Yesterday, one of  The New Yorker Magazine’s chief political spieler, Amy Davidson Sorkin, summed up the 2020 campaign this way: “Trump’s continued hold on the votes and imaginations of so many Americans suggests that his Presidency represents not just a tragedy but a national crisis of character.” 

              To me, this statement represents everything that has gone wrong with current liberal reactions to Trump, as well as to how the election will ultimately spill out, no matter who wins.

              I wonder if Amy Sorkin ever heard of Viet Nam. For sure, she’s too young to remember Korea.  Those were tragedies, and they were both the handwork of Democrats. If Gore had been President in 2001, we probably would have ended up with a million troops in the Near East.

              Democrats love to start useless wars that they can’t figure out how to end. And by the way Amy, your alma mater, Harvard University, is the school which supplied the great brains that got us into Viet Nam. So I don’t need arrogant lectures from you on what constitutes a national tragedy, okay?

              Trump hasn’t been a tragedy; he’s been a farce. He has made more promises to do more things that never got done than probably all the other  44 Presidents combined over the previous 217 years. Remember his Mexican wall?

              What Joe has going for him is one simple fact of political life.  It’s tough to win an election to any public office if the people who do the voting don’t particularly like who you are. Do they dislike you because of how you look, or how you talk? Do they dislike you because you’re in favor of some things that they’re against? WTFK, okay?

All I know is that less than four months after he was inaugurated, Trump’s approval rating sunk to 40%, and it has never gone above 45% from then until now. And with the exception of a couple of weeks in late March, early April of this year, his approval rating has sat down at or below 40%.

Biden, on the other hand, usually rings up at or above a 50% approval rating in all the national polls. CNN put him at 55% last week, so did Fox News. In the same Fox poll, Trump’s disapproval rating was 55%. When was the last time that Fox News gave out better number for a Democrat than for someone from the GOP?

We won’t know exactly who voted for Trump versus who votes for Joe for at least another couple of days. But I’m willing to bet that just as Joe may have pulled out more Democrats this year that Hillary pulled out in 2016, so some of the 2016 folks who voted for Trump may have decided to go blue this time around. Or maybe some folks voted for GOP candidates but didn’t vote for Trump.

In Arizona, foe example, which is still a contested state, so far with 88% of the expected vote counted, Trump has gotten 12% more votes this year than he received in 2016. But Joe’s vote total right now is 27% higher than what Hillary got four years ago! When you look at those kinds of numbers, the idea that Arizona should still be in the GOP is something of a joke.

Now look at Georgia, which is almost done counting votes and Trump is ahead by 49.51% to 49.25%. Trump’s votes total this year is 16.6% over what he received in 2016. Joe’s vote number is – ready? – 29.5% higher than the blue number in 2016.

If Trump had actually done anything in the last four years, I would be willing to bet that he would have made a real and possibly tragic mess out of whatever he touched. But the only thing he’s done is exactly what he is doing now – shooting his mouth off with a combination of stupidity, braggadocio, insults, and empty threats.

And if he fires Anthony Fauci tomorrow, good for him. Dr. Fauci could use a break before he starts working for President Joe.