Now that the election is over, to paraphrase Richard Nixon, we won’t have Donald Trump to kick around any more. And even though he has some plans to remain involved in political affairs, the last thing the GOP will need in 2024 is a candidate who lost the popular vote in 2020 by twice as many votes as he got in 2016.

              So, like every other former President, Trump is going to have to figure out some kind of legacy to burnish and sustain his memory.  Sorry Donald, but the spaces on Mount Rushmore are already filled. And there really isn’t enough room on the Mall to put up another Washington Monument or a Lincoln Memorial.

              Most Presidents, beginning with Woodrow Wilson, have a library which houses both their papers as well as various gifts and other shlock they collected during their White House years.  Maybe Trump will put together some kind of Presidential museum at Mar-a-Lago that might even contain a small shelf for his papers – uhhh, it’s not as if he was literate enough to produce anything beyond those phony Executive Orders that he kept signing all the time.

              But there’s a movement out there to create what I believe would be the perfect memorial to mark the Trump Presidency, namely, a petition being sent to the U.S. National Park Services to add the Four Seasons Total Landscaping site to the National Archive of Historic Places. The sponsors are looking for 5,000 signers, they already have 4,860 and maybe they’ll increase the number of people who can add their names.

              The highlight of that crazy press conference was when the owner of Fantasy Island, the porn shop across the street, came out of his establishment and told reporters that “We knew there had to be a screw-up somehow, because why would you pick a spot like this?”

              If for some reason the Park Service doesn’t believe that the parking lot in front of a garage door plastered with MAGA posters isn’t an appropriate national historic site, maybe we should start a petition to put a plaque on the 120 miles of wall that was built between the U.S. and Mexico to secure a border which is 1,900 miles long. Or maybe the Service should put a plaque at one of the golf courses where Trump played golf more than 300 times during the 1,408 days that he has been President so far.

              I just signed the petition to designate the Four Seasons Landscaping address as an historic site. I also chipped in a few bucks to get the petition around.

              Please join me and help create a fitting monument to the man who will shortly no longer be President of the United States.