A tactical scope is going to be used for tactical purposes, as in the military or law enforcement. The needs here are clear, and they include great accuracy and control, sturdiness and reliability, and more. Take a look at this overview of tactical scopes and what you may want to keep your eye out for as you conduct your search.



One of the first things you’ll want to think about is of course the magnification and the kind of the lens that you want. This really will help to determine everything else, from size and price, to other features and options as well. Tactical scopes may come with magnifications from 2 to 20x. Many are also adjustable, with a range of magnification, for example, from 2.5-10x.

Adjustable magnification provides the greatest versatility and range of usages, but also means you will have to be adjusting as you go, which some individuals really don’t want to have to deal with. When you’re changing positions and looking at targets at different locations, you really need the adjustable capability, although for some more stable situations, you may be able to do without it.

The Lens

For the lens itself, simply put, bigger equals better, at least when it comes to letting in lighter. The larger the lens, in millimeters, the more light will enter, and the clearer the image that you receive will be. But larger lenses also equal more weight, more size and more bulkiness. So finding a good medium between image quality and light, and size and weight, is very important.


The Cost

Tactical scopes can quickly become rather expensive. Prices will always depend on the lens and magnification, the additional features and capabilities, and the manufacturer. One rule of thumb is that it’s better to pay for quality, durability and reliability than it is to find a discount, bargain bin scope. When your life, or someone else’s, could potentially be on the line, you need to be able to trust your scope unequivocally. Don’t sell yourself short and buy something that saves you a few bucks but then puts you in an unnecessarily precarious position down the road.

Not Just for Military or Law Enforcement

Finally, do tactical scopes have to be used only by the military or by law enforcement? Of course not, but this is really what they are designed for. You may want to use these high quality scopes for your own purposes, ranging from hunting to general marksmanship depending on your personal preference. When you do, you know that you’ll be getting a dependable product in return based on its design and intended usage.

Of course, this has just been a quick overview of the tactical rifle scope. There is much more information that you’ll need to consider as you plan your purchase. Just remember that magnification and lens size are the most important factors, and you want to focus on quality and reliability.