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Kimberly Ellis

Kimberly Ellis lives and writes in Central Massachusetts. She often goes by the pseudonym Aurynanya. She is a volunteer and advocate for breaking the stigma against mental illness. Kimberly enjoys immersing herself in poetry, writing, thriller and horror novels, films and music just to name a few.

Sam Jacob


Self-proclaimed marksmen, patriot, and closet prepper. Sam is also the marketing manager for Ammo.com with an expertise in guns and ammunition.

Anna Kucirkova


Anna Kucirkova speaks 3 languages has a passion for kids and writing. While she has been to many places in Europe and SE Asia she still wants to explore the rest of the world.


Greg Gibson


Gregory Gibson is a veteran, a gun owner and a survivor of gun violence (His son was killed in a school shooting). He is the author of several books, including Gone Boy, which is about the incident in which his son was killed. He also writes occasional op-ed pieces on gun violence for the New York Times and other media outlets. He is looking forward to, as he says, “submitting stuff that will make you even more unpopular than you are now.”


Rohan Krishnan


Rohan Krishnan is a sophomore at Worcester Academy in Worcester, MA. During the summer of 2017, Rohan spent six weeks in Rabat, Morocco to study Arabic in an immersive fashion as part of a US State Department scholarship program for high school students. Rohan has been passionate about public policy, government and international relations from a very young age. In addition to participating as a senior member of the Debate team, Rohan is actively involved in National History Day, Politics Club and Math team in his school. His column can be read here.


Bruce Pankratz


Bruce Pankratz is a retired systems analyst who studied psychology as an undergraduate to avoid the draft, worked in the USAF in intelligence then returned to school and studied business information systems to be employable. He has never lost his interest in understanding how people and computers behave. One of his hobbies is gun culture with the emphasis on culture more than guns. He lives in the middle of nowhere.

Josh Montgomery


Josh Montgomery is the founder and writer at Minute Man Review, one of the fastest growing 2nd amendment and gun blogs online. Since its inception in 2013, it has been covering gear reviews, citizen’s rights, and reporting on the disturbing crackdown on free speech and activity both in the US and worldwide. Josh lives in Austin, Texas. Read his column here.

Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson (002)

Ashley Johnson is a writer who loves to read and write about latest gadgets and trending topics. She also loves to be surrounded by the technology and covers a wide range of news updates. In addition to technology, photography and hunting are things which attract her a lot. Her latest column is here.

Douglas Brooks


An avid blogger Douglas Brooks is extremely fond of living his life on the edge. A major believer in the adventure associated with hunting he likes to put all his experiences on paper. Quite passionate about the outdoors and the wild he loves to inform people about the problems he had to face and suggest ways to overcome them. Read his latest column here.

Stu Chisholm


Stu Chisholm has been a gun owner and shooter since he was 13-years-old.  He became concerned about gun rights in the mid-90s when the demands of his high-profile profession brought safety concerns and he sought to purchase a firearm for the first time in over a decade.  He obtained his first concealed carry permit in 1998 and has carried daily ever since.  Stu has gone on to become an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, Range Safety Officer, and has authored the book, “Knowing Guns: The Ins and Outs of Firearms and Firearm Safety for the Uninitiated.”  Stu is also a frequent contributor to several online publications, including Ammoland.com. You can read his latest MTGG column here.

Jon Sutton

Selfie with the Poas Volcano in the background

Jon Sutton loves to spend time in the woods and on the water. His life has revolved around outdoors since his early childhood days when he was tagging along father’s deer hunts. Since then he has grown into a full-fledged outdoorsman and has hunted deer, elk, and waterfowl including archery. He also enjoys camping and traveling. He is currently a content manager for Outdoor Empire.




After becoming fascinated with firearms at a very early age, Dave Buchannon learned to shoot at an early age.  He has adapted lessons learned as a police officer into training programs for aspiring and experienced firearms owners interested in personal protection.  Dave holds multiple NRA and state training certifications. You can read his latest column here.



Lifetime gun owner, GVP activist and Senior Scientist at a certain Department of Energy facility located midway between the Carson and Santa Fe National Forests. You can read his latest column here.


BeFunky_Dorothy Paugh1 (1) (002)

Dorothy Paugh is a retired US Navy officer, with an MA from the Naval War College in National Security and Strategic Studies.  While on active duty, she qualified as a marksman on an M-16 rifle.  She lost her father Edwin, 51 to suicide by gun in 1965 and her son Peter, 25 the same way in 2012.  Her husband hunts ducks, turkey and deer.  She volunteers with gun violence prevention and suicide loss survivor organizations. You can read her latest column here.




John Lewis publishes a great blog, Epic Wilderness, where you can find well-researched and detailed articles on hunting, fishing, camping, survival – in other words, this man has an abiding interest in helping you enjoy what he enjoys: wilderness and the outdoors. Read his latest column here. 



Gabor in office (002)

Thomas Gabor is President of Thomas Gabor, LLC, a criminal justice consulting firm based in Florida.  Dr. Gabor served as a Professor of Criminology at the University of Ottawa from 1981-2011.In 1974, he completed his undergraduate degree in sociology with high honors (magna cum laude) from the University of Montreal (Loyola College Campus). He holds a Master of Arts degree in Criminology from the University of Ottawa (Canada) and a doctorate in Sociology from Ohio State University (1983). He has received the American Society of Criminology’s prestigious Gene Carte Prize for his research on Crime Displacement.  The Department of Homeland Security has designated him as an individual of “Extraordinary Ability.” He has also been inducted into the Canadian and Criminology’s Who’s Who and has been nominated for several teaching awards.

Dr. Gabor served on the Editorial Committee of the Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice from 1990-2010.  He is a recognized national and international expert in the areas of firearms and public safety, armed robbery, and crime prevention.  He has published over 150 books, research reports, journal articles, and media articles and, in a study published in the British Journal of Criminology, was listed among the most influential criminologists in the English-speaking world.  Dr. Gabor is the author of the acclaimed Confronting Gun Violence in America and has contributed a chapter on Firearms and Violent Crime to the Encyclopedia of Criminology.

Aside from his academic work, Dr. Gabor has served as a consultant to many international and national organizations.  He has provided advice to the United Nations, Lord Cullen’s Inquiry on firearms policy in the United Kingdom, the Department of Justice Canada, the Canadian Firearms Centre, Palm Beach County’s Criminal Justice Commission (Florida), League of Women Voters of Florida, Public Safety Canada, Canada’s Border Services Agency, and the Correctional Service of Canada.    He has testified in front of the House of Commons Justice Committee and the Canadian Senate and in a number of criminal and occupational safety cases.  In addition, he has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, and his views have been widely cited in the print media.

Read his latest column here.





Richard Douglas

Richard Douglas is a firearms expert and educator. His work has appeared on large gun publications like The National Interest, Daily Caller, ODU Magazine, American Shooting Journal, SOFREP and more. In his free time, he reviews various optics and firearms on his Scopes Field blog.

Glen Artis

Glen Artis Founder of https://outdoorever.com is a gun enthusiasts who enjoys hunting and other outdoor activities, and when he is not busy working with hunting or at the range he writes reviews and article on various ammo and reloading press related topics

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