A New Story To Keep You Amused During The Plague Year.

I am going to hold off writing about guns because I think everyone has their hands and heads full of COVID-19.

Instead, I’ll give you an opportunity to read another book I am writing which I will publish on Medium in serial form.

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  1. I too am not a neoconservative. I never left my modified form of a traditional viewpoints. You see I was raised in an American family that was considered, in those days, (1940’s and 1950’s) as “poor.” Poor in worldly things and money but strong and rich on family values. My dad was a “poor” dirt farmer by day and was fortunate to have an evening job as a janitor. My mother saw that the most important career and responsibility was to her/their children. They both gave us something that no amount of money can…love.

    Our social status would NEVER give us an invitation to a cocktail party or any schmooze event of the day. Some people in our town even looked down on our family. However, most were good god fearing people. But just like everything, there were exceptions. One family wouldn’t let their children play with my sister and me, saying we were a bad influence and would never amount to anything. (My sister now lives in a gated community with a multi-million dollar bank account). We laugh about it now.

    Memories aside, it never occurred to me as my brothers and I were cleaning irrigation ditches, staying awake on many nights to irrigate the crops, cutting, raking and bailing hay, and all the other chores that were assigned as farmers, that one day my brothers and I would be called upon to defend this great country. All three of my father’s sons were drafted to fight a war that many protested. We saw many things that made us proud as Americans and things that didn’t give us feelings of pleasure or satisfaction. I will never forget what my father said when our family went to the bus station to see my oldest brother go off to war…”government should have its leaders fight the wars.”

    I too don’t care about the Left or the Right. And I don’t care about Piketty and his ideas of the current ‘inequality regime.’ And for those who feel humiliated when they see human beings living in the squalor, trying to figure out what it really does and doesn’t mean…take a look at this…


    “We had to think about it.”
    “We don’t know what’s going to happen.”
    “Once I get a job I’m not going to let the income that I get (from government) for the rest of my life go.”
    “Get more money if I live on the street.”

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