If the last several days have demonstrated anything, it’s that we elected a momser as President in 2016. What’s a momser? It’s Yiddish for ‘bastard,’ as in someone born out of wedlock. But what the word really means is someone who, given the choice, will behave in a reckless or irresponsible manner every, single time.

We had a momser in my family; a cousin who cheated through every business deal that came his way. Problem was that he didn’t discriminate between business relations and family relations. If he went to a family member and borrowed some gelt (read: money) the loan would never be repaid. 

Believe it or not, I don’t think that Trump has necessarily committed a single crime since sitting his fat ass down behind the Resolute desk. What I do think is that he has behaved like a momser because that’s the only way he has ever behaved. And for that, my dear friends, we can thank Hillary Clinton for how she managed her Presidential campaign.

I was very impressed by Hillary’s 2000 Senate campaign when she took over Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s Senate seat. She was going to win no matter whom the Republicans ran, there was no doubt about that.

But rather than sitting in New York City and waiting for the Democratic machines to do their usual job in New York, Buffalo, Rochester and other urban locations, Hillary actually went out and visited every, single one of New York’s 65 counties, some of which had never seen a Democratic candidate appear in any election at all.

Know how many Democrats live in Chenango County? Have you ever heard of Chenango County? It sits midway between the great cultural centers of Preston and Oxford. Does that help you out?

But knowing how to manage a statewide campaign is one thing, knowing how to run the whole board is something else. If anything, Hillary should have known after dropping out of the 2008 campaign that she didn’t have a ghost’s chance of winning a national campaign when she couldn’t even convince a majority of her own party that she was ready for the Big Time.

So what did we end up with? We ended up with a candidate who refused to admit any wrongdoing or even lapse of judgement about using a private email server to receive sensitive government information after The New York Times first broke the story in March, 2016.  She came out with a mealy-mouthed mea culpa in July. How long did it take Trump to apologize for the Billy Budd tape? One day.

And all we hear from our liberal media friends is how Trump’s incapable of ever admitting a mistake. Why did it take Hillary four, friggin’ months to come out and say what she should have said in response to the story in The New York Times?  After all, the whole issue of government officials receiving government documents on private email systems had been floating around for more than a few years.

In fact, as early as 2009, a liberal advocacy group, CREW (Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington) made a request, which was rebuffed, to get records covering Hillary’s emails. And this request didn’t come from the enemy – it came from friends.

What did Hillary think would happen? That the issue would just fade away? How could she not have known that her likely opponent in the general election would use this issue to frame his entire campaign?

The good news as I’m writing this column is that Joe has now gone ahead in states that are still counting votes to give him more than what he needs. And if Trump can find the money to challenge these results all the way to the Supreme Court, let him proceed. If they do a recount, it will probably turn up more votes for Joe.

I just sent $200 to Joe’s new Biden Fight Fund to help pay the costs of any legal challenge to his campaign. Now I’m going to go out, walk 9 holes at my club, maybe even drop a few putts, and then we’ll see what we see.

In the meantime, I hope that after Joe takes over next year, that Hillary and Trump will do a joint lecture tour. After all, this will give them both the opportunity to talk about how elections were ‘stolen’ from them.