As promised, here are the polls covering the Senate races that are rated as being ‘in play’ and if the Democrats can win five, plus hold their own current seats, the Senate joins the House as a blue chamber beginning in 2021.

The good news is that every race has at least one current, statewide poll so that we can begin to form some idea about how things might change on November 3rd. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the races have slightly tightened in favor of the red team over the last week, and in only one race – Colorado – has our candidate gone past the coveted 50 mark. Added to that issue is the fact that the dog-shit (a.k.a., undecided) vote is still substantial in every race. For what it’s worth, here is how the Senate ‘in-play’ races now look:

There’s one other piece of good news, by the way. It’s the degree to which the Trump campaign seems to be slowly but surely fading away. Yesterday he announced that the big convention event in Jacksonville has been scrapped, claiming, of course, that it’s just because he wants everyone to be ‘safe.’

The truth is that the cops in Jacksonville told Trump that they couldn’t guarantee security which meant that the same federal goof-balls who gassed the mayor of Portland would have had to show up in Jacksonville to keep the President safe. Maybe we would have seen a replay of the assault made by federal agents against a group of demonstrators back in early June when Trump pretended he was going to visit St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C.

Trump’s daily ‘briefing’ on the virus has turned into a dismal, boring rant in which he repeats the same nonsense every day, then takes a few questions from a small group of media people and usually responds to most questions with nothing more than his usual version of the ‘facts.’ When asked whether the worsening diplomatic situation with China might jeopardize China’s agreement to purchase more farm goods, the President shrugged. Well at least he didn’t say something that was wrong.

One last point. I live in Massachusetts and last week received an application to vote this year by mail. If you live in any other state and haven’t received such an application, please contact the Clerk of the jurisdiction in which you live and ask what is going on. We need to make sure we get every vote counted this year.

Remember. 2020 genug.