Until recently (yesterday, in fact) I prided myself on being perhaps the only gun blogger who made a point of wanting to give equal time and space in the gun debate to both sides. In fact, I often went out of my way to write comments about my friends in Gun-control Nation which were not necessarily all that negative, but certainly weren’t to be taken as a carte-blanche endorsement for what they say.

As of today, I’m throwing all that compassionate, liberal nonsense about how everyone ‘deserves a chance to be heard’ into the kitchen sink. Going forward, Mike the Gun Guy (yes, just like MAGA it’s copyrighted) is taking a hard turn Left and will only put content on his website that doesn’t allow for compromise at all.

Why do I say that? Because the other night I was watching a TV report (CNN I think) about people resisting the vaccinations and a woman in some red state said she wasn’t going to be ‘pushed’ into getting vaccinated by government. “If they push me,” she intoned, “I push right back.”

She also then added that she hadn’t yet had time to do ‘research’ on the vaccine’s long-term effects.  Did this idiot ever consider the possibility that if she didn’t get vaccinated the long-term effects wouldn’t matter because she’d already be dead?

As of this morning, U.S. deaths from Covid-19 have risen to 618,407. Most of these fatalities could have been avoided had we taken proven social distancing and protective clothing steps seriously right from the gitgo instead of waiting for a vaccine. Why didn’t we do that? Because we had a President who was not about to mandate any kind of public health response at all, and his successor seems unwilling and/or unable to change the basic tune.

And why do we suffer from this terrible disease every day when we always have know what was needed to be done? Would a mandate hurt the economy? Sure – for a couple of months. Would a mandate force us to change our behavior and do without such important things as sitting in the back yard yakking with our friends? Yep.

But the real reason we continue to avoid effective, comprehensive social protective and distancing mandates is exactly what that moron woman said – I ain’t gonna’ let the government tell me what to do.

Know what? I’ve been hearing the same crap about gun laws from Gun-nut Nation for a long time before anyone ever heard of Covid-19.  Why should I be able to buy a rifle made for the military and carry it around with three extra, 40-round mags?  Because nobody’s going to tell me I can’t. Why should I be able to walk around in the street with a Glock in my pocket even though I have never actually shot the gun even once? Because I’m not about to let the government tell me what I can and cannot do with my guns.

I have the God-given right to defend myself, and no damn government, particularly a government run by some liberals in the Deep State are going to take those ‘rights’ away from me.

And by the way,  this is the same damn government that wants to control my life by telling me that I can’t leave my house if I haven’t been vaccinated or I’m not wearing a mask.

Here’s my answer to every, single one of those bogus claims. Want to live in a country where your ‘rights’ are given to you by God?  Move to Iran. Want the government to stop enforcing common-sense and proven measures to keep us from all getting killed? Next time you drive down the Interstate, ask yourself how come you just passed a sign which told you how fast you can drive.

Enough with the talk about gun ‘rights.’ Enough with the talk about how you won’t let government tell you what you can and cannot do.

Don’t like what I just said? I don’t care. Either get yourself vaccinated and wear a mask at all times or stay in your house and shut the fu*k up.

As Grandpa used to say: “Shain zeit!” Enough is enough.