Are We Ever Going To Get Real News?

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Every once in a while, some Federal attorney announces that some bank is being investigated for some kind of financial flim-flam. The bank then trots out a lawyer who denies all wrongdoing but says that, of course, the bank is ‘fully cooperating’ with the investigation. The reporter who does the story for the Nightly News, always mentions that the bank is ‘cooperating’ with the Feds.

What’s the bank supposed to do? Say that it’s not cooperating? If a bank ever said it wouldn’t cooperate in an investigation, now that would really be news. But saying they are cooperating when the FBI has already walked in the door and started carting off the computers, isn’t any news at all.

I was reminded of the news media’s penchant for reporting such nothings the other day when virtually every news station and website reported that Trump said he would leave the White House if Joe was elected when the Electoral College meets next month.

You would have thought from the headlines that Trump was saying something which qualified as ‘news.’ What is he going to do after the Electors cast 306 electoral votes for Joe? Announce that he isn’t going to move out?  

I started listening to Rush in 1994.  There was no internet as we know it, cable television was just beginning to emerge, CNN owned cable news, and alt-right, conspiracy theories didn’t exist. In 2000, when George Bush was challenged from the right by Pat Buchanan in the early Republican primaries, Limbaugh endorsed Bush. He said that Buchanan was ‘too radical’ and was an ‘economic nationalist’ who wouldn’t get any votes.

Know who created the alt-right? A guy named Barack Obama. I knew lots of gun guys who told me back in 2008 that ‘America would never elect a Black President.’ A week after the 2008 election, I walked into a sporting goods store in Houston, the gun counter was mobbed. I asked a guy what was going on and he replied in all seriousness, “It’s going to be Armageddon.”

Think I’m making that one up? I’m not.

Who tirelessly promoted the idea that Barack wasn’t born in the United States? The same guy whose 2016 campaign narrative was an exact repeat of what Pat Buchanan said in 2000, okay?

I don’t think the Republican party has shifted that much to the alt-right. I think that internet and cable TV have created a new group of entrepreneurs who sell stuff to a new market which believes ‘they’ (the Deep State) are conspiring to keep control over ‘us.’

Know who was pitching a product on this morning’s alt-right AM radio show which keeps ‘them’ from stealing your identity on the internet?  Rudy Giuliani, that’s who.

I read Bob Woodward’s book, Rage, the day it came out. The book was a big bore once I got past the paragraph where Trump admitted hiding what he was told about the virus threat. What Woodward should have asked Trump was to identify the people who Trump contacted to figure out what he needed to do.

Woodward’s a journalist from the old, pre-internet days. He has about as much understanding of the alt-right media as the man in the moon. I can guarantee you that as soon as Trump learned that we might be facing a pandemic that would wreck his plans for a second term, he picked up the phone and spoke to Sean Hannity and Rush.

Think I’m kidding? Try listening to Rush one afternoon and you’ll see a tweet from Trump saying the same thing the very next day. Or watch Hannity’s show at night because he’ll be testing the reaction to Trump’s next-day tweet as well.

Trump has put more than 40,000 tweets out there since he was elected President in 2016. I don’t know how many of these tweets have been reported as ‘news’ by the liberal media, but enough is really enough.

After all, the media can now start inventing Biden-Harris news.

Want To Fix An Election? Trump Will Show You How.

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              If I were to write a book about the Donald Trump presidency, it would begin and end with the opinion published yesterday by the 3rd Circuit, which rejected yet another attempt by Trump’s legal team to reverse the vote in Pennsylvania – an opinion that you can download here. The opinion was written by a judge who not only was appointed to the 3rd Circuit by none other than Donald Trump, but happens to be an active member of the Federalist Society, a “group of conservatives and libertarians dedicated to reforming the current legal order.”

            Here is how the opinion begins: “Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here.”

              Trump has been bleating about ‘massive voter fraud’ ever since his attacks on Joe as a ‘far-left radical’ didn’t make a dent in the polls and also didn’t deflect away from the miserable job he has done responding to Covid-19. However, there was only one, little problem on November 4th.

