Where Are All Those Concealed-Carry Killers?

              Last week our friend Ladd Everitt published an op-ed in The New York Post where he called on Bill DeBlasio to change a New York City gun-control law, the Sullivan law, that has been in effect since 1912. Basically, what this law does is to make it very difficult for a New York City resident to walk around with a gun. Additionally, it also prohibits transporting a handgun for which a city resident has a license outside of the city itself. For that matter, a resident of any other county in New York State outside of the five counties within the Big Apple, can’t bring a licensed handgun into the city.

              The law is being challenged by some pro-gun group which believes that if someone happens to own a home both within the city as well as another home somewhere else in the state, that it’s a violation of 2nd-Amendment ‘rights’ to require said individual to have gun licenses issued by both jurisdictions in order to move from one location to another with said gun. After all, the same driver’s license can be used both in Da City and the rest of the state. How come we can’t enjoy the same ‘equal protection under laws’ when it comes to transporting our guns?

              For reasons that we will only learn if and when the SCOTUS publishes an opinion on this case next year, the great fear being bandied about in Gun-control Nation is that the High Court will use this case to strike down various state and local concealed-carry laws (CCW) and pave the way for one, national CCW that will let every armed American wander around anywhere he wants to go toting his gun.

              I happen to believe that the gun violence prevention (GVP) movement’s opposition to national CCW is correct. I also happen to believe, however, that the GVP opposition to CCW is based on arguments which have little or no validity at all. So before you get all hot and bothered that Mike the Gun Guy™ is once again showing his true colors as an NRA flack, read on.

              The opposition to CCW is based on the wholly-unsupported claim that CCW increases the possibility that gun violence rates will go up. Now you can always find an example of someone shooting someone else with a legal concealed weapon – the murder of  Trayvon Martin being perhaps the most notorious case in point. But one example is simply one example, okay?

              Our friends at the Violence Policy Center (VPC) issue an annual report on the number of times that folks with CCW kill someone by using a gun. In fact, of the 722 documented cases analyzed by the VPC between 2007 and 2017, it turns out that 45% were either non-criminal suicides or unintentional shootings.  In other words, over this eleven-year span, fatal injuries committed by CCW-holders averaged less than 40 per year. This country finds itself awash in intentional gun assaults which rack up more than 14,000 homicides a year, and the 40 or so people killed by CCW-holders constitutes a threat to public health?

              The reason I am opposed to national concealed-carry is the same reason I am opposed to all local or state-level CCW, namely, that I have yet to see a single jurisdiction granting CCW that actually imposes any kind of test to determine whether the CCW-recipient actually knows how to use a gun. Sorry, but sitting in a stuffy room, listening to some old guy drone on for a couple of hours about the ‘three rules of handgun safety’ and then firing a few shots at a fixed target doesn’t constitute any kind of ‘training’ at all. And for all the difficulty imposed by New York City to get a CCW license, there’s no training requirement whatsoever. Read: none.

              My problem with CCW is that it’s just another marketing scam to make guns as normal and useful as a droid. But guns aren’t just some household or business convenience. Guns are designed to kill. Get it?

3 thoughts on “Where Are All Those Concealed-Carry Killers?

  1. I agree with Mike on training, although I have to admit I don’t know of any studies, sensu lato, that show a relationship between successful armed intervention by CCW holders and their levels of training. I suspect an ambiguous result. Maybe someone can enlighten me. But since there is no Constitutional right to CCW, there is nothing to stop states from granting reciprocity to other states with meaningful training requirements. Whatever those are. MAG 40? New Mexico?

    The “Concealed Carry Killers” mantra has always been a myth, as Mike, yours truly, I think John Lott, and others have pointed out. Whether its a good idea or not to be packing heat around is another question. My uncle, a WW II battlefield veteran in Patton’s 3rd Army, applied for a CCW in NYS under the Sullivan Law as he had a disability and left work as the maitre d’hotel at a Buffalo bar (The Anchor Bar) at O’dark thirty. It was denied. I applied for one in Rochester, NY at the ripe old age of 22 just so I could walk around and plink at cans, and it was granted. Talk about a lack of consistency.

    Ladd Everett, after a disagreement on gun control, pretty much told me to go commit an unnatural act with myself and that’s the last we communicated. But he has a point. The NYC law is stupid and if it was relaxed so someone living in Queens who went through the pain and suffering of getting a City premises permit could take their pistol up to their Adirondack summer cottage and back, it wouldn’t hurt anyone and that lawsuit that the GVP are worried about would be moot.The NRA may look silly lately, but the GVP people also have a knack for making a mountain out of the wrong molehill. Its not folks with premises permits who are shooting up the local projects. Really.

  2. I work with Everytown and Brady. I don’t think there’s a single calculator in either of their headquarters. Math is not the GVP’s strong suit.
    Constitutional Carry is a textbook NON-ISSUE. Yet the GVP folks will spend copious resources fighting it.
    Even when the J. Cornyn bill to fill in big gaps in the NICS data was offered in trade if Constitutional Carry would be allowed to pass, the GVP folks walked away from the deal. They could have gotten a huge boost to NICS, which would have saved a good number of lives. But they are so opposed Constitutional Carry that they couldn’t bring themselves to do it.

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