Yesterday I received an email from The Washington Post, inviting me to tune into some kind of podcast interview with Hillary Clinton, which kicks off a new WaPo programming venture featuring important people who believe they have something important to say.

Sometimes I think that Hillary ran such a lousy campaign for President because she must have been on the GOP payroll. But most of the time I just wonder how come she can’t just go off somewhere and shut the f*ck up?

They never shut the f*ck up. They stick around forever. It’s some kind of disease and the latest person infected with the illness is Donald Trump.

Trump’s latest reminder that he won’t shut the f*ck up is an announcement that he’s planning to go to Alaska to ‘campaign’ against Lisa Murkowski, who voted to confirm Joe’s pick for Interior Secretary, Deb Haaland, even though Haaland is one of those ‘radical’ Democrats who’s against drilling for oil on the Arctic shelf.

Trump says he’s going to back another candidate for Murkowski’s seat in 2022. Meanwhile, the so-called candidate doesn’t yet exist. Maybe Trump is thinking of pulling Todd Palin out from his house arrest to run for the Senate seat.  Or better yet, maybe Trump can get Palin’s ex-wife to leave rehab for a while and start her own campaign.

I really hope that Trump makes good on his promise to insert himself into the 2022 mid-term election, and I also hope that he’ll run for President again in 2024. In case you haven’t noticed, I happen to believe that the GOP should remain out of the Oval Office and be the minority party in Congress from now until the end of time. I also believe that Trump’s presence in the political arena will advance both those goals.

What did Trump really accomplish in four years? He signed a tax-break bill that had been sitting around in the Senate waiting for a Republican President to show up. He also signed the First Step crime-reform bill, which was the work of a bi-partisan Congressional group which got no input or direction from Trump at all.

Other than those two ceremonial events, Trump spent his time running around the country performing at one of those stupid MAGA rallies which had no positive impact on the outcomes of either the 2018 or the 2020 campaigns. He also flew off just about every weekend at taxpayer expense to play golf at one of his bankrupt golf clubs.

Every day he staged a phony, reality-TV event at the White House to prove he had all kinds of public support. Who showed up? Bikers for Trump, Cowboys for Trump, Truck Drivers for Trump, Someone, Anyone for Trump.

Meanwhile, the famous wall ended up being a million-dollar scam for his buddy Steve Bannon, the wonderful relationship he had with the head of North Korea didn’t stop his new friend from increasing the size of his nuclear arsenal, none of the troops that were supposed to come home from Europe, or the Mid-East actually came home and of course he managed the Covid-19 crisis about as well as another ‘wartime President’ named Lyndon Johnson managed Viet Nam.

Could someone please explain to me how a guy who got 1/10th of 1 percent of the total votes cast in 4 states which earned him the election actually believed that he was leading some kind of new movement that would remake the political map of the United States?

In 1932, when all the state banks had shut down, industrial capacity was at 5% and the official unemployment rate was estimated at more than 20%, Herbert Hoover actually believed that he could get re-elected by telling everyone there was no real economic crisis and that ‘good days’ would be here soon.

My only regret is that the Democratic Party’s control of the government beginning in 1932 only lasted twenty years. Maybe we can do better this time.