Not only did Joe win the popular vote by 52% of all votes cast, but he also racked up sizable pluralities in the must-win battleground states. He won Michigan by 150,000 votes, the margin in Nevada was more than 30,000 votes, in Pennsylvania Joe garnered 85,000 more votes than Trump.  Joe carried these three states by more than 265,000 votes. In 2016, Trump flipped these three states with a margin of slightly less than 90,000 votes.

              When ‘killer’ Rudy Giuliani stood across the street from the Fantasy Island porn shop and made his first public statement about the Pennsylvania vote, he must have mentioned the word ‘fraud’ at least four times. Twice during that bizarre performance, he stressed that what happened in Pennsylvania was ‘massive fraud.’ The phrase ‘massive fraud’ is now used by members of the Trump noise brigade (e.g., Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity) to the point that you can’t mention one word without mentioning the other.

But when Giuliani pleaded his case before the 3rd Circuit, he didn’t talk about ‘fraud’ at all. Instead, he said that some counties didn’t let Republican poll watchers get right next to the ballot counters, and also allowed voters to fix technical defects in their votes. Rudy’s been going around waving a pile of papers which he says are ‘hundreds’ of affidavits supporting these claims, but somehow no evidence of any kind was presented to the Court before, during or after his appeal.

Incidentally, the same day the 3rd Circuit told Trump and his ‘legal strike force’ to get lost, the state of Wisconsin finished its recount and found that Joe, not Trump, deserved a few more votes. This little exercise in post-election nothingness only cost the Trump campaign $3 million, money which perhaps they got from a donor in Texas who is now suing the campaign to have his donation returned in full.

On the one hand, I really wish that Trump would do what every, other loser in a Presidential election has done (with the exception of Hillary Clinton), which is to simply shut the f##k up and go away. On the other hand, he is providing us with a remarkable degree of entertainment during the holiday season, a time when newsworthy content tends to be slight.

When Trump first began ranting about a ‘rigged’ election, I thought that maybe it was a strategy designed to cover up his attempt to steal some votes. Given the closeness of the 2016 election and the miserable job he has done in the following four years, how could he imagine that he might win an honest election the second time around?

Why wouldn’t Trump sit down with Roger Stone and try to figure out how to steal the Presidential vote? After all, Dick Nixon might have fixed the 1972 election if the Watergate burglars had remembered to remove a piece of tape from the office door.


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              Now that the election is over, to paraphrase Richard Nixon, we won’t have Donald Trump to kick around any more. And even though he has some plans to remain involved in political affairs, the last thing the GOP will need in 2024 is a candidate who lost the popular vote in 2020 by twice as many votes as he got in 2016.

              So, like every other former President, Trump is going to have to figure out some kind of legacy to burnish and sustain his memory.  Sorry Donald, but the spaces on Mount Rushmore are already filled. And there really isn’t enough room on the Mall to put up another Washington Monument or a Lincoln Memorial.

              Most Presidents, beginning with Woodrow Wilson, have a library which houses both their papers as well as various gifts and other shlock they collected during their White House years.  Maybe Trump will put together some kind of Presidential museum at Mar-a-Lago that might even contain a small shelf for his papers – uhhh, it’s not as if he was literate enough to produce anything beyond those phony Executive Orders that he kept signing all the time.

              But there’s a movement out there to create what I believe would be the perfect memorial to mark the Trump Presidency, namely, a petition being sent to the U.S. National Park Services to add the Four Seasons Total Landscaping site to the National Archive of Historic Places. The sponsors are looking for 5,000 signers, they already have 4,860 and maybe they’ll increase the number of people who can add their names.

              The highlight of that crazy press conference was when the owner of Fantasy Island, the porn shop across the street, came out of his establishment and told reporters that “We knew there had to be a screw-up somehow, because why would you pick a spot like this?”

              If for some reason the Park Service doesn’t believe that the parking lot in front of a garage door plastered with MAGA posters isn’t an appropriate national historic site, maybe we should start a petition to put a plaque on the 120 miles of wall that was built between the U.S. and Mexico to secure a border which is 1,900 miles long. Or maybe the Service should put a plaque at one of the golf courses where Trump played golf more than 300 times during the 1,408 days that he has been President so far.

              I just signed the petition to designate the Four Seasons Landscaping address as an historic site. I also chipped in a few bucks to get the petition around.

              Please join me and help create a fitting monument to the man who will shortly no longer be President of the United States.

