Remember a guy named Marc Rich? He was an American commodities trader who was indicted in 1983 for tax evasion and breaking a trade barrier with Iran. The investigation that resulted in his indictment was led by a guy in the Federal Prosecutor’s Office named Rudy Giuliani. Remember him?

              Rich avoided prosecution by staying out of the United States until January 20, 2001 when he was pardoned by Bill Clinton the day before Clinton left the White House. Remember him? While Bill was issuing this pardon his wife, Hillary Clinton, was busy stealing the White House silverware which she was later forced to return. Remember her?

              It then turned out that Hillary’s Senate campaign and the Clinton Presidential Library had received donations in excess of $1 million from Rich’s wife, Denise. The government investigated the whole thing but couldn’t make a case. The investigation was led by a guy named James Comey. Remember him?

              It’s really amazing how the moment we learn about some government sleaze, that the same names keep cropping up again and again. This time the sleaze involves what appears to be yet another attempt or possible attempt to trade Presidential pardons for cash, a scheme which apparently was cooked up during the administration of Donald Trump. Remember him?

              There have been all kinds of stories floating around about Presidential pardons ever since Trump commuted the sentence of his buddy Roger Stone and pardoned another buddy named Michael Flynn. In the last week comments about Presidential pardons involving members of the Trump inner circle, including his sons, his daughter and son-in-law and the person who Michael Cohen refers to as Trump’s ‘TV attorney,’ Rudy Giuliani, have been floating all over the media space.

              Incidentally, it turns out that 25 businesses located at various Trump properties received more than $3.65 million in forgivable loans from the Paycheck Protection Program, a program run by the Small Business Administration to help small businesses survive the financial burdens imposed by the spread of Covid-19. Of the 25 recipients of PPP monies renting space from the Trump Organization, 15 companies used the funds to save either one or no jobs.

              So, when it comes to play for pay, Trump knows how that game works. Which is why there’s every good chance that finding people who might be willing to make a donation to the Trump campaign in return for an early release from one of the federal penitentiaries would certainly not be a venture outside the experiences of guys connected to Trump.

              We never found out exactly why Rudy Giuliani received $400,000 from two Ukrainian dirt-bags named Fruman and Parnas who were somehow connected to Rudy’s attempt to dig up Ukrainian dirt on Joe Biden and his son. These guys were arrested as they were trying to leave the country and are sitting around their homes in Florida evidently yakking their heads off to the feds.

              Then of course there’s always Michael Cohen, who may have started talking to some guys looking for early release from prison who Cohen met while he was up at Otisville doing time. In his book, Cohen says that many of the inmates at this low-security facility were serving sentences for white-collar crimes, as well as being Jewish, a profile that fits Cohen as well. And even though Trump ended up calling Cohen a ‘rat’ for writing a book that didn’t exactly describe his former boss as a decent and nice guy, who says you only do business with friends?

              Let’s remember that Trump started raising money for his 2020 campaign literally the day after he was inaugurated in 2017. So why wouldn’t someone like Rudy Giuliani start lining up potential customers who might trade an early release from the federal prison system for cash? Or better yet why not get your money lined up from these guys before they even go to jail?

              As regards the investigation into bribes for pardons, someone at the DOJ said this: “No government official was or is currently a subject or target of the investigation.”

              How come the spokesperson left off the word ‘yet’ at the end of that sentence?