Our friends at Craft Holsters have a bunch of new products on their website that are worth a look. In particular, take a gander at their Inside-the-belt holster line which can be ordered for just about every carry-concealed handgun on the market today.

These beautiful holsters are made out of premium Italian leather in black or mahogany brown, they are double-stitched, come with all the extras and have a five-year guarantee.

The price is right too. Just $85 gets you a holster and for another $10 bucks you get a little kit to help break it in, plus for just another $9 bucks you can get it with your monogram, or personalize the holster for someone else and give it as a gift.

And here’s a new product line that you don’t want to miss.

I’ve bought holsters from Craft and the best news is that shipping is a whole big $10 by Fedex and the day you pay for your holster you get a ship date which the company really meets.

I like the Craft Holster products and I like the guys who run this outfit. Most of all, I think their holsters are really the best of breed.

Do yourself a favor. Just click this link: Craft Holsters® – Concealed Carry Holsters & Duty Gear/