After watching five minutes of Rudy Giuliani’s press conference yesterday at the RNC, I really hope that Trump will never concede. In fact, what would really be great would be if Trump could figure out how to continue pretending to be President after Joe is sworn in on January 20, 2021. And if you have the slightest doubt that Joe isn’t about to become the 46th President of the United States, take a look at the results out of Georgia after the votes were counted again.

The liberal media’s noise about how the lack of a transition from Trump to Biden will create great risks to the country is just so much bunk, that’s all it is. As I pointed out in a previous column (but repetition’s the key to good teaching), the whole point of a transition is to allow the new Administration to figure out how to reward their various supporters and donors with staff appointments in federal agencies; it has nothing to do with how these agencies are actually run.

This morning I listened to Carl Bernstein telling CNN that the roadblock created by Trump has made it impossible for the Biden team to get up to speed with a plan to deal with Covid-19. And what exactly would Biden’s virus task force learn from talking to the Trump virus task force whose main accomplishment seems to have been casting doubt on the expertise of the CDC? I can just hear Trump’s medical expert, Scott Atlas, explaining to the Biden team why herd immunity is the fastest and most successful strategy for bringing infection rates way down.

And if you think that Rudy’s out there all by his lonesome performing on behalf of the Trump campaign, take a quick listen to what another member of the Giuliani gang, attorney Sidney Powell had to say. You can hear her claims about money coming into the Biden campaign from Communist countries like China and Venezuela, except her bizarre statements were challenged by Tucker Carlson! When was the last time that Fox’s chief liberal basher criticized anything said by anyone connected in any way to Trump?

So, this is what the Trump Presidency is reduced to – using up its increasingly smaller amount of credibility, as if Trump ever had any real credibility, by using the same, totally discredited PR script again and again.

I also watched bits and pieces of Joe’s ZOOM meetings with the Covid-19 experts, the economic planners, and the gaggle of red and blue state Governors. The meetings were professional, the discussions serious and sustained, based on hard data and facts. But these presentations were boring as hell.

I want to be entertained, particularly because I am spending so much time at home. Which is why I only hope that Trump can figure out a way to extend his Presidency even though he won’t actually hold the title legally after January 20, 2021.

I got it. The way they do it in Europe is that the country is run by a Prime Minister, elected by the party in Parliament that controls the most seats. Then there’s also a President, who does all those ceremonial things. He or she cuts ribbons when a new supermarket opens up, meets foreign dignitaries at the airport, reads books to 3rd-graders and always visits the sick and the lame stuck in hospitals or at home.

Trump could do these tasks perfectly. Know why? Because he’s had plenty of practice over the last four years.

You think he’s actually gotten anything done? Oh yea, his wife spruced up the Rose Garden so they could hold a big event that spread Covid-19 all over the place.

Now the last thing we need is to figure out a title for this new position which Trump will use after Joe is sworn in.

I got it! We’ll call him MAGA-in-Chief and he can continue to sell his MAGA hats. After all, isn’t making a few bucks for himself and his friends what his Administration has been all about?