Happy Holidays!

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              For Thanksgiving, the President of the United States issued some kind of efsher proclamation which says we should all say a prayer of thanks and gather together to celebrate this wonderful day. Now the fact that the CDC is warning us to stay in small groups, to hell with the CDC. What do they know?

              Trump got some help last night from his newly-reinvigorated Supreme Court. Thanks to the addition of a conservative replacement for Ruthie, the Court said that Andy Cuomo’s ban on religious crowding is a violation of the separation of Church and State.

              The ruling was met, of course, with hosannas on the religious side and angry denunciations on the other.  Just as we predicted, the Supreme Court will now tilt the country back to the alt-right, Fascism or worse.

              One of the groups which petitioned the Court to stop Andy from violating their religious ‘rights’ is Agudath Israel, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect which inhabits a settlement in Rockland County named Kryiat Joel. 

              Want to take a ride back to the 17th Century? Take a ride through Kiryat Joel. You’ll find yourself in a place that has yet to acknowledge certain 18th-Century Enlightenment ideals, silly things like democracy, voting, Constitutional ‘rights,’ stupid things like that. And just make sure you don’t drive there on Saturday – Shabbos – because the village has passed a local law that prohibits automobile traffic on the Lord’s Day.

              The law not only applies to the streets within the town, it also covers streets that are adjacent to the village itself. But these streets happen to belong to the State of New York and they were built with public funds which happen to have come from the Federal Highway Trust Fund.

              So, the village hired a lawyer who got a waiver from the State of New York to close down public thoroughfares on Saturday. But they didn’t need to hire or pay a lawyer to get the same waiver from the feds. They just spent a few minutes talking to then-Senator Hillary Clinton and the deal was done.

              Know what? I didn’t hear one, single liberal who is all exercised today about the Supreme Court’s overturning of New York State’s ban on religious meetings complaining when the good folks at Kiryat Joel were allowed to violate the division of Church and State by closing down some public streets.

              When all is said and done, we tend to decide how we feel about politics based on who’s ox is getting gored. I just hope that our good friends Joe and Kammie remember this after they take their oaths in just 55 more days. Whoopee!!!!

Back To Business As Usual.

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How do I know that things are back to normal? Because my friends in Gun-control Nation have launched an all-out assault on my good buddy John Lott. The campaign was kicked off by a writer for Media Matters about how John was doing some kind of gig for the Department of Justice and how come taxpayer money is being spent to support this ‘discredited fraud?’

I happen to believe, and I have published a long, academic paper to this effect which you can download here, that John’s work is not only a valid and important piece of academic research, but happens to raise issues that my friends in Gun-control Nation have made absolutely no attempt to figure out at all.

In particular, John’s argument directly addresses why a solid majority of Americans believe that access to a gun is more of a benefit than a risk. And until the gun-control movement tries to figure out why gun owners believe they are safer with their guns than without, how do you ever come up with a valid narrative to convince these gun owners that more, not less gun control should be the order of the day?  You don’t and you can’t.

I happen to like John’s research for two reasons. First, his book, More Guns, Less Crime, is published by The University of Chicago Press. I also happen to be a Chicago Press author, and this premier academic publishing house isn’t in the habit of publishing junk. Much of the so-called academic criticisms of John’s work are the product of individuals who have absolutely no academic credentials or training at all. They use John as a whipping-boy to generate more financial support for organizations that promote gun control. Good for them.

As to the research itself that underlies John’s work, it happens to be another contribution to what has been a cottage industry in academic life, seeking to explain the extraordinary decline in violent crime that began in the early 1990’s and notwithstanding a recent upsurge, continues to this day.  The rate of reported violent crime in 1991 was 716.  In 2016, it was 366.

How and why did this country become a much safer place over the last three decades? One argument is that it’s the result of locking up more bad guys for longer periods of time. Then there’s the argument about better policing of criminal ‘hot spots,’ the use of computer technologies and all that. And let’s not forget what has to be the single most stupid, racist piece of nonsense ever published in any branch of the social sciences, namely the argument linking crime decline to abortion access in the ghetto – the idea being that less children are born into desperate circumstances and hence they commit fewer crimes.

