The Dumbest Pro-Gun Legislator This Year – So Far.

              I used to think that Matt Goetz (R-FL) was the dumbest pro-gun politician in America because when he was a State Senator, he introduced a bill that would have made a business owner financially liable if his premises were a gun-free zone and a customer got shot because some jerk walked in, yanked out a banger and went bang. But I am beginning to think that maybe Goetz has been upended by a State legislator from Michigan, Beau LaFave, who had two guns, a handgun and an assault rifle, stolen from his residence last week.

Just because someone has guns stolen out of their home doesn’t necessarily mean that they deserve the Dumbest Pro-Gun Legislator Award (and yes, we also give out an award to the dumbest gun-control public figure each year.) But in LaFave’s case, his being situated at the lowest point on the left side of the bell curve is much more a function of what he did before the theft took place, and what he said after he lost his guns.

              Back on January 29, just before Michigan’s Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, delivered her State of the State address, this jerk walked into the State Capitol with an AR-15 slung over his shoulder to protest what he claims are her “proposed unconstitutional gun laws.” Whitmer has proposed a red-flag law which is bottled up in some committee; she is also on record favoring some kind of assault rifle ban, although she claims to have no issue with state residents who own guns for self-protection or sport.

              What does LaFave really want when it comes to gun laws?  He probably doesn’t want any new laws. After all, Michigan already requires background checks for private handgun sales. Isn’t that enough? The fact that the state does not require persons convicted of domestic abuse to surrender their firearms even if they are prohibited from owning guns should be reason enough to consider the passage of a red-flag law. But according to LaFave, all a red-flag law would do would be to disarm all those law-abiding state residents who have the ‘right’ to own a gun.

              So, over the weekend, while LaFave was out wandering around, someone broke into his home and stole the AR-15 that he carried into the State Capitol building, along with a .40-caliber handgun. The two guns were nestled side by side in the clothing chest drawer where LaFave keeps his underwear and socks.

              Punto Stupido Numero Uno: The guns weren’t locked up. The guns weren’t locked away. Want to break into someone’s house and find something valuable in 30 seconds or less? Start by looking through the clothing drawers – that’s the first lesson in Burglary 101. Why weren’t his guns locked or locked away? Because according to LaFave, he needed to be able to get his hands on his guns just in case he needed to “access them quickly.”

              Punto Stupido Numero Dos: Right after LaFave pranced around the Capitol building he tweeted a picture of himself with his trusty gun. That’s what he did. You don’t go to all the trouble of making a complete fool out of yourself and then forget to make sure that everyone is reminded as to exactly what a dope you happen to be.

              Did it ever occur to this idiot that maybe, just maybe he was telling everyone that if they took the trouble to break into his house, they might find a stash of guns? In talking to reporters, LaFave denied there was any connection between his self-promoting armed march through the State Capitol and the theft of his guns. Yea, right. No connection at all.

              My friends in Gun-nut Nation still seem unable to accept the fact that somehow, don’t ask me how, every single gun used to commit a fatal or non-fatal gun assault was first bought by someone who could legally own a gun. So how do these guns wind up in the hands of people who commit an act of gun violence against someone other than themselves? 

              I can guarantee you that the guy who swiped the guns from Beau LaFave isn’t some gun hobbyist who just wanted to add two bangers to his private collection. And Beau did everything he could, including advertising the guns on his Twitter account, to make sure that his guns ended up in the wrong hands.

8 thoughts on “The Dumbest Pro-Gun Legislator This Year – So Far.

  1. So, it’s okay to deny someone their ability to defend themselves and remain completely free of any obligation to provide any form or level of protection to them at all?

    I have a problem with criminalizing gun owners whose firearms are taken by people who commit felonies to obtain said firearms.

    A woman that gets all dolled up, dons a push up bra, stiletto heels and a a slit skirt sure has some culpability for any ensuing crimes committed against her.

    Let’s throw that dirty little whore (after she’s been raped) into jail. That will teach her.

    • As gun owners we do have some obligation to store our weapons safely. While that can compromise home defense potential somewhat, hot home break-ins are super rare. Cold break-ins where valued items are stolen are far more common. And LaFave could have had the handgun ready and secured the AR. That way the crook would have gotten only one weapon instead of two.

  2. If he hasn’t yet, LaFave should immediately go home and count his underwear and socks. (Just a safety precaution.)

  3. Okay Brent, where does my responsibility for the criminal actions of others end?

    Should I be required to disable the ignition, remove air from my tires, and lock my car doors and then lock the car in my garage to prevent someone from committing a felony to steal it and then use it for their own criminal needs?

    Do I need to put a twelve foot fence around my swimming pool with a retina scan ID and drain the water from the pool when I’m not using it?

    What about hazardous chemicals or opiods? To what level am I responsible for felonies committed against me that allow these dangerous consumer products to be misused?

    The problem I have is somebody else telling me what I can and cannot do inside my own effing home.

    Here’s a novel idea: How about making certain that any crime committing with a stolen firearm be taken to trial and the maximum sentence be enforced against the miscreant.

    And, you also didn’t touch making women responsible for being victims of rape.
    Please, tell me how different that is.

    • According to automotive tracking-device manufacturer LoJack, the Honda Accord is the most stolen vehicle in the US followed by the Honda Civic. Government should make all Hondas illegal to be sold and owned in the U.S.

      • ….Honda Accord’s are ASSAULT VEHICLES!!!

        (….they were originally marketed as “Concealed Self Defense Cars” by Jeff Cooper.)

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