Cuomo Versus Wayne-O. Who Wins?

In their quest to help Americans retain their civil rights during this period of great anxiety and fear, America’s ‘oldest civil rights organization’ has stepped up its messaging about the threat to 2nd-Amendment ‘rights’ posed by COVID-19. First and foremost, our friends in Fairfax have sued Andy Cuomo who issued an executive order declaring that gun shops were ‘non-essential enterprises’ and therefore had to be shut down.

If nothing else, the NRA’s suit, which will quickly get tossed, is a bit of payback for the investigations and suits against the NRA which Andy has been pushing over the last couple of years. In particular, New York State has been trying to figure out whether the NRA has violated any of the state’s not-for-profit regulations since the gun organization happens to be incorporated in the Empire State. There’s also a messy little lawsuit filed by the State’s Department of Financial Services which claims that the NRA insurance program is basically a big scam (which it is.)

Behind all of these dustups is the fact that Andy has probably been the single, most aggressive public figure when it comes to screwing over the gun gang. As Bill Clinton’s Secretary of HUD, he drafted the infamous regulatory deal which Smith & Wesson signed in 2000 which almost brought the storied gun maker to its knees. He later rammed through a very tough gun law in New York State following the massacre at Sandy Hook and has just signed a tough red-flag law which goes into effect later this year. So, this guy’s no friend of Gun-nut Nation, that’s for sure. You can read the NRA’s filing right here.

Of course now that the national policy to deal with COVID-19 is being set by Rush Limbaugh, we can expect Gun-nut Nation to fall in line and continue to promote the idea that the best defense against a virus of still unknown origin is to load up the ol’ shooting iron and get ready to blast away. Thanks to the NRA, the 2nd Amendment is alive and well in at least 43 of the 50 states, with only Massachusetts, New York and New Mexicoforcing gun dealers to close down their shops, with another 4 states – Vermont, Michigan, Washington and California maybe doing the same thing. The NRA has obligingly put a map on their website so that everyone will know which states to avoid when rioting breaks out in the streets.

Interestingly, to the extent that we can use open source, internet media reports to understand anything, our friends at the Gun Violence Archive are saying that the number of gun homicides over the last several days is about half as many as the average number of such events which usually occur over that same period of time. So at least there are some populations out there who are practicing social distancing regardless of what the Trump/Limbaugh noise machine says.

Last week Trump’s son-in-law, whose entire medical training consists of managing a garden apartment complex in New Jersey, opened his yap and said that he had done a study which showed that many states were asking for more ventilators than they needed or could use.

He did a study. Like the study done by the NRA which proves that closing down gun shops is a threat to 2nd-Amendment ‘rights.’ That’s right. The filing in New York State specifically refers to the 2008 Heller decision which gives Constitutional protection to everyone who wants to keep a handgun in their home for self-defense. But what if you don’t have a handgun, especially when the hordes start running around looking to loot your home in order to get the food they need?

Okay. So, everyone’s a little crazy right now.  Please stay safe.

4 thoughts on “Cuomo Versus Wayne-O. Who Wins?

  1. Actually it’s CUOMO vs. THE PEOPLE of New York….

    Gun Banners like Cuomo and Wiess-O “The Guns for Me, But NOT for Thee” Guy, are happy to Infringe upon the Constitutional Rights of others, if it spites the N.R.A.

    “Two men looking to purchase guns to defend their homes are suing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo over his executive order that declares which businesses are essential during the COVID-19 pandemic….Both Brian Doherty and Kevin Schmucker reside in Suffolk County. They each began transactions to purchase long guns before the Governor issued an Executive Order mandating which businesses would be declared essential services during the pandemic.”

      • Thought your Audience of Four (oh wait, Yuppicides BANNED NOW)…Audience of 3, might enjoy this Email exchange between Mike-O and someone who called him out on his Bullshit.

        To: Robert Lachney (aka Yuppicide76)

        Subject: Your comment

        You have been warned multiple times that my website does not tolerate profanity or personal insults.
        You refer to both me and John Feinblatt as ‘schmucks.’
        Find another website to post comments. You are hereby banned from my site.

        To: Mike Weisser
        Subject: Hypocrisy at it’s Finest…..

        Your Hilarious.


         “What I find most concerning about Schmuck-o’s decision to exempt gun shops from the advisory list…”

         Thats why MY usage of it was is in “QUOTES.”

         So…it’s s O.k. for you to use the word to refer to others, but if I do…its a “Personal Insult”??????

         Your Obviously using this as an excuse to BAN ME because I call out your Hypocrisy, and it makes you look bad in front of the other four people who bother to read your weekly Anti-Gun ramblings.

        Oh well, I’m not suprised….

         A Banners gonna Ban.


        Robert “An actual Gun Guy” Lachney

        To: Yuppicide76
        RE: Hypocrisy at it’s Finest…..

        Trump isn’t personal. He’s a public figure and you were just looking for an opportunity to say something nasty and get away with it.
        I hope you enjoyed calling me a ‘schmuck.’ Now you can find some other website to show everyone how childish you are.


        Mike “The Gun Guy”

        (Lol….Yeah, right.)

        “Talking Out Both Sides of his ass…About Guns.”

        ….A Fat Toothless Wolf in Sheepdogs Clothing.

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