What John found was that violent crime began to drop in many jurisdictions at roughly the same time that these jurisdictions began issuing licenses to carry concealed guns. The tricky part, of course, is to make a cause-and-effect argument between any two trends. And here is where John’s work has been criticized, sometimes valid criticisms, sometimes not.

Want to blame John Lott as the reason why so many Americans own guns? Want to blame John Lott for the extraordinary spike in gun sales which accompanied the emergence and spread of Covid-19? You go right ahead. But I notice, incidentally, that handgun sales in October were 30% less than June sales, even though the virus has been expanding exponentially over the last couple of months.

I was really pleased to see how quickly and effectively the gun-control movement joined up with the Biden campaign. Brady, Everytown, Moms and everyone else did what needed to be done. Now Gun-control Nation can get back to business as usual, which means chasing around after John Lott, which is much more fun than trying to figure out why there are so many gun nuts like me.

What Does Trump Do Now?

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              So it took the liberal media exactly three weeks to figure out a narrative which they can use to maintain public interest, readership, viewership, click-bait – whatever you want to call it – in what has been their single most successful storyline of all time, namely the existence and behavior of a guy named Donald Trump.

              Usually when a President leaves office, he goes gracefully into some kind of measured oblivion, still available to give speeches at the national Rotary Club or some graduation at a college that can’t attract the sitting President to give a speech. Harvard always gets the sitting President if they want. A former President can go talk at some college branch of some state university somewhere in the Midwest.

              Trump, of course, won’t bother to concede. Why should he?  There’s no law that says he has to do anything except move out of the White House at noon on January 21. And if he wants to continue kvetching about how he’s really the President except the election was ‘stolen’ from him, he’s got a good precedent to which he can always refer.

              In that respect, I happen to be referring to none other than Hillary Clinton, who made the following comment last month about how the 2016 election turned out: “I was the candidate that they basically stole an election from,” she said on a podcast hosted by The (failing) New York Times. So here she is, four years later, still kvetching about how she got screwed.

              If you want a more thorough version of this nonsense, just read the first chapter of her book, What Happened, in which she explains that she assembled the best, most experienced campaign team of all time. Had it not been for Russian interference and leaked emails, she would have won going away.

              Did Hillary stop shooting her mouth off after she published her book? To the contrary, she appeared almost as frequently on media shows as she appeared during the campaign. She started a PAC in 2017 that to all intents and purposes, existed simply to keep herself in the game. In March of this year when Bernie and Joe were slugging it out in the primary campaign, she had the unbelievable arrogance to publicly state that she didn’t think Bernie was the party’s strongest candidate to go up against Trump.

              The only difference between the way Hillary has behaved over the last four years and how Trump will behave over the next four years is that while both of them lost a Presidential campaign, Trump also won an election, by the way. And this gives him a degree of presence and media targeting that Hillary simply can’t match.

              Trump’s only problem, and it’s a serious problem for someone with his degree of ego, is that he’s no longer the titular head of the GOP. Mark my words, by the time we get into the 2022 election cycle, he’ll be competing against other Republicans who will be talking about running for President in 2024.

              The moment you’re an outgoing rather than in incoming President, you have nothing to give away. There are no more jobs in your Administration, no more Ambassadorships, no more nothing except you and your Secret Service detail. You can be the most powerful politician of all time, but there’s always a long line of folks just itching to take your place. And the line used to be made up only of men. Now the line includes lots of women (think: Kamala Harris) too.

              Trump is facing one more problem as well. No matter how you say it or tweet it, no matter how crazy, or nasty you say what you say, it just doesn’t get people excited when you’re no longer the big dog. Think anyone will really pay attention if Trump tweets something about some ‘shithole country’ next year? And if the public doesn’t care, the media won’t care, that’s for sure.

              On the other hand, now that Trump will no longer be protected by the immunity granted to the person who sits behind the Resolute desk, maybe he’ll welcome being hauled into court.

MAGA Isn’t A Movement. It’s A Cult.

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              By this time next week, most states will have certified their election results and Trump will continue to tweet about the voting ‘fraud.’  The following week, the electors will cast their votes at the Electoral College and Trump will still be tweeting about how he was ‘robbed.’

