Yesterday’s New York Times ran a gossipy article about an ardent Trump supporter in Massachusetts who is trying to figure out what comes next now that his champion will not be spending the next four years making everything great.

              The 27-year old kid ends up raising the possibility that maybe MAGA Nation should go out and form a country of their own. After all, there’s little to be gained by living in a country run by the likes of Communists like Kammie and Joe.

              This idea about seceding from the Union isn’t new. It was first tried in 1860, and for the life of me, I don’t know why we took those 11 slave states back. What did we get from ‘one nation under God?’ Tobacco? Militarism? Urban ghettos? Oh – I forgot. We got jazz!

              The secession idea stayed in limbo until it was resurrected by that idiot in Texas, Rick Perry, who floated the idea (he claimed it was a joke) in 2009, but then shut up when he found himself begging the Obama Administration for funds to help deal with swine flu.

              Now the idea is back again, prompted before the election by comments made by Trump, which are now being echoed by dumb kids like the kid in Massachusetts profiled above.

              Know what? I really hope that all the Trump supporters who feel the United States no longer represents what and who they really are, will pack up and leave. They can have states like Montana and Idaho, where there’s plenty of open land. We’ll throw in a couple of deep-South states like Mississippi and Alabama, as long as Black and some White residents in those states are allowed to move into states that remain part of the U.S.A.

              When the map is redrawn and we have two countries instead of one, the schmucks who really believe they’d be better off outside of the Union than within, can sit down and figure out what it’s going to cost them to live in a country run by Donald Trump or one of his sons.

              Ever drive across Montana or one of those other red Western states? If you do, you’ll discover that there’s hardly a single farm out there which doesn’t receive generous subsidies from the United States Department of Agriculture, a.k.a., the Soil Bank. And when these rock-ribbed patriots load the meat from all those slaughtered cows into refrigerated box cars, what are they going to do? Ship the meat to China or India instead of to Chicago and points East?

              Want to relinquish being part of the United States? What do you think it would cost the residents of the newly-independent state of Texas to pay for roads, schools, clean drinking water, weather reports, medical care and all the other things that we enjoy courtesy of the federal fisc?

              Guess which states run the highest, per-capita deficit of taxes paid to the Federal Government versus money sent back to be spent for programs within those states? Try New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, California, Minnesota, and Illinois – all those Commie states. Know which states receive the highest amounts of per-capita federal revenues versus taxes paid to D.C? Try West Virginia and Mississippi, two states that gave Trump more than 60% of their votes.

              In other words, those pro-Trump diehards who want to secede and form their own country would quickly find themselves either paying four or five times’ higher taxes or they would have to do without the services which we all receive whether we want them or not.

              Of course, maybe MAGA Nation really believes that their children don’t really need to go to school. They certainly don’t need to be immunized, right?

              All the more reason we should let the red states go their own way. Think how quickly and easily we would get rid of the virus if we only had to treat people who don’t think it’s unpatriotic to wear a mask.