Want to really understand what the Trump Administration has been all about for the last four years? Forget the Mexican wall, forget the love affairs with Kim Jong-un and Vlady Putin, forget Manafort, Kelly, Stone, Cohen and all the other putzes who have been indicted, convicted, and sent off to Otisville or some other federal resort. Also forget Warp Speed which brought the vaccine to the UK before we got it here. Forget all that shit.

              Take a few minutes and read a little story in the (failing) New York Times. [thanks Paula.] But just before you do, you might want to glance at the NYSE ticker because you’ll notice that the day Trump was inaugurated, the NYT stock price closed at $17.65.  Yesterday it closed at $46.74, a gain of 170%. The Dow has gained 50% over the same four years.

              Anyway, there’s a 21-year-old kid named Josh Hall who lives in Mechanicsburg, PA. In case you didn’t know it, Pennsylvania happens to be one of those states which counted millions of illegal ballots that will give Joe and Kammie (and their Deep State Communists-Socialists-Fascists-terrorists buddies) four years in D.C. that they don’t deserve. These votes were so illegal and so corrupt that yesterday the Supreme Court threw out a last-gasp appeal with a one-sentence statement – no dissents. Okay, back to the real news, or the fake news, or whatever the news.

              The kid drives a food delivery truck around town. He says he wants to have an AM shock-jock radio show. He also likes to fool around on social media. His particular talent lies in creating false accounts on Twitter, including one account allegedly belonging to a group called ‘Gay Voices for Trump,’ which raised $7,300 that went into his pocket instead of going to the Trump campaign. In that respect, incidentally, he’s not doing anything all that different from what Trump has been doing with his own fundraising efforts over the past several months.

              Our boy Josh started creating fake Twitter accounts in April, ran a phony GoFundMe that netted him $800 bucks, and began posting the usual mélange of conspiracy theories and pro-Trump diatribes, basically the same kind of stuff which Steve Bannon used to raise more than $1 million to construct a chunk of the Mexican wall which went into his pocket instead.

              Over a few months, the kid created accounts for various members of the Trump family, including Fred Trump III (Donald’s nephew), Maryanne Barry, the President’s sister who is a Federal judge, and Trump’s son Barron, whose name he used to push out an August tweet that the coronavirus was a ‘scam.’

              Josh Hall hit paydirt with his fake tweets on November 20th, when Donald Trump posted a tweet thanking his sister for voicing her support for his efforts to overturn the ‘corrupt’ vote. The sister’s account was almost immediately outed as being a fake, it was deleted by Twitter along with all the other phony accounts that Hall had set up over the previous months.

              Now here’s the point. The President of the United States has nothing better to do than to actually sit there in front of his computer and read fake tweets about himself. Does he have the faintest idea about the degree to which social media has become nothing more than a playground for a bunch of children (and so-called adults) who have nothing better to do? Doesn’t he even remember how the Tik Tok kids demolished his Tulsa rally by trolling fake emails all over the place?

              I have been referring to Trump as the ‘accidental’ President since he only won in 2016 because Hillary and her team ran such a lousy campaign. What Trump has now become is the ‘artificial’ President because his entire Administration is reduced to whatever social media presence he continues to have. Except he doesn’t know anything about social media other than what he reads on his Twitter account, assuming he knows how to read.