Don’t Forget Self-Defense When You Celebrate The 4th.

In case you want to be a real American tomorrow and celebrate July 4th the way real Americans are going to celebrate, here’s an eye-catching advertisement I received from one of the websites that sells all the most important stuff to Gun-nut Nation on this most patriotic day. Actually, the most important stuff for the 4th is the case or keg of beer. But after that item, what counts is how you go about making sure that your personal protection is up to date.

armor3              Let’s see.  Body Armor – Medical Kits – Targets.  Those are the must-have items in case of a terrorist attack, or better yet, making sure you can defend yourself and your loved ones from a flood of illegals from you know where. Trump says that those kids in Texas will be sent to military bases here and there – I can see the FEMA trailers rolling right now into Fort Bliss or Fort Hood.  Let’s not forget to string the barbed wire around the trailers so that the kids can’t escape because all you need is one twelve-year-old invading the town and then God knows all kinds of Hell might break loose.

Now if such an invasion does occur and you and your loved ones are facing a threat, having a complete set of body armor is a prerequisite for personal defense.  You can choose between soft armor, designed for ‘pistol threat protection’ or hard armor, which is ‘rugged, reliable and ‘stress fracture resistant,’ cost based on size and weight.

Do you know what an EPIK is?  Do you have an EPIK?  Well, if the answer to either of those questions is ‘no,’ you better get with the program and purchase an EPIK today.  That’s right – today! Because if you don’t buy your EPIK today, you won’t have it ready for July 4th, which means you won’t be able to protect yourself and your loved ones from come what may.

The EPIK is an Emergency Personal Injury Kit to be used against ‘life-threatening bleeding injuries,’ specifically designed to ‘stop bleeding fast from a gunshot, knife, or other traumatic bleeding wound.’ And this particular product is extremely versatile because you never know how or where the threat may appear.  You can buy an EPIK to fit in your ‘Pocket, Plate Carrier, Backpack, Glove Box, Range Bag, and Survival Kit, anywhere you need it.’ And your personal EPIK starts at only $39.99.

Now you may think that the purpose of this column is to give free advertising to the company that makes and markets all this crap. But that’s not it at all. What today’s column is all about is my continued amazement at the ability of American entrepreneurship to come up with new ways to sell Gun-nut Nation stuff they don’t need.

Of course, what nobody really needs is another self-defense gun, and if what I see and hear from the gun shops around here is any indication of how gun sales are going across the fruited plain, just about everyone in Gun-nut Nation has also bought every gun that they could ever need to own. One of the local gun stores has a big sign out front telling customers that they can take 50 bucks off the retail price of any gun. The dealer won’t make a dime on the sale, but at least he’ll move some iron off the shelf.

Remember Glenn Beck peddling freeze-dried foods that would be edible even after sitting in your backyard bomb shelter for thirty years?  That’s right – the same Glenn Beck who’s now bankrupt. How could anyone in their right mind believe they need to drive around with a personal injury kit, particularly when the average adult doesn’t know squat about how to deal with any kind of traumatic medical injury at all?

God bless America, God bless the free enterprise system, and most of all, God bless our sacred duty to protect ourselves and our loved ones by spending a few bucks on some worthless junk.  Have a great 4th!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Self-Defense When You Celebrate The 4th.

  1. I actually used to agree with you on this, and I saw it as grown-ups playing Army Dress-up.

    But don’t you own a range, and don’t you teach the Massachusetts mandated introductory firearms course that one needs to pass before they can even buy their first gun or round of ammo.

    Guns are always dangerous, and I know a few seasoned shooters who have had negligent discharges, and thankfully nobody I’ve known personally has gone to the hospital because of it, but it happens, at very low rates.

    Still I remember teaching a new shooter back when I still lived in Maine, up at a sand pit that wasn’t posted. Taught her the Jeff Cooper 4 rules until she could recite them, then opened the bolt on the rifle showed her the clear action…..and then she swept EVERYBODY in the pit with the muzzle.

    “But you just SHOWED me it wasn’t loaded!!!”

    I know a few people who wear ballistic plates when working as range officers at clubs and competition just in the off chance when they’re scolding somebody for doing something unsafe that in the unlikely event it goes VERY unsafe, their vitals are protected.

    The same would go for teaching somebody their first shots.

    And if you don’t have a medical kit on your range (and maybe a small one on your person) while you’re teaching a class, you should maybe re-think that.

    Also maybe this is getting away from your personal belief, Mike, but for those who carry a firearm and/or keep one near the bed in the event that somebody forcibly enters their home, a ballistic vest you could toss on quickly seems like a good idea, even more so when you note that most people don’t sleep in load-bearing clothes, so a vest that might have some spare ammo and a flashlight really sweetens the deal.

    Unlikely anybody will need that stuff, but its also unlikely your airplane is going to crash, and if it DOES crash, say in the water, likely everybody is going to die……but that rare event when that flight splashed down in the Hudson, I bet everybody was very pleased they had rafts.

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