The Lawsuit Against Alex Jones Injects Reality Into The Gun Debate.

Every time a gun-control law is upheld, our friends in the gun-control movement (I think the idea of trying to convince Gun-nut Nation that we don’t want to ‘control’ guns is absurd) exult and rightly so. But the lawsuits filed against Alex Jones by a group of Sandy Hook parents has more significance than any particular legal statute could ever have. What the Sandies are saying is that they have suffered threats, harassment, public humiliation and invasions of their privacy because Jones keeps blaming them for what happened at the elementary school. Which is what conspiracy theory is all about: identify a vulnerable victim and then pile on.

jones   Ultimately, the argument over gun violence is going to get down to how the average person thinks about guns, and the influence of someone like Jones over the public gun debate has been an important factor in the way the argument has gone along until now. The problem in this case isn’t the issue of determining what happened at Newtown, it’s the way that folks who are shocked and dismayed by these kinds of events react by getting involved in activities which might prevent such horrendous massacres from happening again.

I guarantee you that if the Sandy Hook parents had just suffered their silent grief and decided, individually and collectively to stay out of public view, that the conspiracy theories which ramped up immediately after December 14, 2012 would have quickly gone away. But the Sandies formed an organization devoted to promoting alternatives to violence in schools; they journeyed as a group to D.C. to help Obama with his attempt to get a new gun law;  they continue to advocate for restrictions on guns; and worst of all, the sued the gunmaker who manufactured the AR-15 which was used to kill 20 little kids and 6 adults in a five-minute rampage inside the school. Oh, that AR-15 isn’t too lethal for civilian sale.  It’s just a sporting rifle, right?  Yea, right.

The reason that Jones continues driving down the conspiracy path with Newtown, he’s claimed the same thing about the Aurora massacre, by the way, is because much of his audience happens to come out of the gun-owning fringe who feel that even the NRA is too tame to represent their beliefs. Think I’m kidding?  Take a look at his interview of Ted Nugent, whose high-intensity slurs and insults against the liberal ‘menace’ often put Jones to shame.

Jones says that he first got turned onto his political world view because his father was a member of the John Birch Society – remember them?  The Birchers were the first group that created an entire political belief-system around conspiracy theories, in particular the notion that there was a worldwide conspiracy of Communists, liberals, and other enemies of freedom which unless we were all endlessly vigilant, would rear its ugly head. They group has become somewhat more respectable over the last few years, their website is simply another imitation of Breitbart which, thanks to DD Trump has determined that ‘illegal aliens’ are now the big threat.

What makes the legal actions against Jones so compelling is that it forces people to confront the fact that gun violence, which kills and injures an average of 340 people every day, is something that actually takes place.  Let’s say, for example, that a particular locality suffers from a high degree of gun violence and decides to enact a new gun-control law.  What’s to stop someone like Alex Jones from saying that the 24 gun murders which occurred in a certain city so far this year weren’t just staged?

When the NRA says that it’s not the gun that kills people, it’s people who kill people, they are promoting a false narrative which is no different than Alex Jones claiming that Sandy Hook never took place. It’s high time that such cynically-proffered delusions get challenged not just in the law courts, but in the court of public opinion as well.


7 thoughts on “The Lawsuit Against Alex Jones Injects Reality Into The Gun Debate.

  1. I suppose people kill people, since guns are inanimate objects. That said, its a lot easier for people to kill when they have a gun. A person can potentially outrun a knife. Don’t know anyone who can run 800 feet per second.

  2. Excellent, yet understated analysis and condemnation of extremely dangerous morons such as Jones and my brother, Ted Nugent. I have not heard an effective strategy to turn this “gun nut nation” in the right direction. The major problem is that fanatics like the two mentioned here are fed the “domino theory” pycho pharmaceuticals spewed by the NRA. The lack of trust in the government doing anything right keeps the groupies screaming for more.
    Sad, dangerous and fuel for these atrocities to keep coming.

  3. Jeff,
    After brutal gun control measures are put in place and another atrocity occurs, what next.
    If your doctor is giving you the wrong medicine, or even an ineffective one, you are actually in a lot of trouble because the dosage is likely to be increased until the side effects start to bite.

    • Hman

      Who says “brutal”?

      Believe you’re a Lifetime member of the NRA. I hear dominos.
      What does your statement have to do with fanatic rants like Jones and the other Nugent?

  4. Jeff,
    If you think any prohibitionist laws are not brutal in practice, just look at the war on drugs. Why would a war on guns be any different.
    One person’s reasonable law is a no knock mid night raid for the guys down range of it.
    And for a victimless activity.

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