I am increasingly concerned about the tone and content of the liberal media both in how they covered four years of Trump plus the direction they seem to be moving when it comes to covering Kammie and Joe. I refer to today’s column in The New York Times by our friend Nick Kristof, which frames Trump’s refusal to concede as “denying reality and impeding a lawful transition in ways that diminish the United States before the world, that make our country less governable and that risk inciting violence.”

Diminish the United States before the world? Makes the country less governable? Risks inciting violence?  This is pure and unadulterated crap. And as far as I’m concerned, it follows from the same lack of truthful and reality-based journalism which has infected the liberal media over the past four years.

I notice that Trump’s behavior didn’t stop Boris Johnson and many other foreign leaders from voicing public support for Kammie and Joe. Even Trump’s great fan, Bennie Netanyahu, has already said he looks forward to working with Joe.

As for making the country less governable, I love how Kristof dug up a comment by Princeton historian Sean Wilentz who said that Trump’s refusal to concede was “an act of disloyalty unsurpassed in American history except by the Southern secession in 1860-61.” Does our friend Sean actually believe that tweeting some complaints every morning is tantamount to the secessions of eleven states which provoked a war that claimed more than 17 million military and civilian lives?

As for Trump inciting violence, nearly all the violence that has occurred this year were reactions to the despicable deaths of George Floyd and other Black men and women at the hands of ill-trained and over-zealous cops. Of course Trump has egged on those schmucks who show up at various political events toting their AR’s. But if anything, the violence which broke out in many cities this year probably helped galvanize Joe’s campaign.

What Trump is obviously doing with this daily barrage of hot air about voting ‘fraud’ is positioning himself to remain a presence in the alt-right media world by denying the legitimacy of the Biden Administration in the same way that liberal media venues denied Trump’s legitimacy by going on and on about how the Russians ‘fixed’ the 2016 campaign.

We have put up with this schmuck Trump for four years because our candidate ran the single most inept, blundering, and arrogant Presidential campaign of all time. And not only has Hillary never had the decency to admit that maybe, just maybe she screwed up her campaign from beginning to end. She’s the only losing Presidential candidate in my lifetime who didn’t go off after the defeat and shut the f*** up.

And has a single, liberal journalist, like our friend Nick Kristof, ever once said that her behavior and her obsessive and continuous need for public gratification is totally inappropriate and way offline? To the contrary. What we get is Nick Kristof telling us that Hillary’s concession speech is a model for what Trump should say.

Trump’s bombast and bullshit doesn’t impede the functioning of government at all. The transition period is nothing more than a time when the new Administration hires supporters to fill in political appointments in various Federal agencies which happen to be run by permanent employees who show up every day and do their jobs. Yesterday the104th Fighter Wing jets were busily taking off and landing at the airport which is adjacent to where I play golf. These are the planes that run up and down the East Coast making sure that another 9-11 attack doesn’t take place.  I didn’t notice they stopped flying just because Mike Esper got canned, okay?

If Trump wants to spend the next four years making a buck by selling his MAGA hats and other crap at rallies, good for him. He’ll need the cash to help keep his bankrupt golf courses afloat.

As for my friends in the liberal media, why don’t you do your job which is to report what really goes on and not just run your opinions up the flagpole every chance you get?