So it took the liberal media exactly three weeks to figure out a narrative which they can use to maintain public interest, readership, viewership, click-bait – whatever you want to call it – in what has been their single most successful storyline of all time, namely the existence and behavior of a guy named Donald Trump.

              Usually when a President leaves office, he goes gracefully into some kind of measured oblivion, still available to give speeches at the national Rotary Club or some graduation at a college that can’t attract the sitting President to give a speech. Harvard always gets the sitting President if they want. A former President can go talk at some college branch of some state university somewhere in the Midwest.

              Trump, of course, won’t bother to concede. Why should he?  There’s no law that says he has to do anything except move out of the White House at noon on January 21. And if he wants to continue kvetching about how he’s really the President except the election was ‘stolen’ from him, he’s got a good precedent to which he can always refer.

              In that respect, I happen to be referring to none other than Hillary Clinton, who made the following comment last month about how the 2016 election turned out: “I was the candidate that they basically stole an election from,” she said on a podcast hosted by The (failing) New York Times. So here she is, four years later, still kvetching about how she got screwed.

              If you want a more thorough version of this nonsense, just read the first chapter of her book, What Happened, in which she explains that she assembled the best, most experienced campaign team of all time. Had it not been for Russian interference and leaked emails, she would have won going away.

              Did Hillary stop shooting her mouth off after she published her book? To the contrary, she appeared almost as frequently on media shows as she appeared during the campaign. She started a PAC in 2017 that to all intents and purposes, existed simply to keep herself in the game. In March of this year when Bernie and Joe were slugging it out in the primary campaign, she had the unbelievable arrogance to publicly state that she didn’t think Bernie was the party’s strongest candidate to go up against Trump.

              The only difference between the way Hillary has behaved over the last four years and how Trump will behave over the next four years is that while both of them lost a Presidential campaign, Trump also won an election, by the way. And this gives him a degree of presence and media targeting that Hillary simply can’t match.

              Trump’s only problem, and it’s a serious problem for someone with his degree of ego, is that he’s no longer the titular head of the GOP. Mark my words, by the time we get into the 2022 election cycle, he’ll be competing against other Republicans who will be talking about running for President in 2024.

              The moment you’re an outgoing rather than in incoming President, you have nothing to give away. There are no more jobs in your Administration, no more Ambassadorships, no more nothing except you and your Secret Service detail. You can be the most powerful politician of all time, but there’s always a long line of folks just itching to take your place. And the line used to be made up only of men. Now the line includes lots of women (think: Kamala Harris) too.

              Trump is facing one more problem as well. No matter how you say it or tweet it, no matter how crazy, or nasty you say what you say, it just doesn’t get people excited when you’re no longer the big dog. Think anyone will really pay attention if Trump tweets something about some ‘shithole country’ next year? And if the public doesn’t care, the media won’t care, that’s for sure.

              On the other hand, now that Trump will no longer be protected by the immunity granted to the person who sits behind the Resolute desk, maybe he’ll welcome being hauled into court.