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This website began as a place where Mike Weisser, a.k.a. Mike The Gun Guy, could publish his thoughts about guns. And he will continue to contribute to the site on a regular basis. 

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But why should this site be restricted to contributions from Mike?  Why shouldn’t other folks have an opportunity to share their thoughts with readers?

So this website is now an interactive magazine and every page gives readers an opportunity to contribute their thoughts, their ideas, their likes and dislikes about guns.

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  1. Glenn
    Feb 15, 2015 @ 22:35:15

    Just finished Guns for Good Guys, Guns for Bad Guys. Most complete book on the ‘gun conversation’ I’ve read yet. Excellent ! May read it again. Glenn…..Peoples Republic of California


  2. Sam Murphy
    May 27, 2015 @ 09:56:56

    Just read your article on the Twin Peaks shootout. The one thing you neglected to mention in your article is that open-carry laws don’t mean that “anyone” can carry a handgun. While images of the Wild West are probably entertaining to your readers, it’s misleading to say the least. As is the case with all carry laws, open or concealed, a carry permit is required. This means applying in person at your local Sheriff’s office (in most cases) and then a background-check is conducted. The percentage of people at Twin Peaks the day of the shootout who would qualify for such a permit would be small- if not non-existent. Most, if not all, members of the Bandidos and Cossacks would surely have been excluded from acquiring a permit because of their police records. Having said that, it’s important to note that gun laws, whether pro or anti-gun, aren’t applicable to criminals because as we all know, criminals don’t obey gun laws anyway. Gun laws have, and always will, primarily affect law abiding citizens. The only gun laws that have any significant impact on crime are those that are used in the sentencing phase of a trial. Stricter sentences are needed for people who have or use guns during a crime. Stricter sentences are needed for people with criminal backgrounds who are caught in possession of guns. Also, I’ve yet to see any statistics that show that there’s ANY correlation between carry laws and gun related injuries or deaths. If you’re interested in making carry permits more difficult to acquire (gun safety courses, more stringent background checks, references, etc.), that’s one thing, but to somehow use what happened in Waco to criticize open carry laws is really ridiculous as one has nothing to do with the other. Criminals don’t care about gun laws.


    • Mary Anne Royal
      Jul 15, 2015 @ 23:04:17

      Nuh-uh. In Maine open carry does not require a permit. And in 90 days concealed carry will not either. And. So why make it so easy for criminals to get guns if we know they won’t obey the laws? There is no ‘right’ to buy guns. Just a right to keep and bear. Heller asserted that “the right to keep and bear arms is subject to regulation, such as… laws imposing conditions on commercial sales”.


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      Nov 04, 2019 @ 06:12:37

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  3. Scott
    Jun 08, 2015 @ 17:55:11

    Per your article on the Huff Post claiming half of gun owners support a ban on so called Assault weapons, pure BS! Its sad to have to educate a guy who claims to be a gun guy but do you even know what an assault weapon is? First of all its NOT an AR15 rifle or carbine. Not unless its fully automatic which probably 99.9 percent of the AR’s out there are not. Fully automatic weapons are legal to own in some 30 plus states with the right paperwork and tax paid. Did you know that? Didn’t think so. Putting a bayonet lug, “conspicuous” pistol grip, flash hider etc on a gun does not make it an assault weapon. That’s just stupid, as are most who write and read this pap for the masses, most of whom are as ignorant of gun issues as you apparently are. There is NO way that anywhere near half of REAL gun owners support any bans, no way, that’s just phony polling skewed to try to convince the ignorant masses that most gun owners support banning various guns and ammo. Just not true and anyone who believes it and then passes this erroneous info on to the readers is equally ignorant and stupid and dishonest. I guess that means you, Mike the Gun guy! What a joke!


    • mikethegunguy
      Jun 08, 2015 @ 19:19:49

      This may come as a great shock to you Scott, but 90% of the battle rifles being used by U.S. troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and other war theaters are, in fact, set for semi-auto fire only. This nonsense that the auto gun is for the military and the semi-auto is for civilians is pure BS, but of course I’m wrong and you’re right because how could I know anything about guns? After all, anyone who knows anything about guns always agrees with everything the NRA says, right?
      And of course every poll that doesn’t support your point of view must be wrong because if it was correct it would agree with you. I’ll bet you’re one of those guys who believed that all the polls that showed Romney was losing to Obama before the election were wrong because they were all Democratic polls.
      I’m not asking you to change your views one bit. After all, I don’t know anything about guns.


