I get the distinct impression that at least one, if not both Democrat(ic) candidates will win the Senate seats for Georgia in the runoff election on January 5th. Why do I say this? Because I just learned that early voting for that election begins on December 14th, which just happens to be the same day the Electoral College will meet and cast 306 votes for Kamala and Joe.

              There happens to be a connection between these two events – the early voting on the one hand and the Trump ass-kicking on the other. And the connection happens to be that the record-setting turnout for the November election was precisely because most states gave voters options for voting beyond the usual showing up and standing in a long line on Election Day.

              Which team did these options favor? The blue team, of course. In fact, as early returns started trickling in which showed that Joe and Kammie were pulling ahead, the GOP noise machine made a big point of saying that ‘their voters’ always show up in-person at the polls. Which is exactly why Trump started using a Roger Stone script about voting ‘fraud,’ okay?

              Think the voting fraud nonsense isn’t a blatant appeal to racism? Think again. At some point prior to November 3rd, I listened to Rush’s daily rant. He said there was no reason to permit absentee voting because “everyone in those deserving-poor neighborhoods drives a car.” Why can’t ‘they’ all show up and vote the same way that GOP voters show up in the ‘burbs? Because ‘they’ are too busy going out that day to cash their welfare checks.

              These two schmucks – Stone and Trump – cooked up an entire messaging campaign about the election based on what they have been saying about everything for the last ten years, namely, that the Blacks get too much, and the Whites don’t get enough. But what they forgot is that when they use this hateful and divisive rhetoric to challenge election results, they are also challenging the work and competence of many public employees at the state level who got their jobs because they happen to be members of the GOP.

              Who do you think has been counting votes in Georgia? Who do you think certified the election process in Arizona?  These states happen to be run by Republican Governors, which means they appoint many of the individuals who run the machinery of state government, including the process and the actual machines which count votes. If you run around the country telling everyone that voting machines in a swing state were compromised because the software was controlled by Hugo Chavez, you’re saying that the local folks getting paid to do all that work are boobs, incompetents or worse.

              What does a guy living in a town in Ohio who earns some extra money by running a polling place on election day owe Donald Trump? What does he owe Trump even if he got the job because he always votes GOP? Not a goddamn thing. That’s what he owes Trump. Nothing.

              The WaPo released a survey of all Congressional Republicans which found that only 27 of the 247 GOP members serving in the Senate and the House were willing to state that Biden’s election was a done deal. The moment the survey was published, Trump tweeted that he wanted the 27 names.

              Know why he asked for those names? Because this tweet lets him continue to pretend that he’s going to have some presence in the Republican Party after January 20th, 2021. Who was the last President of either party who lost a campaign for re-election and then played an important or even visible role in his party’s political events? It was a Chief Executive named Ignoto, which happens to be Italian for ‘unknown.’

              Remember what Jimmy Carter did after he lost to Ronald Reagan in 1980? He built houses for Habitat for America, that’s what he did. Remember what George H. W Bush did after Clinton sent him packing in 1992? Of course, you don’t remember, because he went up to his beautiful house in Kennebunkport and didn’t do anything at all.

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