Only A Gun Can Protect You From The Impending Collapse.

              Several weeks ago, I posted a column about a GOP lawmaker in Michigan who walked into a legislative session carrying an AR-15 on his back and a Glock in his waist. He wanted to let everyone know that he was an ardent supporter of 2nd-Amendment ‘rights.’ This idiot then went home, left the guns out on the kitchen table and drove off to go somewhere else. Whereupon someone broke into his home and swiped the guns. The cops believed that the burglary occurred because the bad guy had gone to the politician’s Facebook page and seen this idiot walking through the State House toting his guns.

              I thought this dope in Michigan had committed the stupidest bit of behavior by any pro-gun politician this year, but I warned my readers that there would no doubt be even dumber examples coming right along. And yesterday what I predicted turned out to be true, thanks to a state legislator in Georgia named Matt Gurtler, who now holds the title of dumbest pro-gun politician of the year. Now remember, my award cuts both ways and I have already given out a ‘dumb’ award to a state rep in Massachusetts who is vociferously anti-gun. But let’s get back to the idiot from the Peach State.

              Gurtler has decided that the shutdown of public offices that process concealed-carry licenses makes residents of those jurisdictions more vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus than if they were to stand in line waiting for their CCW applications to be processed and approved. After all, how can you compare the threat of the ‘Chinese flu’ to the threat of not being able to protect your family and your home?

              So, this moron is proposing that the Governor use his emergency powers to override the State Constitution and allow residents to walk around with a concealed weapon whether they have been granted a CCW license or not. He puts it this way: “We need to suspend enforcement especially during the state of emergency, when so many individuals need to be able to defend themselves and their families and their loved ones and their property.”

              Now I’m going to pretend that my name is Michel Foucault because I want to engage in a brief effort to deconstruct what Gurtler says. Note that he believes not just in the idea of armed, self-defense, but he wants to extend this belief to include the ability of anyone to walk around in the street with a gun. Not just in the street, but maybe to the supermarket, maybe to the liquor store; in other words, to any location that is still providing an essential service or selling products which everyone still needs.

              The whole point of the 2008 Supreme Court decision on the 2nd Amendment is that the majority opinion clearly states that every law-abiding person living in America has Constitutional protection for keeping a loaded, unlocked handgun in their home for personal defense. In Georgia, this decision would apply to everyone who legally owns a gun, or at least a handgun.

              But for reasons that can only be explained in terms of where Gurtler’s IQ lands him on the bell curve, he believes that folks can only protect themselves, their families and their property if they can walk around with a gun. Which, by the way, happens to be an idea that Gun-nut Nation has been pushing for years.

              Georgia and other states have seen a spike in gun sales over the last few weeks. According to the manager of a Florida shop, “Our sales are up 80 percent, with a huge increase in first-time buyers who are worried about martial law, economic collapse, unemployment, shortages, delinquents roaming the streets.”

              This comment takes me back to a wonderful movie, War of the Worlds, which I saw when it was released in 1953, then Spielberg redid it in 2005. Is there the slightest chance that the guy knocking on my front door is anyone other than the kid delivering my pizza with anchovies and extra cheese?

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  1. NO ONE IS COMING FOR YOUR GUNS OR YOUR TOILET PAPER! Research shows the vast majority of folks in a catastrophe do not act lawlessly, instead they act sensibly and selflessly to save themselves and others. Google Scientific American blog “There Goes Hurricane Florence, Here Come the Disaster Myths.” Of course it suits the gun lobby to encourage lines around gun stores during a pandemic as happened in Silver Spring, MD recently. Not the best for their customers’ health and safety, though.

    • Hi Dorothy. I hope you are well. I was thinking about this the other day and am looking forward to seeing crime statistics for the period when we are all supposed to be sheltering in place. My hunch is numbers will be down unless we have a future, real breakdown of society. Not that I am predicting one. A long shutdown may make some people more desperate though if the government bailout does not come through. People gotta eat.

      There were numerous break-ins up in Los Alamos over the weekend. Normally that town is the real world Lake Wobegon but I guess someone figured that if we are all home, its a good time to hit the local non-essential businesses. Well, as long as they stay outa my home, its not as much of a problem.

      • Agree Khal. I might expect domestic violence and suicides to rise in a protracted shutdown.

  2. NYC crime dips 25% during coronavirus: NY Daily News, 23 Mar
    Stats show continued crime drop in Chicago during COVID-19: Chicago Tribune, 31 Mar
    Crime falls sharply in March due to coronavirus restrictions: LAPD and L.A. County Sheriff report: Los Angeles Times, 27 Mar
    Other city reports are similar but it also should be noted that some are reporting an uptick in domestic abuse cases.

  3. “Crime Hasn’t Spiked During COVID-19 Outbreak…Yet”

    “Initial reports suggest overall crime in the U.S. has dipped in the last few weeks following calls from authorities to stay indoors and practice social distancing. But while that may seem encouraging, experts agree it’s premature to make any definitive claims about how the coronavirus will affect crime trends in America. While some crimes are likely to decrease, others are likely to rise during the pandemic, they say. And long- and medium-term trends will largely be affected by how long COVID-19 enfeebles the economy and keeps people inside…..

    …If experts agree on anything, it’s that the overall crime picture could look very different in the coming weeks or months.

    One possible cross current, and I emphasize possible, is that as people in the low end of the service economy, people who live paycheck to paycheck, as they lose their jobs and before they receive aid, they could be thrown into very desperate financial circumstances and that could put upward pressure on street crime,” says Richard Rosenfeld, a criminologist at the University of Missouri–St. Louis.”

  4. Looks like Crime rates aren’t REALLY going down….They’ve just decided to stop arresting people!!!

    ….Local law enforcement officials across the country are instructing its officers to temporarily stop making arrests for certain “nonviolent” crimes until next month amid the coronavirus outbreak…..

  5. “In Minneapolis, there were 320 PROPERTY CRIMES during the seven-day period ending March 24, UP from an average of 285 during the same time period the past two years — mostly due to an INCREASE IN AUTO THEFTS. Overall, burglaries were down in that span, but BURGLARIES OF BUSINESSES are making up a greater share of those crimes, the data show. ROBBERIES have also INCREASED.”

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