated by her enemies who want to get rid of the guns.  She tweeted that the video was a “threat” on her life and then in a later tweet accused the same, liberal crowd that was behind the video of being the real promoters of violence because, after all, they will kill “babies and conservatives” if and when they get the chance.

I guess if you accuse someone of murder in print it’s okay, it’s just when a violent event is captured on video that someone’s crossed the line.  But Dana’s ready for all possibilities because remember, she’s got a gun.  And just in case the video really does constitute a threat to her life, she’s already contacted the FBI.  Of course she also made sure that an obliging gun company, in this case Remington, offered to help her protect herself by sending her a new gun. The choreography of Dana’s response to this video is all too neat, all too perfect; I’m wondering –  did she produce the video herself?
I want to say two things about Dana Loesch.  First, she’s a real bore, and I don’t mean stupid and boring, which she is. What I really mean is that she debases every discussion she joins.  Dana reduces everything to the lowest common intellectual denominator, she shamelessly panders to anger and fear. I have no issue with pro-gun folks who state their views with attention to real facts and respect for the truth.  I didn’t notice cry-baby Dana mouthing any concern when a meme appeared in which an idiot actually did threaten Shannon Watts by putting an axe through her head.

Second, because I’m polite I won’t call her a liar but what she says is simply not true.  The number of women who are shot in domestic disputes with guns kept around the home is twenty times higher than the number of women who use a gun to protect themselves from harm.  When Dana stands there primping in her leather outfit (no doubt wearing it while she home-schools her kids) and tells women that a gun will make them safe, she’s promoting real danger, not responding to a make-believe event.


4 thoughts on “Dana Loesch Gets A Taste Of Her Own Medicine And It Couldn’t Happen To A More Deserving Gal.

  1. If a similar video involving Shannon Watts was circulated, you and the #gunsense community would be foaming at the mouths. The fact of the matter is, you want to distract from the underlying violent tendencies many gun control advocates try desperately to suppress. They often fail at this. If you doubt me, I have scores of screenshots of gum control proponents openly wishing for gun owners to shoot themselves (often during the act of copulating with or fellating their gun) or their children, be shot by their children or the police, or their children be shot by someone else
    Plain and simple, your attempt to take the moral high ground on this only serves to shed light on not only yours, but the hypocrisy of #gunsense all around.

  2. I’m with Harry Stone. This is pathetic. Dana is smart and beautiful, and she is well versed on guns. The author sounds like a whiny woman hater who is frankly angry about everything. Pitiful. Not a message that is impressive in any way.

  3. Dana is smart and beautiful…..Dana is neither smart nor beautiful. She could not survive 30 minutes with an truly intelligent and educated person on any subject, including her own screwed up $$ driven psyche. And no doubt without the 2 lbs. of foundation you would notice the poxed marked face of a sad and scared below average individual. She gets attention because she rants and because their are more than enough ideological zealots who want to hear idiots rant. Or have you forgotten how many people supported Sarah Palin. You remember the candidate who thought the Federal Reserve had something to do with veterans.

  4. #1: If guns don’t work, why do anti-gun liberals always have armed guards?
    #2: If anti-gun liberals want everyone disarmed, start with the liberals!
    #3: What are liberals doing that make them so petrified of guns? #PizzaGate?

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