Mike The Gun Guy Goes On Trial.

              On Friday, July 19, I am going to be a defendant on trial in Las Vegas; I can only hope I will be found innocent of all charges and allowed to go free. The main charge against me is that I am against the 2nd Amendment, and the prosecutor is none other than the ‘hated’ John Lott. There will be a judge, there will be a jury and I suspect that when the trial comes to an end, I’ll be found guilty as charged.

              The event is actually taking place at the Paris Hotel and Casino, and it is a featured presentation of this year’s FreedomFest, billed as a conference where “free minds meet to celebrate ‘great books, great ideas and great thinkers’ in an open-minded environment.” If you haven’t figured it out yet, FreedomFest is the libertarian equivalent of TED or Aspen, a place where folks can learn about one important issue or another while really getting together to cut a deal.

              This isn’t the first time I’ve shot my mouth off before a pro-gun group, nor is it the first time I’ve had a public debate with the ‘hated’ John Lott. Increasingly, I go out of my way and will even endure a crummy, five-hour plane ride if I get a chance to say what I have to say before a group which fervently believes in 2nd-Amendment ‘rights.’ After all, why would I want to fly out to Seattle to appear before a meeting of Grandmothers Against Guns?  I love how some of my friends who do public health research on gun violence will only speak in front of gun-control groups. What’s the point of that?

              There are also some folks in Gun-control Nation who are so childishly screwed up that they attack me for being a renegade, a turncoat, a troublemaker and a not-so-secret NRA partisan by appearing on the same stage as the ‘hated’ John Lott. After all, as a good friend who happens to be a leading public health scholar once lectured me, “You’re just giving him credibility which he doesn’t deserve.”

              I am not only pleased to be invited to talk at FreedomFest, I’m hoping that my appearance will lead to more speaking invitations from like-minded groups. And if those appearances involve sharing the stage with John Lott, just as well. When John appears before a meeting of the Federalist Society or some other politically-conservative group, he’s not converting a single person in the audience to his point of view. On the other hand, when I talk at a get-together sponsored by the NRA (and since I’m an Endowment Patriot Life member they can’t kick me out no matter what) someone always comes up, thanks me for coming and says, “Gee, that’s the first time I’ve heard what you had to say.”

              To my friends in Gun-control Nation, we’re not going to challenge America’s gun culture by talking to the folks on our own side. We’re not going to convince the majority of Americans who currently believe that a gun protects them from crime, by telling them about some public health study which shows the idea to be untrue. The last time that Gallup asked whether a gun made a home more or less safe, the ‘more’ outnumbered the ‘less’ by two to one, and 79% of gun owners told Pew that having a gun makes them feel safer than not.

              I happen to disagree with these views. I have watched more than 7,000 people run through a live-fire drill on my range and even with some practice now and again, hardly any of these folks would ever be able to protect themselves with a gun. When I talk to a gun-rights group and tell them to find other ways to deal with the fears which drive them to buy and own guns, I’m telling them something they won’t hear from John Lott.

              Gun-control Nation should spend a little more time thinking about why the ‘other side’ clings to their guns and a little less time promoting their self-righteous beliefs.

If anyone is terribly offended by what I just said, they can have all the space they want on my blog to reply in kind.

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  1. Hey, Mike, did Miranda Viscoli ever decide to show up? The folks running this show offered to invite me but Mark and I decided that I was too ambivalent on the subject. I recommended someone from NMTPGV (which seems to have given me the Royal Boot Ride for disagreeing with them on some issues). I hope this goes well.

    My talk with the guy running Freedom Fest, Mark Skousen, was it was putting the 2A on trial and were looking for strong voices on each side to have the mock trial. This was part of the email I got from Mark and shared with NMTPGV:

    My name is Mark Skousen and I am the producer of FreedomFest, “the world’s largest gathering of free minds,” that meets every July in Las Vegas. It’s an intellectual feast in the entertainment capital of the world. We have sessions, panels and debates on a variety of topics, including philosophy, history, science & technology, healthy living, and geo-politics.

    Each year we have a very popular “mock trial” on a major issue of the day, and this year, with our theme being “The Wild West,” we are putting “The Second Amendment on Trial.” The prosecuting attorney will be Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine and columnist for Scientific American, and we have John Lott, an economist and author who specializes in gun control issues, as the defending attorney. Each side will have two star witnesses.

    We already have one witness for the prosecution, but I’m looking for another star witness FOR gun control at this year’s mock trial, which begins around 5 pm on Friday, July 19, at Rivoli ballroom at the Paris Resort, Las Vegas. We expect over 2,000 people in attendance.

  2. Mike, I’m terribly UN-offended by what you said here. I agree with you 300%. The GVP community isn’t crazy about some of the criticism I give them either – that’s just human nature, I suppose.

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  4. Bravo! This sounds like a forum which may have some attendees who continue around the rim of the black hole of gun-nut universe and may be converted. I have an acquaintance who is deep into and lost in that universe, where no matter the evidence, all believe in their personal skill with a firearm to neutralize any imaginable situation. True believers cannot be separated from their fantasies, but best of luck with the fringe. Will there be a video of this event?

  5. “I’m looking for another star witness FOR gun control at this year’s mock trial” – just a silly thought, but how about a clinical psychologist who specializes with patients having delusional fantasies but are nevertheless to some degree successfully functional?

  6. ” . . . The main charge against me is that I am against the 2nd Amendment, and the prosecutor is none other than the ‘hated’ John Lott. . . . ”

    You are not going on trial; John Lott is not your prosecutor.
    Whether the term “hated” can be used as an accurate or appropriate description of Mr Lott is more of a mere opinion than the first two items of fake news click bait designed to draw readers into your rant.
    I couldn’t find more than this easily https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E8ab7NBY-Y .
    If you had wanted to do more than “pearl-clutching-virtue-signaling” you could have supplied a full transcript or video of your “debate” with Mr Lott. Mark me down as not being enlightened by your poor quality propaganda.

    • Jeez, guy, this show doesn’t happen til JULY 19. Save your bending out of shape till the 20th.

  7. “Gun-control Nation should spend a little more time thinking about why the ‘other side’ clings to their guns and a little less time promoting their self-righteous beliefs.” I agree absolutely. How do we get that to happen???

    • Note that Mike’s first step is to ignore your comment. Also note that Mike is an un-affiliated ally of the corporate anti-gun lobby. Note you will NEVER see somebody debate Dr. Lott while on the clock for Michael Bloomberg.

      The key to the anti-gun argument is to work off a foundation of misinformation.

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