I have been connected to the gun business in one way or another for sixty years. And during that time, I have read or heard just about everything and anything which has been written or spoken about guns.

              But when it comes to a narrative which can be used better by both sides in the gun debate, the hat pictured above takes the cake.

              Think about the wording and images on that hat for a minute, okay? Think about how we have Donald Trump connected to God and guns as a way of promoting his 2024 Presidential campaign.

              But then turn it around and think about how even the most conservative religious leaders can’t find anything positive about mass shootings committed by using AR-15 guns.

              As we get into the 2024 political season, which gets heated up around Labor Day, it’ll be interesting to see how the gun issue plays out.

              On the one hand we have Joe saying something about an assault weapons ban in just about every speech.  On the other hand, all the GOP candidates, both the two or three real candidates plus all the fakes, aren’t about to say anything about guns which doesn’t embrace the Godly blessing and Constitutional ‘right’ to armed, self-defense.

              I know the previous paragraph sounds like it came right out of a standard Eisenhower (‘on the one hand this, on the other hand that’) response to every question asked in a press conference, but I don’t know how else to describe the argument between Gun-nut Nation and Gun-control Nation when it comes to what we should or shouldn’t do about guns.

              Now that the Supreme Court has legitimized the idea that anyone with a clean record should be able to walk around the neighborhood with a Glock or a Sig hooked onto their belt, the basic argument from the pro-gun side of the table boils down to ‘let’s leave well enough alone.’ The other side of the table, the gun-control side, wants to see more laws passed to regulate guns, even though, btw, laws regulating how law-abiding gun owners use their guns has never been shown (public health so-called ‘evidence-based’ research) to have any real impact on gun violence rates at all.

              But it occurs to me that the Trump hat could actually be used to spread a powerful message by my friends in Gun-control Nation, assuming they are really looking for a way to promote a gun-control strategy that could actually work.

              What my friends in Gun-control Nation need to do is post a picture of that hat all over the place to remind everyone that a vote for Trump is also a vote for mass shootings and an unacceptable among of gun deaths.

              The picture should not only be posted on the websites of gun-control groups like Brady and Everytown but should be adopted by the Democat(ic) National Committee to be used for lawn signs and banners all over the place.

              Trump wants to sell himself as a big, tough guy who believes in God and guns? I can’t see how that narrative will get him a single vote more than the votes he already has.

              Which means he needs to find votes from voters who may not be thinking about mass shootings when they cast their ballots on Tuesday, November 5, 2024.

              This picture is exactly the reminder they will need.