HAPPY SAFE HARBOR DAY!  If I had the time, I would put up a petition on Change.org asking that Safe Harbor Day be made a Federal holiday.

I just finished watching a CNN report about a parking garage in Arizona which has been converted into a hospital for treating patients with Covid-19. When news about this garage started going around, Donald Trump claimed it was a ‘fake.’

Know what? As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care if the Democrats pulled every scam imaginable to generate millions of fraudulent ballots which elected Joe and Kamala and will now send Trump and his fat ass back to Mar-a-Lago, okay? I really don’t care. Not in the slightest. Not at all.

Yesterday, another fat-ass hot-air balloon named Rush Limbaugh said he believed that certain states were on the road to secede. Know what? Let ‘em go this time.

Ask yourself this question: What have we really gotten out of the 13 facockta states that left the Union and then were forced to return in 1865? Hmmm…let’s see. We got tobacco, we got militarism, we got racism, we got poor Whites and poor Blacks. Oh, I forgot! We got jazz. Isn’t that just great? We got jazz.

Now we have yet another loony story to feed the insatiable conspiracy appetite of the alt-right, namely a comment by that idiot lady who appeared with Giuliani (he’s still in the hospital, by the way) in Michigan who now says that the virus was developed in a lab located in Wuhan which is owned by – Barak and Michelle Obama!              

Where did she make this remarkable statement? On Sarah Palin’s website. Now she’s getting into the act?  If they have to start shlepping Sarah Palin around again, that tells you all you need to know about this so-called attack on America’s most cherished democratic institutions, right?

All of this nonsense would be besides the point were it not for the fact that the liberal media is taking this crap seriously as well. We have a story from the AP that Trump’s ‘movement’ built around denying the 2020 vote is beginning to ‘take hold’ in many states.

The story cites as an example of the burgeoning wave of alt-right Trump supporters, a lawsuit filed in Massachusetts by five disappointed Republicans who ran for state and federal offices last month and lost. They are claiming the election was rigged. Let me give you an example of how much the Massachusetts results were rigged.

Take the 5th C.D., whose incumbent Congresswoman, Kathy Clark, has held the seat since 2013.  She barely squeaked by this time, getting only 75% (as in 75 percent) of the vote. Incidentally, this district has been represented by a Democrat since Paul Tsongas was elected in – ready? – 1975. 

So, we have a Congressional district that has been electing a Democrat every two years for forty-five years. That’s only the last 20 Congressional elections, okay?

Now the fact that some hard-up attorney in Massachusetts is willing to file a lawsuit seeking redress because the election of Kathy Clark was a fraud, is about as much proof of a groundswell of local support for Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn his loss as the man in the moon.

And by the way, the other two Congressional races that were ‘fixed’ only returned 65% of their votes to members of the blue team.  As for the two GOP litigants who ran for House seats in the State Assembly, one got 34% of the vote, the other got 31%. Those elections were obviously fixed, too.

So, this is what the liberal media is reduced to in trying to maintain the absurd fiction that there’s a real threat out there to American democracy led by Donald Trump and a bunch of hapless losing candidates who can’t even make their electoral behavior into real contests at all.

If we needed to somehow fix those Massachusetts elections to keep the bad guys in and the good guys out, I wish someone would tell me how to make a buck by getting into the ‘voter fraud’ game. I’m available if the price is right.