      • Mike nothegunguy
        Jun 19, 2015 @ 11:40:44

        Would a “gun guy” interchangeably use the phrases “assault rifle” and “battle rifle” when they are distinctly different in both gun culture and military terminology?

        I’m not saying you aren’t an FFL or a certified instructor or that you don’t have a ton of experience. Truthfully, after reading several of your articles and comments, I just think you’re a guy with an agenda and no clue and guns.

        But that’s just my opinion.

      • mikethegunguy
        Jun 19, 2015 @ 12:01:07

        And my opinion is that you are wrong. But that’s just my opinion.

      • Plowboy87
        Nov 06, 2015 @ 16:18:26

        (One small correction, I should proofread) Funny, I carried a rifle or a carbine for 21 years of my life in the U.S. Army as an Infantryman in peace and combat. Every one of them had settings for Safe, Semi, and Burst.

      • AceGirlsHusband
        Dec 30, 2015 @ 11:46:08

        I think “Mike the Anti-Gun Guy” would be a much more appropriate sobriquet, Dr. Weisser. Why don’t you just be honest with the title?

      • john
        Apr 14, 2018 @ 09:38:21

        where do you get this BS…um looking at you..yeah you were over there…um sorry you are wrong. I had many friends over there and this is simply pure BS.

      • john
        Apr 14, 2018 @ 09:40:55

        my opinion is mike the gun guy is more like the mike the dumb guy when it comes to guns….again you MIGHT think you know something, and some of it is fact but alot of it is just your convoluted opinion also.

    • john
      Apr 14, 2018 @ 09:37:25

      he is a paid hack for the Huff Post, he might have been around alot of guns but that does not make him an expert about them. I have read alot of his ramblings…I have never met(and I have met alot in local and national shooting matches) that talk the anti gun talk like he does.


  4. Reid Blackwell
    Aug 17, 2015 @ 13:51:35

    After reading your article in Huffpo and your response to “Mike nothegunguy” i am pretty certain you have an axe to grind here. whenever i read an article or comment with lots of personal attacks and long on snark without addressing the premise of the response/article i tend dis believe the writer and suspect an ulterior motive. you seem to really dislike Dana Loesch also, LOL!
    I am not a member of the NRA and I don’t know what the NRA did to you but keep writing what you are writing, i am sure most people know it for what it is, propaganda.


  5. Bill
    Jun 02, 2016 @ 02:56:41

    So Mike, the military has semi-automatic only weapons? Not likely, but even if that’s true, somebody needs to fix them so they can fire at least 3 round bursts. Anyhow, I challenge you to prove that a rank and file semi-auto AR shoots any faster than a more traditional semi-auto Remington or Browning in the same caliber; semi auto is basically one rate of fire. If you don’t think civilians should own semi-autos (hey they’re tryin it out here in CA), then just say it. You’ll need to turn in that Mini, though, huh.


    • mikethegunguy
      Jun 02, 2016 @ 09:34:28

      I’ll take the challenge. I own a BAR in 222 caliber. It is a semi-auto hunting rifle and a wonderful gun for shooting varmints. It has a 5-shot magazine and if i want to reload, I have to take out the empty magazine and insert another 5-shot magazine because the gun will not take an extended magazine or a mag that holds more than 5 rounds. And this is true of semi-auto hunting rifles, they have limited ammunition capacity, whereas the AR can take mags that hold 50 rounds. Which means I don’t lose any time in reloading until I reach the capacity of the mag. Also, in order to shoot a semi-auto hunting rifle accurately I have to bring the stock up to my shoulder, lean forward into the stock and align my eyes into the sights, manual or optical. With an AR, I can bring the gun up to point of aim much more quickly, and if I attach a pistol grip on the front rail I don’t even need to place the stock against my shoulder. Which means I can deliver many more rounds without aiming the gun at all, in the traditional sense of the word ‘aim.’ The whole point of the AR is that it is designed to make it easier (and quicker) to fire than a standard, semi-auto gun. And btw, the Mini-14 has the shape and design of a standard gun, not at all like an AR.


