Every once in a while, some Federal attorney announces that some bank is being investigated for some kind of financial flim-flam. The bank then trots out a lawyer who denies all wrongdoing but says that, of course, the bank is ‘fully cooperating’ with the investigation. The reporter who does the story for the Nightly News, always mentions that the bank is ‘cooperating’ with the Feds.

What’s the bank supposed to do? Say that it’s not cooperating? If a bank ever said it wouldn’t cooperate in an investigation, now that would really be news. But saying they are cooperating when the FBI has already walked in the door and started carting off the computers, isn’t any news at all.

I was reminded of the news media’s penchant for reporting such nothings the other day when virtually every news station and website reported that Trump said he would leave the White House if Joe was elected when the Electoral College meets next month.

You would have thought from the headlines that Trump was saying something which qualified as ‘news.’ What is he going to do after the Electors cast 306 electoral votes for Joe? Announce that he isn’t going to move out?  

I started listening to Rush in 1994.  There was no internet as we know it, cable television was just beginning to emerge, CNN owned cable news, and alt-right, conspiracy theories didn’t exist. In 2000, when George Bush was challenged from the right by Pat Buchanan in the early Republican primaries, Limbaugh endorsed Bush. He said that Buchanan was ‘too radical’ and was an ‘economic nationalist’ who wouldn’t get any votes.

Know who created the alt-right? A guy named Barack Obama. I knew lots of gun guys who told me back in 2008 that ‘America would never elect a Black President.’ A week after the 2008 election, I walked into a sporting goods store in Houston, the gun counter was mobbed. I asked a guy what was going on and he replied in all seriousness, “It’s going to be Armageddon.”

Think I’m making that one up? I’m not.

Who tirelessly promoted the idea that Barack wasn’t born in the United States? The same guy whose 2016 campaign narrative was an exact repeat of what Pat Buchanan said in 2000, okay?

I don’t think the Republican party has shifted that much to the alt-right. I think that internet and cable TV have created a new group of entrepreneurs who sell stuff to a new market which believes ‘they’ (the Deep State) are conspiring to keep control over ‘us.’

Know who was pitching a product on this morning’s alt-right AM radio show which keeps ‘them’ from stealing your identity on the internet?  Rudy Giuliani, that’s who.

I read Bob Woodward’s book, Rage, the day it came out. The book was a big bore once I got past the paragraph where Trump admitted hiding what he was told about the virus threat. What Woodward should have asked Trump was to identify the people who Trump contacted to figure out what he needed to do.

Woodward’s a journalist from the old, pre-internet days. He has about as much understanding of the alt-right media as the man in the moon. I can guarantee you that as soon as Trump learned that we might be facing a pandemic that would wreck his plans for a second term, he picked up the phone and spoke to Sean Hannity and Rush.

Think I’m kidding? Try listening to Rush one afternoon and you’ll see a tweet from Trump saying the same thing the very next day. Or watch Hannity’s show at night because he’ll be testing the reaction to Trump’s next-day tweet as well.

Trump has put more than 40,000 tweets out there since he was elected President in 2016. I don’t know how many of these tweets have been reported as ‘news’ by the liberal media, but enough is really enough.

After all, the media can now start inventing Biden-Harris news.