All of a sudden, Mister Orange Head is behaving like a former President – calm, reasonable, trying to do and say the right thing. Last night he called into Fox and didn’t rant about ‘election fraud,’ or the ‘Chinese flu,’ or the ‘border invasion.’ Instead, he actually promoted the idea that Americans should get vaccinated because vaccines are ‘safe.’ 

Oh well, oh well. I guess the MAGA movement’s time has passed. I guess that attacking RINOS just isn’t helping Orange Head’s strategy to remain in charge of the GOP. I guess he just can’t raise enough money to start a new media network because he’ll need his cash to pay his legal fees.

Be that as it may, I was hoping to write a column today about how much we should blame Orange Head for Covid-19. After all, this is a guy who could only respond to the virus threat in partisan, political terms.  The virus was a Democratic ‘hoax.’ Dr. Fauci was just another member of the Deep State. Orange Head was a true ‘wartime leader’ who was out there fighting against the ‘Chinese flu’ enemy from Day One.

I was going to attack Orange Head because I wanted to throw out my own little conspiracy theory that Trump’s refusal to do anything serious about the virus was because he believed the virus was basically an inner-city disease, and since inner-city (read: minority) residents just sit around and gobble up welfare, plus always vote blue, who cares if they die off in large numbers or not?

Part of my theory wasn’t just based on the fact that Orange Head is an out-and-out racist and real piece of sh*t. It was also based on what I have been hearing again and again over the last year, namely, that Covid-19 has disproportionately hit inner-city neighborhoods and caused all kinds of untold suffering among minority populations and groups.

How can this not be the case? After all, even the most respected and authoritative medical organization, like the American Academy of Pediatrics, has stated in no uncertain terms that the virus has been particularly deadly when it comes to the health of inner-city children. Never mind inner-city adults.

There’s only one little problem. The idea that minorities have been harder hit by this pandemic than the population at large happens not to be true. If anything, the data appears to indicate that this virus makes absolutely no class or racial distinctions at all in terms of how and where it spreads.

The Kaiser Family Foundation publishes a weekly update which tracks, among other things, the percentage of Covid deaths by the percentage of each racial group in every state. He most recent data is through February 28. As of that date, the percentage of Covid deaths suffered by Whites was the same or higher than the percentage of Whites in that state’s population as a whole.

So, for example, Colorado’s White Covid death rate is 68%, the proportion of White residents of the state’s total population is also 68%. In Georgia, Whites account for 58% of all Covid fatalities and Whites are 52% of the state’s total population. In Minnesota, the percentages are 85% to 79%, in New Jersey it’s 56% to 54%.

The two states which are both very large and have disproportionate numbers of minority Covid deaths are – where else? – California and New York. In California, Blacks and Hispanics are 52% of the Covid deaths but count 45% of the state’s total residents. In New York, where the numbers do not count New York City, Blacks are 14% of the population but 23% of Covid deaths. God only knows what the numbers for anything are in New York City.

So, my little conspiracy theory about Trump ignoring the virus because it wasn’t a ‘problem’ for Whites doesn’t really hold up. That doesn’t change the fact that Mister Orange Head should go f*ck himself, the horse he rode in on and the whole cavalry behind him as well.

Even though Orange Head is pretending to be such a thoughtful and reasonable kind of guy, to quote Grandpa, he’s nothing but pure, unadulterated drek.