      • frank pucci
        Jul 13, 2016 @ 03:47:44

        Mike, I think you lost it in this last post. You make a couple of references that reveal either your ignorance or your agenda and put you in the same light as many of the other uninformed so called “experts” that we often see paraded out by the media.

        You can find clips of these people on You Tube and other places making ignorant comments like: “Barrel shrouds being the shoulder thingy that goes up” or the “30 caliber clip”

        In your post you insinuate that you don’t need to really aim an AR15.

        “…Also, in order to shoot a semi-auto hunting rifle accurately I have to bring the stock up to my shoulder, lean forward into the stock and align my eyes into the sights, manual or optical. With an AR, I can bring the gun up to point of aim much more quickly…”

        Please explain to everyone Mike, how an AR15 is aimed any different than any other rifle known to man. It has a stock, It has sights, it must be shouldered just like any other rifle. Are you trying to imply that sights, wether they be iron sights, holographic sights, magnified scopes or anything else work differently on an AR15 than they do on my childhood Daisy bebe gun?

        The next part of that quote is even worse.

        “…and if I attach a pistol grip on the front rail I don’t even need to place the stock against my shoulder. Which means I can deliver many more rounds without aiming the gun at all…”

        What is a pistol grip Mike? Where would that be located on an AR15 rifle? I am 100% certain I have never seen a pistol grip mounted on the front rail of an AR15. Oh, you meant a vertical foregrip. There is a pistol grip on an AR15 but it is part of the lower receiver assembly and integral to the operationI of the firearm. Is that nit picky? NO…Terminology is important. Fortunately for us your misuse of language is what allows us to see through your disguise.

        To end things you reference the design of the Ruger Mini-14. This is the biggest glaring hole in your entire ruse. You basically admit that because it doesn’t look as scary its not as bad. (paraphrasing, of course) But how is the Mini-14 any less “lethal or dangerous” than an AR? Same size, same caliber, same magazine capacity and same rate of fire. Also can be had with all of the same scary features. Such as collapsible stock, PISTOL GRIP, barrel shroud, bayonet lug, flash hider, VERTICLE FOREGRIP.

        As a side note, Lets not forget that both the Mini-14 and the AR15 are both descendants from military rifles. The AR15 from the original Stoner M16 and the Mini-14 from the Springfield (and others) M14.

        Hey I’m just a gun guy myself. This is the first time reading anything you’ve written. Needless to say I’m not impressed thus far.

      • Eddie
        Feb 17, 2018 @ 18:04:41

        Anders Breivik killed almost 70 people at a Norwegian summer camp with a Mini-14 and mags holding more than ten rounds, so pistol grip vs traditional stock ergonomics was immaterial. Indeed this horrible act might have inspired Darrell Steinberg and others in the CA Democratic supermajority to attempt a ban on Mini 14’s and other traditionally stocked semi-auto rifles with removable magazines, a few years ago. Relatively more centrist Jerry Brown vetoed the ban, but the way things are looking in 2018 (i.e., Gavin Newsom), this broader ban could easily be resurrected. Mike, the obvious questions for every law-abiding pro-social gun owner is, if fear harvesting and ‘not one more killed’ moral absolutism is the engine of U.S. progressivism, how far will the anti gun people go, and how far should we go along? Many in the gun control / abolition movement don’t understand or care about pistol grips vs stocks or pump action vs semi-auto or 10 round mags vs 30 – if tomorrow some deranged person uses a lever action rifle to kill 5 kids at a elementary school, then the cry becomes “eliminate all repeating rifles!”

  6. Ian
    Jun 25, 2016 @ 16:20:57

    I just heard you story on The New Yorker radio hour. It was informed, balanced, and well thought out. It is SO refreshing to hear a fellow firearm advocate be reasonable. Thank you. It was fantastic to hear you speak the truth without a polarizing propaganda agenda. Kudos good sir.


