Know what’s going to happen in exactly two weeks? The Electoral College will cast 306 votes for Joe Biden to become the 46th President of the United States. And the day this happens, the entire alt-right media assemblage, largely created and promoted by Donald Trump, is already beginning to fade away.

Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to listen to Rush every day and websites like Infowars will still be around. Even a few Proud Boys will show up at various outdoor events, maybe even still toting their AR’s. But the petals will have fallen off the roses, so to speak.

All of which creates a serious cash-flow problem for the Trump organization because the only products which bear his name that he actually owns are those MAGA hats, shirts, and flags that he peddles at his rallies and sells online. If some events do take place, they won’t draw the thousands who showed up at his campaign events over the last five years.

Trump doesn’t actually own the real estate properties that bear his name. The buildings are owned by groups of private investors, many of whom live overseas. Ditto the golf courses which he visits most weekends, as well as the hotels.

On the other hand, if you buy a MAGA hat, or a MAGA shirt, or a MAGA flag, the money you pay goes right into Trump’s pocket because he owns the brand and he owns the name. He also owns the company which imports all that crap from factories in China, the same China run by those ‘thugs’ who gave us Covid-19.

Why do you think those hapless lawyers led by Rudy Giuliani continue to push their totally unfounded legal claims? Why do you think that Trump continues to spread the nonsense about how he’s going to run again in 2024? Why do you think he has told the lapdog, liberal media that on the day Joe’s sworn in that he’ll hold a competitive event?

What else is he going to do with all those MAGA caps he still owns? How else can he otherwise pay off the investors who put up the dough to build the now-bankrupt Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C?

Guess who showed up at a ‘stop the steal’ rally in Georgia? None other than Alex Jones. He’s the guy who basically created the entire conspiracy-theory narrative for the alt-right and pushes all kinds of retail crap on his Infowars website.

What was the first, great conspiracy theory that Jones put out there to promote the alt-right? That Obama wasn’t born in the United States. Who invented this nonsense for him to peddle? A guy named Donald Trump.

I notice that Republicans are beginning to get nervous about whether the two Senate seats in Georgia will swing blue because Trump continues to bark about how the election is ‘rigged.’ Even one of Trump’s most loyal and sycophantic supporters, Geraldo Rivera, is now begging his good buddy Trump to shut the f*** up. I don’t notice Geraldo committing to buy up all those unsold MAGA hats.

Readers of this column may want to believe that it was written tongue-in-cheek. Not true. Not true at all. Trump went into the election saying that the exercise would be a great way to promote his brand. The only problem is that as his political fortunes have collapsed, so has the value of his name.

So, what does every company selling consumer products do when the inventory starts piling up on the shelves? You cut the price and shove as much of the unsold crap out there in order to pay your bills.

And that’s what all this noise about a ‘rigged’ election is really all about. It’s Trump’s last attempt to maintain the cash flow that supports a lifestyle which the taxpayers will stop supporting the day that Joe takes the oath.

For the 26th out of 27 days since the election, Trump doesn’t have a single, public event. He’s left the White house to play golf – that’s it. What’s he doing the rest of the time? Probably haranguing Alex Jones to sell some more MAGA hats.