You would think that yesterday’s announcement of the arrests of a bunch of dopes who were allegedly (I’m trying to respect their Constitutional ‘rights’) plotting to kidnap the Michigan Governor and blow up her house would deserve some degree of responsible reportage from the liberal media, right? Wrong.

              My friends in the liberal media cabal are so intent on blaming what’s-his-name (who says he wants to appear at a rally tomorrow) for anything and everything having to do with stupidity, schmuckiness and violence in the United States, that they’ll concoct whatever set of facts supports their case.

              What was the concoction of facts which followed the arrest of the putzes in Michigan who are members of something called the Wolverine Watchmen, a supposed descendant of the storied Michigan Militia which dates back almost 30 years?

              The details about this conspiracy to violently overthrow the government are published in a story in USA Today, based partially on statements made by law enforcement after the whole crazy scheme was busted up, as well as by a researcher at Vanderbilt University, who claims to have studied the militia movement for more than a dozen years.

              The article claims to explain why Michigan is a ‘hotbed’ for armed, militia groups. In fact, it does nothing of the sort. The Vanderbilt researcher, Amy Cooter, says that Michigan’s leadership in the militia movement goes back to the formation of the Michigan Militia in the early 1990’s, a group that recently held a picnic to celebrate its 26th anniversary. You can see some pictures of the celebratory picnic right here. Here’s one of the pics:

              Notice how the militia members are all geared up and ready for combat against the tyrannical state. And notice in particular how the members are all healthy, strapping young men who certainly have the physical wherewithal to maintain a military bearing if they have to go underground and conduct guerilla forays from out of the woods. And these putzes are going to lead an ‘armed revolt?’ 

              What Ms. Cooter forgot to mention was that the only reason anyone ever heard of the Michigan Militia is because a guy who actually committed a serious act of anti-government violence hung around the group briefly before he went down to Oklahoma City in 1995 and blew off a bomb that demolished the Murrah Federal Building and resulted in 168 people losing their lives.

              That was serious shit. The current bunch in Michigan and their attempt to lead an insurrection against the government and put Governor Whitmer on trial for ‘treason’ is a combination of complete stupidity, loose talk, some screwing around with explosives and just so much bullshit.

              Know why I’m making light of this nonsense? Because the whole thing got started at a meeting of a dozen of these putzes earlier this year in Ohio where they discussed forming a new group that would hold public officials accountable for violating the U.S. Constitution, as if any of them could even read that document itself.

              And guess who happened to be one of the individuals who attended that sit-down? A real, gung-ho patriot who just happened to work for the FBI. This is how law enforcement agencies crack almost every case where the bad guys are arrested before the actual crime takes place. Somehow, they hear about something going on and they then do some in-person surveillance as things start to rev up.

              That’s what the cops are paid to do – to listen to what’s going on around them. Too bad they didn’t have someone sitting in Mary Surratt’s boarding house listening to John Wilkes Booth shoot off his mouth.

              I’m not saying that the dumbbells arrested yesterday shouldn’t be tried, convicted, and packed away for many years. I’m not saying they don’t represent a conspiracy whose aim was to commit acts that would have resulted in the loss of many lives.

              What I am saying, however, is that if you’re really worried about the existence of a conspiracy whose actions have already harmed millions of people, you don’t need to plant an undercover agent in a meeting of a bunch of complete schmucks. You can see the conspiracy operating openly in Washington, D.C. right now.

              And I’m not talking about the so-called Deep State.