    • Gail Lehmann
      Jun 25, 2016 @ 21:37:51

      Is it in an archive so I can hear it?

      Sent from my iPhone Gail Lehmann



  7. khal spencer
    Jul 29, 2016 @ 11:52:49

    Do you have an email or other way to contact you, Mike? Just recently discovered your site and I would like to talk, if that works for you.

    Khalil Spencer


  8. Kevin
    Aug 16, 2016 @ 16:06:26

    Mike, I really enjoy your New Yorker interview. Great perspective! Peace from Kevin in DC


  9. thisruth
    Dec 13, 2016 @ 22:05:30

    Not sure how I happened upon Mikethegunguy. Not predictable for me, yet I like reading his posts and feel I am expanding my world. Thanks from a fan in Southern Vermont


  10. Darby
    Mar 25, 2017 @ 14:32:30

    How do I answer someone who who claims it is impossible for a modern handgun to discharge from being dropped?

    Are they correct? I guess the larger question is accidental discharges from improper handling and how often those occur?


  11. PJ
    May 21, 2017 @ 13:54:07

    Just listened to your interview on the radio in The New Yorker podcast. While I agree with your assessment of the NRA ads perhaps being over the top, you lose credibility when you get all smarmy and chuckling saying the ads aren’t based on truth and saying average americans are basically being paranoid. Here in my neighborhood alone, we’ve had multiple incidents of roving gangs attempting to break into homes in broad daylight- brazenly and uncaring whether people are home. One MO here is to simply go from one home to the next as if they know that the police will take ~half an hour or more to arrive. Last week, a homeowner had to fire his gun toward one of a group of men attempting to break in…Often times they are armed and they appear to be jacked up on drugs. Do I live in the ghetto? You tell me, I cant afford to buy a house here because they average about 600-700,000. I am actually an average urban dweller, renting an apartment in a decent area but within a city that has extreme poverty, i.e., any-city, America…And you mock the ad for using the term “elite” but the elites are the people who live in the MILLION dollar homes because gangs are not wilding over there. They have better/more police and they are more insulated from crime. I don’t think that you – living in massachussetts really understands what regular urban dwellers deal with. You and the interviewer came off as white, dare I say, “elitists” laughing at all the idiots who have to deal with constant, violent crime. I didn’t even tell you about finding the wannabe rapist in my living room one night, but I’m just being paranoid- right?


  12. PEDRO Carmona
    May 22, 2017 @ 16:23:04

    I’m an NRA member. I joined because my local shooting range requires NRA membership in order to join the range. I agree that the original purpose of the organization to preserve ranges in our increasingly urbanized communities. I just heard your New Yorker interview. Thank you for speaking sanity to power.


  13. Ken
    May 26, 2017 @ 00:28:31

    Just like others, I heard your interview on the New Yorker Radio Hour and was very happy to hear my opinion express in the media. I am a lifelong gun owner and an avid hunter, but I’ve never been able to bring myself to join the NRA for concern about what my dues would be used for. I respect the notion that a member can bring his contrary opinion to the organization and am happy to hear you do so. Maybe someday I will as well.

    One point that you made in your interview that I think need to be emphasized is the importance on research in the gun debate. Advocates on both sides of the debates can spout anecdotes about gun owners saving their lives or that of their families, or alternatively anecdotes about gun accidents, misuse and gratuitous violence. But none of this makes for a cohesive understanding of guns in society that can lead to the intelligent design of laws and policy. Only rigorous scientific research can do this. Even with a body of scientific research there would still be reasonable debate, but most debate now doesn’t begin after the science is understood, but rather in wanton disregard of it. This is evidenced by posts here and conversations that I’ve had where claims of ignorance are made based on differing semantics, while data regarding the underlying concern rarely seems to enter the conversation. I’m not saying that everyone needs to read every study and be able to quote data tables, but I am saying that the sociologists that apply scientific methods to attempt to understand what is going on need to be paid attention to. It needs to be understood when these researchers reach a consensus. How can anyone that wants to make a case based on logic do so without availing themselves of the research assets in this county?


