Hello Again.

After I ran yesterday’s column saying that I was closing down this site, I received a great number of emails from readers who wished me all the best but also stated that they were less than happy that MiketheGunGuy was coming to an end. I was actually quite overwhelmed by the response.

So I have decided to keep the blog alive but will contribute only an occasional column because I don’t want my writing to interfere with the promise I made to Katy Palfrey and the Conservation Centers to help them move ahead. In fact, I will probably post some columns about that remarkable effort as well.

Once again I want to ask everyone to consider contributing their thoughts to this blog. I make no editorial requirements of any kind (topic, content, length) as long as you refrain from profanity and personal insults of any kind. And I’m not even concerned about whether you send me a post about something other than guns.

Again, I want to thank everyone who sent me a note asking that I remain active in this space. It’s nice to know that I have built an audience which enjoys what I say, in agreement or not.

6 thoughts on “Hello Again.

  1. This is good news, Mike. As I alluded, I think the animals need your voice since they don’t have their own and with eight billion of us on the planet, I consider their need to avoid extinction more urgent than our need to duck bullets. But feel free to lean on your guest editors to pick up the pace.

  2. Thank you – losing one of the few knowledgeable voices of reason in the constant raging and screaming about this issue would have been very hurtful to those of us trying hard to keep some clear perspective on the whole mess, thank you James Madison and the rest of your gang.

  3. Mike:

    I tried two email addresses to contact you yesterday about a short article but both addresses failed to work. I sent you something in June and one of the addresses worked then. If you want people to contribute something how do they get it to you? Hope this comment reaches you. Again, thanks for keeping these discussions going.

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