              Why does Trump keep letting Rudy Giuliani go out there, make an ass of himself by waving a sheaf of papers in the air which allegedly is comprised of ‘thousands’ of affidavits that are ‘evidence’ of ‘massive fraud?’

              I’ll tell you why. Because every time that Trump or one of his creatures stands up and says or tweets something about how the election was a farce, the media reports the pronouncement as if it is news. I’m not talking about alt-right media like Breitbart or Fox. I’m talking about my friends in the so-called ‘responsible,’ mainstream media, a.k.a., The Washington Post and/or The New York Times.

              The manner by which these stalwart icons of respectable journalism have aided and abetted what will be Trump’s post-election stance is a disgrace. Not only did they all dutifully assemble in the parking lot across the street from a porno shop to watch Rudy produce his ‘proof’ of how the election was stolen away, they then re-assembled and engaged in the same self-indulgent, nonsensical reporting when Rudy repeated his act at the RNC.

              I don’t really know why my liberal media friends continue to respond like a dog on the leash every time that Trump or one of his minions jerks the chain which tethers them on the other end. And because they will continue to give the Trump noise machine every benefit of every doubt after Joe is sworn in, I can already predict what Trump is planning to do.

              What he’ll do is go after the new Administration in the same way that he believes the Democrats and their Deep State allies tried to de-legitimize his Administration from Day 1. Recall the Million Moms March that took place in DC the day after Trump was sworn in? I guarantee that on January 21, 2021 there will be a ‘spontaneous’ demonstration in D.C. by a ‘Stop the Steal’ bunch hired and organized by the spin-meister Roger Stone.

              For Trump, losing the election gives him an unparalleled opportunity to engage in payback for the Mueller investigation, the impeachment, and the continued drumbeat about how the Putin Gang would love to undercut Biden’s win. And then Trump’s son can run for President in 2024, assuming he recovers from Covid-19.

              Trump’s so-called ‘base’ isn’t just his diehard supporters. It’s a cult. And the reason I call MAGA a cult is because you can get up and say anything at all to a cult-like audience, no matter how crazy, how uninformed, how totally detached from reality, and they’ll believe it because the words came out of your mouth.

              The members of the Branch Davidian cult who followed David Koresh at the Waco Mount Carmel compound believed that Judgement Day was on the way. They believed that David Koresh was a true ‘Lamb of God’ from the Book of Revelation and that he would prepare his flock for the world-ending apocalypse that, was going to occur.

              How different is that nonsense from the nonsense being peddled by Trump, Rudy and the other leaders of the MAGA cult about ‘massive voter fraud.’ Now maybe Sidney Powell went a little too far beyond accepted cult devotionals when she announced that money being used to crate illegal ballots was coming in from ‘Communist states.’ But poor Sydney was probably just demonstrating that her verbal cup had runneth over out of sheer joy.

              I think what Trump needs to do is change the cult’s name from MAGA to MESHUGAH. It’s a Yiddish word which means ‘crazy,’ and that’s what we are dealing with here. The lunatics have clearly and completely taken over the asylum, wouldn’t you agree?

Did Trump Really Win The Small-Town Vote?

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Now that the Michigan GOP delegation has returned home after telling Trump to stick his voting ‘fraud’ nonsense up his rear end where it belongs, just about the last legal challenge cooked up by the Trump team (Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, et. al.,) is another silly pleading before a Pennsylvania federal court that has already witnessed what is becoming an expected Giuliani melt-down in front of the press.

Want to get a real, no-holds-barred portrait of how Giuliani has become such a stooge? Read this op-ed memoir by his daughter Caroline Rose which somehow escaped my attention when it appeared last month in Vanity Fair. It turns out that the way Rudy reacts whenever someone asks him a question he doesn’t like, is exactly the way he used to respond to his daughter when she questioned anything he said.

Having lived through the childhood of my three kids and actually survived the ordeal, let me tell you this. The one thing you better learn as a parent is to assume that every word which comes out of your mouth will be challenged by your kids. You don’t figure that one out, you better forget parenting in any real sense. Obviously, Rudy hasn’t figure it out either as a parent or as a person who leads a very public life.

