Khal Spencer Writes A Poem.

deer1Sitting quietly in the woods
Warmly dressed in blaze orange goods
Listening, observing, watching for that fleeting shape to appear

Out of nowhere I hear the familiar, cautious sound of crunching leaves
A face comes into view through the trees
It’s a four-pointer

As I raise the Ithaca to my eyes
The Williams receiver sight showing the deer through the trees
Not a good shot yet

The deer stops, uncertain
I hold my aim, waiting for it to show itself from the brushes’ curtain
But the deer freezes

It takes a step back, wary
I think I see a clear shot through a small clearing
A single shot rings out, the deer stumbles

Damn. A single small branch flies apart
The deer instead of dying has a shattered limb
It crashes into a ravine in a loud, long din

It takes me a while to reach his side
He is terrified, wounded, unable to rise
Writhing with terrified, wide eyes
Two final shots at a thrashing neck and his demise

I was stunned, shaken
At my bad shot taken
No animal should have to die in such a state
That was the last time I raised my rifle a life to take

2 thoughts on “Khal Spencer Writes A Poem.

  1. Khal, I really like the poem. With all due respect to Mike’s rhyming couplets, yours really touched me. It takes a real man to reflect on what he has done and actually pivot in life rather than dig his heels in and stubbornly refuse to look at how his actions caused harm in some way. Bravo to the Poet Laureate of!

    • Thank you, Tom.

      I suppose the title could have been “how I became a vegetarian” rather than “Deer Hunt”. Basically, I decided if I wasn’t going to kill an animal myself I would not pay someone else to do it for me. Its been a long time since 1985. Still love the shooting sports, but only thing I kill these days is paper bullseyes.

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