So yesterday I posted a comment in which I asked my friends in Gun-control Nation to stop playing around and say what they really should say, namely, that they don’t like or want guns. I’m not saying I agree with them, by the way. I’m just saying that when it comes to guns in America, I would like to see an honest and open debate.

              In case you’re interested, the 2nd Amendment says that Americans can keep a gun in their homes, but it doesn’t say they can buy a gun. Many of the guns that colonial residents brought with them when the joined the Continental Army were handmade or homemade, which is the reason that George Washington opened the arsenal at Springfield that made military-standard guns.

              On Tuesday, the Governor of Oregon Kate Brown, signed a gun-control bill that has my friends in Gun-nut Nation all worried and upset. The bill is basically a CAP (child access prevention) law, which requires that guns must be kept locked, or locked away so that they cannot be used by kids or unqualified adults either to hurt themselves or hurt anyone else. Oregon is the 29th state to enact such a law.

              What does this law mean to all those law-abiding gun owners in Oregon who want to keep a gun at the ready in case their home is invaded by some thug? According to the opponents of this new law, locking a gun up is exactly what will invite the bad guys to break int your home.

              Unfortunately, what gun ‘rights’ groups are saying about this new law, a narrative which is being used to promote a 2022 ballot petition against the statute, happens not to be true. Because if you take the trouble to actually read the text of the law, here is what it says: “The liability imposed by subsection (3) of this section does not apply if: the person and the firearm are in the presence of the owner or possessor of the firearm.”

              In other words, if you have a gun in your home and you leave your home to go to work or to go anywhere else, the gun has to be locked or locked away. If you are the owner of the gun and you’re sitting in the living room watching TV or snoozing in the bedroom, the gun can sit there next to you, unlocked and ready to be used.

              This is exactly what I meant yesterday when I said we need an honest debate between the two sides about guns. But if the gun ‘rights’ gang tries to undo this statute in 2022 by claiming that it prevents Mister Joe Gun Owner from using his gun to protect himself, his beloved family, or the sanctity of his home, they are lying, and the debate won’t be honest at all.

              At the same time, I think my Oregon friends in Gun-control Nation also need to know what they are talking about if they want to promote or pass laws that will reduce violence when someone shoots themselves or someone else with a gun. I notice that the new Oregon law requires gun owners to report the theft or loss of a gun to the cops.

              That’s a good idea but what’s not so good is that the same section of the law says that the person reporting the missing gun “may include the serial number of the firearm.”  May include?  Are you serious?

How in God’s name will the cops track the movement of a gun from its owner to a criminal without the serial number? It can’t be done unless the gun has some sort of engraving or other unique identifying mark.

I’m really hoping that the petition to overturn this law and another petition being planned to ban assault rifles in Oregon make it to the ballot for 2022. I’m also hoping that both sides will try to argue for their positions with at least some degree of accuracy, never mind attention to the real facts.