It turns out that when you compare county election results in Pennsylvania between 2016 and this year, you finally understand what the whole ‘election fraud’ narrative is all about. Back in 2016, Trump flipped Pennsylvania by less than 45,000 votes out of almost the 6 million votes that he split with Hillary. Like in Michigan, the Clinton campaign was managed so miserably that Jill Stein got more than 45,000 votes.

Of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties, Hillary got a majority in 7 counties, Trump got all the rest. Where did Hillary score? In the counties representing Philly and Pittsburgh, as well as some of the smaller, industrial towns like Scranton and Allentown where the unions still have some say.

In Philadelphia and the surrounding burbs, Hillary piled up almost half her total, statewide vote. In some of the smaller rural counties, on the other hand, her numbers were so slight that it’s almost like she wasn’t on the ballot at all. She got less votes in Cameron County, which is up in the Allegheny State Forest, than she got in the little town where I live which is adjacent to Amherst, MA.

Trump, on the other hand, piled up more than 70% of the votes cast in 22 counties. Getting 7 out of every 10 votes in any jurisdiction is a remarkable example of a candidate’s appeal. Together, these 22 counties didn’t give Trump even half the votes that Hillary got from the city of Philadelphia alone, but again the comparison explains how and why Trump talks the way he does.

Now let’s turn the page and look at this year’s returns. For all the talk about how the Trump campaign pulled out more GOP voters than anyone had ever previously seen, what is remarkable about the Pennsylvania results was not only how many new votes Joe found in the usual ‘Democrat’ strongholds, but how his campaign made inroads into places where the GOP has always controlled the votes.

This time, Trump piled up more than 70% of the vote in 21 counties and his total popular vote increased by 13.6% over 2016. Impressive, right? Now dig this: Joe carried the 7 counties that Hillary carried and flipped 4 more counties as well. His popular vote increased by 18% over the statewide Hillary vote. More important, there were also 9 other small counties where Trump’s percentage of the 2020 total vote was less, and Joe’s percentage of the total vote in each county was greater than what Hillary received in 2016.

Let’s recall that Obama made his biggest verbal gaffe of the 2008 campaign when he talked about how residents of small, rural towns were ‘clinging’ to their religion and their guns. He happened to be talking about towns in places like Carlisle County, where Trump got almost 60% of the 2016 vote, Hillary got 38%. This year Trump got 54%, Joe got 44%. A 22-point gap between red and blue numbers has been reduced to 10 points.

No wonder the judge in Williamsport threw out Trump’s last challenge to the Pennsylvania vote last night.

Why Should Trump Concede?

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After watching five minutes of Rudy Giuliani’s press conference yesterday at the RNC, I really hope that Trump will never concede. In fact, what would really be great would be if Trump could figure out how to continue pretending to be President after Joe is sworn in on January 20, 2021. And if you have the slightest doubt that Joe isn’t about to become the 46th President of the United States, take a look at the results out of Georgia after the votes were counted again.

The liberal media’s noise about how the lack of a transition from Trump to Biden will create great risks to the country is just so much bunk, that’s all it is. As I pointed out in a previous column (but repetition’s the key to good teaching), the whole point of a transition is to allow the new Administration to figure out how to reward their various supporters and donors with staff appointments in federal agencies; it has nothing to do with how these agencies are actually run.

This morning I listened to Carl Bernstein telling CNN that the roadblock created by Trump has made it impossible for the Biden team to get up to speed with a plan to deal with Covid-19. And what exactly would Biden’s virus task force learn from talking to the Trump virus task force whose main accomplishment seems to have been casting doubt on the expertise of the CDC? I can just hear Trump’s medical expert, Scott Atlas, explaining to the Biden team why herd immunity is the fastest and most successful strategy for bringing infection rates way down.

And if you think that Rudy’s out there all by his lonesome performing on behalf of the Trump campaign, take a quick listen to what another member of the Giuliani gang, attorney Sidney Powell had to say. You can hear her claims about money coming into the Biden campaign from Communist countries like China and Venezuela, except her bizarre statements were challenged by Tucker Carlson! When was the last time that Fox’s chief liberal basher criticized anything said by anyone connected in any way to Trump?

So, this is what the Trump Presidency is reduced to – using up its increasingly smaller amount of credibility, as if Trump ever had any real credibility, by using the same, totally discredited PR script again and again.

