A New Website That Perfectly Describes The NRA.

I’d like to think that I have some good ideas for how to communicate about gun violence, but every once in  a while something pops up that is so remarkably brilliant that I have to pause, take a deep breath and realize that there are some people out there who are a lot more brilliant and original than me.  And in the case of Amanda Gailey, I mean a lot more, I really do.

Amanda is an English Professor at the University of Nebraska and she has been involved with a very active state-level GVP group, which is Nebraskans Against Gun Violence, aka NAGV.org.  Right now the organization is trying to drum up support to stop the passage of a bill, introduced early this year that would prohibit individual localities from passing any restrictions on gun ownership or use that does not conform with state laws.  Presently there is no pre-emption in Nebraska, which means that individual towns can decide the gun-owning environment for themselves.  The NRA-supported bill would undo local gun control, hence the campaign of the NAGV.

gailey                Now along comes Professor Gailey, who writes about how to detect literary genius, but has just authored a web page to support the NAGV and her web page is nothing short  of genius in and of itself.  Actually it’s a shopping cart hosted by SquareUp, which gets digital sellers off and running on the web. The name of Amanda’s digital kiosk is Hysterical Ladies Anti-Domestic Terror Society, and I guarantee you that from the moment you click this link you won’t come back to my website for some good period of time.

Right now the website is offering seven different buttons, they run three bucks apiece, and basically they more or less revolve around what I think is the perfect gun-control slogan, namely, Fuck The NRA. There are a few other messages, and the artwork on all the buttons is evocative and superb, but I can’t get over the fact that someone, in this case a young English professor in Lincoln, Nebraska, has finally come out and said what needs to be said.

Because the truth is that the NRA’s position on the violence that kills and injures 100,000 Americans each year is obscene.  The truth is that telling people to go out and buy a gun to protect themselves from violence when it’s the gun that causes the violence is obscene.  The truth is that pretending that all we need to do to end gun violence is to keep guns out of the ‘wrong hands’ is obscene.  And the most obscene thing of all is the idea that a bunch of citizens living together in a small locality shouldn’t be able to decide for themselves what they want to do about guns.

The button I love most of all is the one which shows a group of suffragettes walking down a street with a large banner which no doubt originally said something about being able to vote but has now been Photoshopped into a banner that says “Together We Shall Fuck The NRA.”  And the reason I love this button is because the NRA has been making this big play recently about getting women into the shooting sports, but the truth is that women, NRA bullshit to the contrary, just aren’t all that interested in getting into guns.

Amanda, I just can’t get over how brilliant and original you have been.  Because the more I think about it, the more I think that the NRA really doesn’t deserve to be mentioned or discussed in any other way. I don’t think the GVP community gains any points by being polite or politically correct when it comes to the death and injury of 300,000 Americans since the massacre at Sandy Hook.  I think gun violence is a national disgrace and I think this website tells it like it really is.  Great work Amanda, great work.

9 thoughts on “A New Website That Perfectly Describes The NRA.

  1. Thanks so much for this flattering write-up, Mike! The buttons are very much a collaborative effort among several women here who feel–as so many around the nation do–that it’s high time we stop dressing up murder, insurrection, and paranoia as “patriotism.” There’s nothing patriotic about an industry lobby that sets policies that have killed more Americans than all wars combined. We produce these buttons in our spare time and give the proceeds to NAGV, an organization for which several of us also volunteer. Thank you for your support!

  2. When you look at the Nebraskans Against Gun Violence website you find some people who seem reasonable. If you look at the F— the NRA link it reminds me of how people who preach tolerance, justice etc can be very nasty people. Just wait until the pro-gun crowd starts selling buttons or stickers with the F-word attached to Bloomberg, Watts and the Moms. Will they be called sexist, racist etc for doing what F-word the NRA crowd is up to?

    The comment above about “dressing up murder, insurrection, and paranoia as “patriotism.” ” is accurate for the insurrection or paranoia but murder? Where does the NRA say that?

  3. The NAVG does appear reasonable & moderate. I don’t doubt that they are because that’s been my experience with such groups. The F-word buttons trouble me for the reason that, given real progress in passing sensible gun laws, I’d hate to see any reversals and such vitriol may cause it. That said, the buttons’ sentiment is understandable. And the NRA actually has conflated paranoia with patriotism.

    • Real progress in passing sensible gun laws? I admit I’m not up on everything but I’m pretty sure there has been almost no progress on gun laws. Have I missed something significant?

    • You know you won’t, Brent! The anti-gun movement is hell-bent to ban guns and remove them from society, and they only reason why they give gun owners like you and Mike the time of day is because you give them the appearance of being moderate, while they make no effort to respect even your gun ownership.

  4. Weer’d Beard, I’m far from confident they will follow a wise strategy – haven’t seen it yet. But they may still some fine day – never know. Anyway, the next generation who takes their place probably will.
    Based on my personal experience I’m convinced that, regarding actual measures to curb gun violence, these groups are mainly moderate. That said, it’s probably true that if they could snap their fingers and make all guns disappear, they’d sure do it.

  5. I guess we’ll have to wait & see what happens. As average citizens, you, Mike & I have little say on things anyway.
    And these mass shootings throw any chance for a mature, gun issue discussion out the window.

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