When it comes to winter carry, so to speak, there are two things that you have to worry about! First of all, you have to consider the finish of the particular weapon that you want to carry, as well as its ability to resist cold and maybe even wet environments.

Second of all, you have to think at how easy it’s going to be for you to handle that particular weapon, not to mention the space it is going to take – either in a case or under your jacket.

Considering all of the above, there are some guns that are ideal for winter weather and carry. This makes it easier for the owner to handle, carry, and fire them!

  • Dan Wesson 715 Pistol Pack

Nothing says fit for winter weather better than a Dan Wesson pistol – let’s see why. In terms of keeping it chill, the 715 pistol pack is made using stainless steel. This means that, even though the gun is going to be cold, it won’t suffer any damage because of it.

Moreover, the 715 model is also extremely versatile, as it comes with three .357 Magnum barrels that can be interchanged. The three are eight, six, and four inches in length.

Speaking of fit for winter weather, this particular handgun comes with a target trigger. This is a feature known for helping people fire their guns better in tough – in this case, cold – conditions.

  • Smith & Wesson Victory

We thought of introducing you to a handgun – in case you don’t fancy revolvers. This Smith & Wesson model is a lot less bulky than the previous model – as well as smaller, making for a snug fit in a belt or special body holster.

Naturally, the gun is made for all-weather conditions, mainly due to the presence of its stainless-steel frame and the multiple match grade barrels that can be switched.

The cherry on top is the textured grip that offers a great hold for any type of weather.

  • Marlin 1895 Modern Hunter

Moving on to close-quarters winter-fit guns, we present you the 1895 Modern Hunter, which is a .45-70 big-bore thumper that can hold up to six shots in its 18-inch barrel.  As mentioned, this gun is ideal for hog or any close-quarters game hunting.

It features a laminated stock that is painted to blend with the environment, as well as Cerakoted metalwork that ensures the weapon’s durability in any weather condition.

Last but not least, the 1895 Modern Hunter comes with what’s called a happy trigger and with a large-loop lever, which is a perfect fit for this type of rifle.

  • Weatherby Mark V

The next entry on our list is a bolt action rifle – namely, the premium Weatherby, Mark V. The interesting part is that this particular model comes in multiple options, specially designed for various weather conditions.

As such, the stock is camouflaged (synthetic Monte Carlo) and comes in patterns like SubAlpine, First Lite, and High Desert – to suit the weather/environment. On top of that, this bolt action features Cerakoted metalwork as well, making it an outstanding choice for winter weather hunting.

  • Savage 110 Storm

This rifle comes equipped with the best in terms of accuracy – namely with AccuTrigger, AccuFit, and AccuStock. While Savage has available multiple models made to fit winter conditions, the Storm option is probably the best. Why?

Well, because it comes with a synthetic yet durable stock that features adjustable comb as well as length-of-pull, making the weapon highly customizable. Then, for increased durability, the gun was also equipped with stainless metalwork.

Last, but not least, the hunters can safely rely on the highly convenient rubberized grip panels that ensure ideal grip in wet, muddy, rainy, and snowy conditions!

  • Traditions Outfitter G2

The Outfitter G2 is a break-action, single-shot rifle that is ideal for snowy and cold conditions. It is chambered in a straight-walled manner, making it ideal for those that have to deal with centrefire restrictions. Obviously, as you may know, the Traditions models are quite affordable, especially when it comes to all-weather guns.

The stock features a textured grip, as well as the central part beneath the barrel, helping you properly aim and fire the gun without any potential slides, even if you wear gloves.

  • Mossberg 590A1

This 12-gauge shotgun comes with some features that make it more than ideal for winter weather and conditions. Namely, it has a tough parkerized finish that makes it blend with its surroundings, as well as black synthetic furniture that slightly increases grip ability.

You could also opt for a model that comes with either a bead shotgun sight or with ghost ring sights. If you have any doubts, then it is worth mentioning that this is the only pump-action shotgun that was able to pass the infamous shotgun torture test of the US Army.

Special Notes

When it comes to guns for winter weather, it is very important to mention that you have to consider your gear/equipment as well. For example, gun enthusiasts know that Ruger and Glock make some of the best all-weather weapons and that even the AK can be used in the snow – but you’ll still need proper gloves to be able to handle them.

As such, even if the gun labeled as all-weather comes with a textured grip, you don’t want to turn down special hunting gloves that can offer you extra grip and stability.

On top of that, as mentioned above, you’ll want to look out for the gun’s finish as well, as it may get damaged if exposed to low temperatures for too long. In such a scenario, you may want to consider a gun case with extra padding or a gun with a sturdier framework and with a better finish, ideal for winter weather.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of other weapons that could endure winter weather – even your trusty AR. But, as previously mentioned, you have to prepare both yourself and your weapon for a snowy hunting session.

Moreover, if your gun is not known as an all-weather model, then you may want to take a couple of extra steps to properly protect. Even better, you can replace it with a winter-fit model for when you go out in the cold!