For Thanksgiving, the President of the United States issued some kind of efsher proclamation which says we should all say a prayer of thanks and gather together to celebrate this wonderful day. Now the fact that the CDC is warning us to stay in small groups, to hell with the CDC. What do they know?

              Trump got some help last night from his newly-reinvigorated Supreme Court. Thanks to the addition of a conservative replacement for Ruthie, the Court said that Andy Cuomo’s ban on religious crowding is a violation of the separation of Church and State.

              The ruling was met, of course, with hosannas on the religious side and angry denunciations on the other.  Just as we predicted, the Supreme Court will now tilt the country back to the alt-right, Fascism or worse.

              One of the groups which petitioned the Court to stop Andy from violating their religious ‘rights’ is Agudath Israel, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect which inhabits a settlement in Rockland County named Kryiat Joel. 

              Want to take a ride back to the 17th Century? Take a ride through Kiryat Joel. You’ll find yourself in a place that has yet to acknowledge certain 18th-Century Enlightenment ideals, silly things like democracy, voting, Constitutional ‘rights,’ stupid things like that. And just make sure you don’t drive there on Saturday – Shabbos – because the village has passed a local law that prohibits automobile traffic on the Lord’s Day.

              The law not only applies to the streets within the town, it also covers streets that are adjacent to the village itself. But these streets happen to belong to the State of New York and they were built with public funds which happen to have come from the Federal Highway Trust Fund.

              So, the village hired a lawyer who got a waiver from the State of New York to close down public thoroughfares on Saturday. But they didn’t need to hire or pay a lawyer to get the same waiver from the feds. They just spent a few minutes talking to then-Senator Hillary Clinton and the deal was done.

              Know what? I didn’t hear one, single liberal who is all exercised today about the Supreme Court’s overturning of New York State’s ban on religious meetings complaining when the good folks at Kiryat Joel were allowed to violate the division of Church and State by closing down some public streets.

              When all is said and done, we tend to decide how we feel about politics based on who’s ox is getting gored. I just hope that our good friends Joe and Kammie remember this after they take their oaths in just 55 more days. Whoopee!!!!