About Me

That’s me in my gun shop which is located in Western Massachusetts. I no longer sell retail but between 2001 and 2014, I sold more than 11,000 guns. I also have trained more than 7,000 men and women in gun safety and self-defense use of guns.

At various times since 1965 I have also been a wholesaler, importer, manufacturer and law-enforcement trainer and I currently own somewhere around 60 guns which makes me a bone-fide gun nut even if I am at the low end of the gun-nut scale.

From 2013 through 2018 I wrote a weekly column on guns for Huffington Post: I have also been profiled in The New York Times and New York Magazine. I have published 11 gun books, all of which are available on Amazon, and have published more than 1,300 blogs on this website.

I define my role as someone whose experience and knowledge can help advocates on both sides of the gun debate shape and sharpen their ideas. I respond to any and all requests for technical assistance and expertise and do not require compensation of any kind. I will also speak to public groups although I often end up telling the audience things they don’t want to hear.

I can be reached at mweisser3@outlook.com and 413-758-5185. I try to respond to everyone who contacts me.