I also watched bits and pieces of Joe’s ZOOM meetings with the Covid-19 experts, the economic planners, and the gaggle of red and blue state Governors. The meetings were professional, the discussions serious and sustained, based on hard data and facts. But these presentations were boring as hell.

I want to be entertained, particularly because I am spending so much time at home. Which is why I only hope that Trump can figure out a way to extend his Presidency even though he won’t actually hold the title legally after January 20, 2021.

I got it. The way they do it in Europe is that the country is run by a Prime Minister, elected by the party in Parliament that controls the most seats. Then there’s also a President, who does all those ceremonial things. He or she cuts ribbons when a new supermarket opens up, meets foreign dignitaries at the airport, reads books to 3rd-graders and always visits the sick and the lame stuck in hospitals or at home.

Trump could do these tasks perfectly. Know why? Because he’s had plenty of practice over the last four years.

You think he’s actually gotten anything done? Oh yea, his wife spruced up the Rose Garden so they could hold a big event that spread Covid-19 all over the place.

Now the last thing we need is to figure out a title for this new position which Trump will use after Joe is sworn in.

I got it! We’ll call him MAGA-in-Chief and he can continue to sell his MAGA hats. After all, isn’t making a few bucks for himself and his friends what his Administration has been all about?

A New Reality-TV Show: The Boys From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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The Boys From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – Starring Rudy Giuliani

               The events of the last several days could only be a Reality-TV comedy script. They can’t be imagined except they actually took place.

              Let’s call the show The Boys From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And here’s the script for Segment #1.

Opening scene: The election ‘fraud’ legal scorecard stands at 25 to 1. This is the number of separate claims about election fraud that have been submitted to courts in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania; the last remaining issue in Pennsylvania will probably be bounced tomorrow or even later today.

              Second scene: The Georgia recount that will be completed by this evening and may, if anything, increase Joe’s lead. The 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Boys start talking about doing a partial recount in Wisconsin, but they need to scratch up the cash to pay for the recount to take place. Given the campaign’s current financial status (they owe somewhere above a million bucks), nobody’s about to give them a COD.

              Third scene: Not one, but two law firms have requested to be removed from the Pennsylvania court case. But that’s okay because the entire legal challenge to the Deep State’s attempt to steal the election is now being run by none other than the President’s attorney – Rudy Giuliani – who submitted a request to the Pennsylvania court that he be allowed to enter the case. Among other statements made in his request to appear, Giuliani said that he was currently in good standing in every bar to which he had ever been admitted.

              Scene Number Four: Giuliani was admitted to the D.C. Bar, but at some point, forgot to pay his dues. So, he’s not, in fact, a member in good standing in every jurisdiction in which he’s practiced law. The scene ends with the judge in Pennsylvania has overlooked the fact that Rudy made a statement about himself which happens not to be true.

              Fifth Scene:  The attorney replacing all the other lawyers who have withdrawn from the Pennsylvania case, Marc Scaringi, is also right-wing radio talk show host out of Harrisburg. This is what he said last week about the legal action he is now representing: “At the end of the day, in my view, the litigation will not work. It will not reverse this election.” So, the attorney trying to prove voter fraud in Pennsylvania is already on record as saying that he can’ win the case? End Scene Five.

              The last scene in our first segment of The Boys From 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is the best of all. It turns out that our boy Rudy wants to charge the Trump campaign $20,000 a day for his legal expertise. Not twenty grand a week or a month. Twenty big ones every day. Of course, when the news leaks out, Rudy immediately claims it was nothing more than another lie from the Deep State.

              Every, single scene described above has really taken place. Yet I, for one, refuse to go along with the liberal media’s narrative that the country will somehow suffer because Trump continues to direct and produce this new reality-TV show instead of letting a transition to the Biden Administration take place.

If I were putting together a group to govern the country after January 20, 2021, the last thing I would want any member of that group to do would be to discuss anything with anyone who works for Trump. Trump’s entire post-election behavior is being orchestrated by a group of trusted advisors who believe they can enrich themselves by convincing a gullible President that they have a plan which will successfully keep him in office for a second term.

              Think I’m crazy? Ask yourself what has been happening to every, single member of Trump’s inner circle who voices the slightest degree of concern about how things are being done.

              Stay tuned for Segment 2 of The Boys From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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