A Little Early But Here’s My GVP Resolutions For 2017.


The truth is that nothing succeeds like adversity, and if there’s one group that probably feels they’ve been hit with adversity it’s the community that really cares about gun violence prevention, a.k.a. GVP.  Because if this election was anything, it was something of a plebiscite on America’s gun culture and the American fascination with guns.  Talk about making the country exceptional – what other country has more than 300 million small arms stacked away in closets and drawers?  And you can’t argue with the fact that Hillary made new gun regs a major part of her pitch and Shlump made a point of promising to protect the 2nd Amendment at every campaign stop that he made. No, I take that back – the one place he didn’t mention gun ‘rights’ was when he tramped around Flint.

trump5             For many GVP advocates, having a virulently pro-gun President in the White House is a new state of affairs, which is why it’s understandable that the GVP community would feel somewhat vulnerable going into 2017.  Let’s face it, we all had visions of expanded background checks to secondary gun transfers under Hillary – was there a single pollster who told us it wouldn’t come true? But maybe, just maybe, the Age of Trump will prove to be a blessing in disguise for GVP because, if nothing else, his continued pandering to the lowest common denominator on the gun issue will waken people up to the fact that now’s really the time to get involved.

Which is why although I usually wait until after Christmas to publish my gun violence prevention (GVP) resolutions for the next year, I’ve decided to get started now.  And the reason I’m doing it early this time is because of some postings about how Vanity Fair’s subscriptions soared after the magazine was attacked by Trump, ditto a massive wave of new subscriptions for The New York Times after the results on November 8th.  So I think we need to get ready because sooner or later El Shlumpo will say something stupid or really stupid or really, really stupid about guns and GVP better be ready to respond.  So my New Year’s GVP resolutions are aimed at making my own response as effective as it can be.

Resolution #1. – I will never write anything that contains the slightest concern for, or support of 2nd-Amendment ‘rights.’ The second that a GVP advocate says that Americans have a ‘right’ to own a gun, the other side has won.

Resolution #2. – I have absolutely no interest in trying to figure out how to communicate a GVP message to ‘responsible’ people who own guns.  If they’re so responsible, let them figure it out.

Resolution #3. –  I am not going to bother any more with explanations about the difference between a ‘modern sporting rifle’ and an AR-15.  There is no difference except that the latter is designed to kill people and the former is an entirely made-up name.

Resolution #4. – I will not entertain any discussion about whether there should be a training standard for civilians who want to carry concealed (or open) guns.  Anyone who wants to carry a self-defense gun can join the military or, if you’re too old to enlist, you can always move to Israel because up to age 60 you can serve in the IDF reserves.

So those are my New Year’s resolutions when it comes to GVP.  And if you’ve bothered to read them you’ll notice one common thread, namely, that when it comes to reducing gun violence, the GVP community needs to take a very strong, aggressive and uncompromising stance.  The fact is that 90% of the small arms being manufactured and sold in the United States are designed to do only one thing.  And if they weren’t designed to do that one thing we wouldn’t need to be advocates for GVP.  Get it?

4 thoughts on “A Little Early But Here’s My GVP Resolutions For 2017.

  1. Nice resolutions. First off, I’m an Iraq vet and have been well trained in the use of many different firearms. Gun violence is an interesting topic and it definitely needs to decrease. It’s hard to come up with a solution, especially since I’m in favor of gun ownership. You’re right about what guns are actually made for, but because of that and because so many people now have guns that probably shouldn’t (don’t see it stopping anytime soon), I tell everyone to buy guns for self-defense and home protection, for use in a situation I hope never comes for them.

  2. Mike, most Americans believe that the 2nd Amendment confers a right to gun ownership and many state constitutions recognize a right to keep and bear arms in self-defense. Also, millions of Americans now carry guns. Do we just sweep these realities under the rug? That said, I am all for an assertive approach in combatting gun violence. Ignoring the annual carnage in this country (100,000+ gun deaths and serious injuries) demonstrates a profound callousness on our part toward our fellow Americans.

  3. I met for over an hour today with the New Mexico lobbyist (out of Dee Cee) for Everytown. My resolution is to try to fix shit that is broken and that means working with folks I would normally not talk to. The challenge is not to assert one’s point of view as much as to find common ground and reduce harm while keeping those bridges from being burned.

  4. I agree I am sure there are gun owners who might work with us trying to reduce the gun deaths in the USA. We own a gun for every man woman and child in this country and that’s more than any other country in the world!

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