Want the best holster on the market today? Go to the website of Craft Holsters and take your pick. The holster I just received from them (pictured above) is for my Glock 17. I chose the holster with belt loops and no security strap and I got exactly what I wanted.

They also send you a break-in kit which lets you soften up the rawhide so that your gun fits clean and snug. I used to rub my leather holsters with neets foot oil but the break-in liquid supplied by Craft holsters does the trick.

You can choose from 8 different holster styles in leather, nylon or kydex and you can also choose the color you want. Just do a search with the gun model that you want to carry and you’ll see a picture of the holsters you can buy for just about every handgun.

The prices are competitive, the quality superb and of course you’re encouraged to leave a review.

The company also has a full line of mag pouches, gun bags, belts and other accessories.

I have been using handgun holsters for more than 50 years and this company makes the very best!

Take a look at these great holsters here.