  14. nickthegunguy
    Jul 31, 2017 @ 17:59:34

    Mike, you say: ” 90% of the battle rifles being used by U.S. troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and other war theaters are, in fact, set for semi-auto fire only.” I say: ” 90% of the battle rifles being used by US troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and other war theaters had settings for Safe, Semi, and Burst.” End of the story.


  15. mikethegunguy
    Jul 31, 2017 @ 18:14:04

    And he’s correct but…. The gun when it comes out of the factory is set for selective fire. But I spoke with 2 company armorers who served in both theaters and told me that the guns in their units had been re-set to only shoot semi. And they said this was not unusual and that all the armorers were trained to re-set the mechanism to s-a if necessary.


  16. M Duane Coyle
    Sep 09, 2017 @ 22:52:55

    Re your recent piece on the 16-year-old who took guns from his father’s safe and shot multiple people at the local library in Clovis. I have a monitored burglar alarm, and my gun safes are in a basement room with the only ingress and egress being a steel door set in a steel frame in a concrete wall. No one has the combinations to my tumbler safes but me–not even my wife.

    Do you ever wonder why we didn’t have these incidents involving youths with access to firearms in the 70s, but do now?

    M Duane Coyle
    Wichita KS


    • mikethegunguy
      Sep 10, 2017 @ 08:21:29

      There were many less guns around in the 70’s, particularly handguns. I’m also very careful, keep all my guns outside of the home (in a safe in my office) and when I do bring a gun into the house it is literally with me. But I have forgotten it on occasion when I left my house. We are all human – we all forget. Thanks for your comment.


  17. Not Mike, an actual gun guy
    Sep 27, 2017 @ 20:20:56

    Mike the Gun Grabber Guy: go f. yourself you commie hack. You’re the Uncle Tom of gun owners and only your fellow confiscation-enthusiasts read your crap.


    • Ryan
      Apr 16, 2018 @ 18:55:03

      This must sound like pure poetry in its natural Russian translation.


  18. Larry Tucker
    Oct 14, 2017 @ 19:48:41

    How’bout a little help? Vegas casinos game play design caused shooting is.gd/wfTv24


  19. Ken cybulska
    Nov 01, 2017 @ 09:35:00

    Re:Vegas Shooter-UR asking the wrong Qs: What was he HIGH ON??

    Why NO Official Toxicology report??

    WHO are they protecting?

    Don’t know if you are aware of the documented link between SSRI Antidepressants and Gun Violence??

    Go to my website’s 14 min video, skip First two minutes of my introduction and watch journalists and Physician lay out the facts!


    If my hunch is correct, we are looking at a blockbuster Class Action lawsuit, and finally the event which foists this issue of SSRIs and their safety hazards into public view and debate.



    • Ryan
      Apr 16, 2018 @ 19:41:48

      Let me guess, you are anti-vaccine as well? **Coo coo**


  20. Peter Drabble
    Nov 08, 2017 @ 14:23:00

    Just heard your comments on the radio. Wonderfully refreshing to hear someone who has a balanced, informative and responsible opinion on the subject of guns, violence and gun safety.


  21. Ginger Lee
    Nov 08, 2017 @ 16:35:43

    If I lend my car to an obviously drunk (or psychotic or enraged-at-spouse) friend and that friend kills someone while at the wheel of my car, I share liability. But I could legally buy a bunch of guns, decide I didn’t need all of them and sell them in a convenience store parking lot to whomever … all perfectly legal. If the buyer then murders someone, I am not liable in any way. Maybe change those laws and make the gun seller an accessory to murder if he/she sold a gun.


  22. This Gun Instructor Says Many Who Carry A Gun Aren’t Trained To Respond To A Shooter: – redlegagenda
    Nov 12, 2017 @ 10:38:22

  23. Robert R. McBride
    Dec 08, 2017 @ 17:15:18

    Mike, you are still around? That is cute, have you talked to Mr. Colion Noir lately?


  24. Arming Teachers? | My Shepherdstown
    Mar 09, 2018 @ 16:03:11

  25. Doug F
    Feb 06, 2019 @ 12:41:42

    I’m a neophyte on this subject, but it seems waiting periods really could save lives and still allow folks to get their guns.



  26. Charmory
    Sep 28, 2019 @ 06:12:24

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