When I was a kid, my parents had a subscription to Newsweek, because it was the liberal alternative to Time Magazine. And since Time had always been (in those days) a right-wing rag for Henry Luce, it wasn’t allowed across the transom of our front door.

The world changes, thank God, and now Time Magazine has become one of the leading weekly news magazines for the liberal media gang. In fact, they just named Joe and Kammie Man & Woman of The Year. Meanwhile, the three featured op-eds yesterday on Newsweek were written by Tom Cotton, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Lazio. Now that’s a liberal line-up, right?

Anyway, Newsweek’s headline story was this: “Trump Allies Still Push False Hope of Overturning Election Despite Electoral College Vote.” And I couldn’t wait to read this story because I have noticed that Trump seems to have lost just about all his support over the last couple of days. The ground has shifted so much under his feet that the Senate Majority leader told his caucus on Tuesday to shut the f*** up about the election and finish the stimulus bill so they could all leave town.

Of course, the next morning Trump tweeted something about how the fight to redo the election was still going on. And so is the Mexican wall still being built.

Exactly who are these ‘allies’ which Newsweek wants us to believe are working tirelessly to promote Trump? First up is Stephen Miller, identified as Trump’s ‘senior adviser’ who was hired to craft the immigration bill. Now all of a sudden, he’s become an expert on the Electoral College, claiming that state legislatures can still elect a different slate of electors who will go to Washington to demand that Trump be re-elected and set aside 150 million votes.

Who’s Trump Ally #2? None other than Steve Bannon, who is taking some time off from preparing his defense to explain how a million bucks went into his pocket instead of being used to build the Mexican Wall. Bannon’s another expert on Constitutional law and he’s convinced that the movement to re-elect Trump has until January 20th to come up with an ‘unsteal the vote’ plan.

Trump Ally #3 is the best one of all.  It’s none other than Sydney Powell, her of the voting-machine software owned and operated by Hugo Chavez. She put up a tweet this week claiming that she had no less than four ‘election fraud’ cases pending before the Supreme Court. Obviously, the SCOTUS clerk hasn’t  had time to open all the mail because the docket doesn’t list anything from Powell at all. So what?

Beginning Tuesday, I made a point of listening to the opening monologue of three AM shock-jocks: Rush Limbaugh, a Limbaugh wannabee named Howie Carr, and a local guy, Jim Polito, who has reinvented himself as an alt-right broadcaster after being fired from a newspaper for sexual abuse back in 2008.

For the last two months, these guys have been ranting and raving about election ‘fraud.’ And the only subject which they have occasionally raised other than the election is how and why Donald Trump has been the best President we ever had.

Beginning this week, Trump’s name hasn’t been mentioned on these broadcasts even once. What are they talking about? Hunter Biden’s the big story followed by how the campaign to wear a mask is nothing more than an attempt to take away our freedom courtesy of the Deep State.

So, if the alt-right media has obviously decided that Trump no longer exists, how come the liberal media keeps trying to prop him up? Which comes back to what I have been saying again and again over the last four years, namely, that this whole nonsense about the new, right-wing populism known as MAGA is nothing more than click-bait messaging to drive advertising revenues for the media which spins for the alt-left.

The bottom line is that my liberal media friends have to identify a new, alt-right bogeyman to replace Trump. How about if the law-abiding states decide to secede?