I have been listening members of the gun violence prevention (GVP) community lament again and again that we need to engage in positive and constructive discussions with gun owners about the risks of owning guns.

shooting_gallery_with_winchesters_headerSo we have decided to make my website become a place where just such discussions can take place.  Accordingly, we have made the following changes to my site and hope that everyone who wants to create and sustain a discussion about guns from both sides of the argument will contribute their views here. This is what you will now find:

  1. Contributions from people other than Mike.  We now have an outstanding group of Contributing Editors, and we will be adding more. These writers are free to contribute their thoughts on any topic they like without editorial control of any kind from me. If you would like to contribute your thoughts to this website, please contact me and I’ll explain the rules, except there are no rules other than sending us a brief bio and thumbnail pic so that you can be listed on our Contributing Editors page.
  2. New and relevant readings. The publishing industry has changed to the point that many important and informative books are now self-published, or what is called ipress, including writers like Mike who can’t wait a year or longer for the trade or university press folks to get his brilliant texts into print. These books and important articles will be listed on the For Further Reading page, and we encourage readers to send us titles which they think should be on this page as well.  And every listing will include a link that will take readers to the place where they can actually buy the book or download the article. We will also be encouraging independent publishers and the trade press to send us notices about new books.
  3. The Gun Forum.  This page gives everyone an opportunity to contribute their thoughts and ideas about guns, to share those thoughts with others and move from being passive readers to active communicators.  You can join an ongoing discussion or create a new one and you don’t need to be ‘approved’ in order to get involved. We are also going to keep edits to a minimum because we assume that everyone who participates wants the discussions to be intelligent, rational and devoid of insults or other childish rants

You may also notice some advertisements on the site. We are partnering with WordPress in this venture with the understanding that the ads will all be for legitimate products or services and will not be intrusive on the site. If the ads become a bother or a nuisance, they will be curtailed.

Please feel free to send us feedback about our new site.