As promised, here’s the first chapter of my new book.  I’m going to (hopefully) do a chapter a week and when it is finished put it on Amazon as an e-book. Now if Medium would live up to their nonsense and let users download the text to a droid, It will go there as well.  In the meantime, you’re stuck with a pdf.

I started paying attention to the gun debate after Sandy Hook, and several appearances on local television affiliates resulted in an invitation to write a weekly column on gun violence for Huffington Post. But rather than just join the crowd and write the usual laments about gun violence, I decided to fashion as much of my writing as possible on looking at the arguments being made to reduce gun violence, with the hopes that my 50-year experience in the gun business could serve as a guide for understanding how some of those arguments (and the research behind the arguments) might benefit from a somewhat more nuanced understanding about guns and how we use guns.

I am not saying that my views on this subject (or any other subject) are necessarily the last word. But I try in everything I write to distinguish between facts and opinions, and I trust that readers will keep that difference in mind as well.   

The first chapter can be downloaded here.