What Are You Doing on September 25th?

Even if you have something else to do, you might think of coming to DC next week to participate in a national demonstration aimed at getting Congress to pass some rather obvious laws that will reduce gun violence. The laws are such draconian measures as expanding background checks, banning assault rifles, you know, all those terrible infringements on our beloved 2nd-Amendment ‘rights.’ Except the only ‘right’ protected by the 2nd Amendment in its current (2008) iteration is to keep a handgun in your home.

That being said, I guarantee you that in the morning’s Judiciary Committee hearing on banning assault rifles, virtually every member of the NRA – oops! – I mean the GOP, will make an impassioned plea to forestall any and all attempts to regulate anything having to do with guns. And what they will all say, because they’ve all said it so many times that they know the script by heart, is that they simply cannot allow a bunch liberal, do-goods from around the country to pressure them into backing down from their sacred duty to protect Constitutional guarantees.

And these do-gooders, incidentally, will represent various organizations from all over the place, and they will get together on the West Lawn of the Capitol Building at 1 P.M. This is hardly the first time that folks have come together in DC to ask Congress to do something, anything about gun violence and it won’t be the last. The simple fact is that most GOP politicians still feel they can respond to gun violence by voicing their thoughts and prayers whenever a particularly nasty shooting takes place. As my grandfather used to say, they’re basically a bunch of “dem fools.”

Incidentally, one of the largest contingents is coming to DC from the Windy City led by Father Pfleger and his Saint Sabina group. The buses they are renting for this trip don’t come cheap, and if you want to help them out you can make a donation right here. You know the old line: Money Talks, Bulls**t Walks.” We’ll hear enough bulls**t from the minority members of the House Judiciary Committee next week, okay?

Let’s get it on, folks. Let’s keep Congress on their toes. Let’s show up in DC next week and get this thing done!

4 thoughts on “What Are You Doing on September 25th?

  1. Ahhh, the moral superiority of the Church.
    Is this the same Father Pfleger who is on record for saying he was going to snuff out the owner of Chuck’s Gunshop in Chicago? Imagine a good man of the cloth who thinks it’s okay to do anything other than love your enemies..

    Old ‘Snuffy’ Pfleger also is a tad bit hypocritical in that he travels Chicago with armed bodyguards. The most recent of which was arrested for possession of a loaded firearm without the proper permitting.

    Rules for thee but not for me.

  2. “Wonderful Guy”

    ….He’s Definitely ‘ful of something, but it ain’t “Wonder”.

    “Pfleger always travels with armed bodyguards when participating in protests. In 2014 Father Pfleger was criticized for attending an anti-gun rally while being protected by 3 or more armed bodyguards.

    On May 27, 2018 a member of his security detail was arrested outside St. Sabina when officers noticed him brandishing a pistol. Upon investigation, the officers discovered that the bodyguard, Eugene Hale, did not possess a Concealed Carry License and was not legally licensed to carry a weapon in public or even own a weapon due to not possessing a Firearm Owner Identification Card (FOID)”

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