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Tell us your opinion on guns, gun violence and gun culture.

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This CONFIDENTIAL RESEARCH STUDY examines the knowledge and attitudes regarding guns, gun violence and gun culture in the US. We do NOT collect personal contact information.



Gun violence claims >33,000 American lives per year. Additionally, another 82,000 will be shot and will survive these injuries, only to suffer several health consequences including multiple hospitalizations, emergency visits, premature mortality and several other health and mental outcomes.

What we are studying:

This confidential research study documents and analyses what you think about guns and gun violence in the US, including:

    • Your exposure to gun violence
    • Your thoughts about personal safety and social responsibility
    • Your thoughts about gun ownership
    • Your understanding about gun violence in the US
    • Your thoughts about guns and gun laws

You are eligible to participate if you are:

  1. Currently living in the US
  2. 18 years of age or above
  3. Willing to tell us the year of your birth
  4. Willing you tell us the zip code and state you live in now.

What you may win:

$25 Amazon gift card upon completion of the survey

Please click here to take the survey

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4 thoughts on “Sign Up To Take This Survey.

  1. A word of caution/critique: many of the survey questions contain leading or biased content, and some require true or false answers when “it depends” or “uncertain” would more accurately answer the question. I hope the results will also be posted here?

  2. Couple of things: Why is it acceptable for gun violence ‘researchers’ to be openly anti gun? The founder of this particular study is Bindu Kalesan. Kalesan is Vice President of the ‘Gun Violence Survivors Foundation’. Her Twitter account shows she is openly biased in the field of her work. Why is this acceptable?
    The real oddity of this organization is it was founded by Christopher R. Hayes in memoriam to his close friend and DRUG DEALER Bryan Yeshion, who was murdered during a drug robbery!

    First rule of GVP Club: It doesn’t matter what your ethics are or who you associate with, just the message that guns are bad.

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