To Gavin Newsom’s credit, at least when he interrupted his vacation to say something about the mass shooting in Sacramento, he didn’t offer ‘thoughts and prayers’ to the families and friends of the people who were gunned down. On the other hand, he made a point of saying that obviously California didn’t have enough laws to keep guns out of the ‘wrong hands.’

              California happens to have more gun-control laws than Carter has little liver pills. So, I have a good idea. Let’s give everybody a gun which they can use to defend themselves and pass a law which requires everyone to go around at all times and in all locations carrying their self-defense gun. That will surely end the problem of gun violence right then and there.

              I stopped carrying a gun because a) it was a pain in the ass to keep the gun concealed, and b) I really didn’t want to shoot anyone with my gun. If I did shoot someone and didn’t run away, there would be all kinds of paperwork and legal bullshit that would keep me busy for years on end. And when you get to my age (78 y/o in August) the last thing you want to deal with is paperwork, particularly paperwork tied to regulations and/or laws.

              But seriously, what’s wrong with requiring everyone to walk around armed? We’ll set the minimum age at 16 and the max at 75, a spread that right now covers about 250 million folks, give or take a million here or there. Let’s deduct several million in jail, another several million in loony bins and another several million in what they politely refer to as ‘rest homes.’

              That brings us down to around 240 million guns that would be needed to arm every law-abiding m-f in the United States.  It might take them a couple of years, but between Smith & Wesson, Glock, Sig, and a couple of other gun makers, together they could produce the guns and make a buck even if the government bought them for $300 apiece.

              That adds up to a grand total of $50 billion and change. Which is no biggie and let’s not forget that it’s a one-shot deal. Hell, we spend more to cover the medical, social, and legal costs of gun violence every year. So, under my plan, by the third year we would be way ahead of the game in financial terms, right?

              Oops! Forgot one thing. After we give everyone a gun, we also have to make sure they get trained. Now the last time I looked online, I saw all kinds of gun-training courses being offered for somewhere between fifty and a hundred bucks. So, let’s require that everyone pay for a training course which they can deduct from their income tax bill as a medical expense.

              Back in 1994, our friend Gary Kleck published an article in which he claimed that people who defended themselves with a gun were responsible for preventing somewhere around 2 million serious crimes every year. But Kleck assumed that only 40% of Americans had legal access to a gun. Since there were 2.5 million crimes committed in 2020, if everyone could defend themselves with a gun, crime would disappear.

              You might want to believe that what you have just read in the last 550 words represents an exercise in hyperbole, sarcasm, or fluff. Not true. Not true at all.

The point of this brief essay is to demonstrate how the two sides in the gun debate make arguments after every mass shooting that are completely removed from any reality at all.

You don’t and can’t end gun violence as long as any law-abiding individual can walk into a gun shop and buy a gun that was designed only for the purpose of killing a human being, whether the human happens to be the person who bought the gun or anyone else.

Sorry folks, it doesn’t work that way.

Is there a single state in the United States that doesn’t impose speed limits on every road where you might drive your car? Cars aren’t designed to kill people, but fatal accidents happen every day. So, if guns are designed to kill people, you’re going to pass a law which prevents such killings from taking place?

And please, please don’t give me that nonsense about how the 2nd Amendment protects gun ‘rights.’ The last time I looked, the Constitution doesn’t say anything about who is or who isn’t allowed to pick up a gun and use it to shoot themselves or shoot someone else.