What Are The Polls Saying Today?

I don’t really blame Trump for saying that the virus is ‘disappearing.’ What’s he supposed to say? That things are getting worse?   I also don’t really blame him for pretending that he’s completely recovered from the virus. Again ,what should he say? That he feels lousy as hell and can’t draw a deep breath?

Trump has one, simple problem. And the problem is this: He’s going into the last three weeks of a campaign to get re-elected as President and it turns out that a majority of American just don’t like him very much.

This is a guy who went over the 50% disapproval mark in March, 2017 and has never dipped underneath that level again. He was at 56% disapprove versus 40% approve in January, 2019, got it down to 50% disapprove versus 46% approve on March 1st, 2020, went back up to 56% negative and 40% positive on July 1st of this year, and right now the numbers sit at 53% negative versus 43% positive. Here’s how it look since mid-year 2016:

A week before his re-election campaign ended in 2012, Obama’s approve-disapprove numbers were evenly split – 49.8% approved, 47.6% went the other way. At no time during Obama’s eight-year run did his negatives outpoll his positives by more than 8%. Other than a three-day period this past March, the gap between disapproval and approval of Trump has never been less than 8%.

Trump was a novelty in 2016. His brash rhetorical style, the plain talk, the insults, the curse words, the nicknames, the rallies with the hats and the chants – it was very new and very different from what had come before. And the fact that his opponent not only entered the contest with high negatives but disappeared from the campaign trail for the last several month, didn’t hurt him at all.

I can just imagine how Rudy Giuliani felt this past Saturday when his campaign cavalcade showed up in Kingston, PA to be greeted by a crowd that maybe numbered 50 people, maybe less.  This is the reception that waited for him in front of county GOP headquarters in a county (Luzerne) where Trump got 60% of the 2016 vote. Frankly, I think I’m being charitable by saying that there were 50 people standing around:

Anyway, back to the polls. As of today, Joe leads Trump in the national polls by 52.3% to 41.9%, a gap of 10.4%.  Less than 6% of the voters are now dog-shit, which means that everyone has more or less made up their minds on how they are going to vote.

Who did the Trump campaign trot out this weekend to explain why the polls are all wrong? None other than Corey ‘retread’ Lewandowski, who appeared on Fox and gave the same spiel about ‘hidden voter enthusiasm’ that he’s been delivering since he published a piece back in July which claimed that, ”President Trump continues to draw huge ratings and massive enthusiasm, while Democratic presumptive nominee and 44-year career politician Joe Biden remains hidden away in his basement.” Back in July, Joe had a 9.5% lead. Now it’s 10.4%.

As for the battleground states, here’s how they look today:

Joe is now at or above 50% in the five states (MI, MN, NH, PA, WI) that get him over the finish line. But he is also now slightly ahead in every battleground state except Texas, where according to Ted Cruz, the race is ‘incredibly volatile.’ The word ‘volatile’ means your guy isn’t winning, okay?

On September 1st, Trump was ahead in 4 of 13 battleground states. Biden’s overall average in the 13 states was 48.15%, Trump was at 45.08%. Today, Biden’s average in the battleground states is 49.43%, Trump’s at 44.67%. Get it? Joe’s gone up; what’s-his-name’s gone down. And by the way, the dog-shit number in September was 7%, now it’s under 6%.

What Michael Moore said in 2016, that many Trump votes were ‘fuck you’ votes, was true then but sure isn’t true now. Because once you’re the man in charge, no matter how you pretend to somehow be everyone’s good friend, the ‘fuck you’ votes will be aimed at you.

But let’s not forget one very important thing. We don’t need to win. We need to kick what’s-his-name’s ass so bad that any attempt he makes to invalidate the results because it’s nothing more than another ‘scam,’ can be quickly and decisively put to bed.

I voted yesterday by mail. You better vote too.

High 5 to Paula Schapp for the Giuliani pic.

Are Militia Groups A Threat?

              You would think that yesterday’s announcement of the arrests of a bunch of dopes who were allegedly (I’m trying to respect their Constitutional ‘rights’) plotting to kidnap the Michigan Governor and blow up her house would deserve some degree of responsible reportage from the liberal media, right? Wrong.

              My friends in the liberal media cabal are so intent on blaming what’s-his-name (who says he wants to appear at a rally tomorrow) for anything and everything having to do with stupidity, schmuckiness and violence in the United States, that they’ll concoct whatever set of facts supports their case.

              What was the concoction of facts which followed the arrest of the putzes in Michigan who are members of something called the Wolverine Watchmen, a supposed descendant of the storied Michigan Militia which dates back almost 30 years?

              The details about this conspiracy to violently overthrow the government are published in a story in USA Today, based partially on statements made by law enforcement after the whole crazy scheme was busted up, as well as by a researcher at Vanderbilt University, who claims to have studied the militia movement for more than a dozen years.

              The article claims to explain why Michigan is a ‘hotbed’ for armed, militia groups. In fact, it does nothing of the sort. The Vanderbilt researcher, Amy Cooter, says that Michigan’s leadership in the militia movement goes back to the formation of the Michigan Militia in the early 1990’s, a group that recently held a picnic to celebrate its 26th anniversary. You can see some pictures of the celebratory picnic right here. Here’s one of the pics:

              Notice how the militia members are all geared up and ready for combat against the tyrannical state. And notice in particular how the members are all healthy, strapping young men who certainly have the physical wherewithal to maintain a military bearing if they have to go underground and conduct guerilla forays from out of the woods. And these putzes are going to lead an ‘armed revolt?’ 

              What Ms. Cooter forgot to mention was that the only reason anyone ever heard of the Michigan Militia is because a guy who actually committed a serious act of anti-government violence hung around the group briefly before he went down to Oklahoma City in 1995 and blew off a bomb that demolished the Murrah Federal Building and resulted in 168 people losing their lives.

              That was serious shit. The current bunch in Michigan and their attempt to lead an insurrection against the government and put Governor Whitmer on trial for ‘treason’ is a combination of complete stupidity, loose talk, some screwing around with explosives and just so much bullshit.

              Know why I’m making light of this nonsense? Because the whole thing got started at a meeting of a dozen of these putzes earlier this year in Ohio where they discussed forming a new group that would hold public officials accountable for violating the U.S. Constitution, as if any of them could even read that document itself.

              And guess who happened to be one of the individuals who attended that sit-down? A real, gung-ho patriot who just happened to work for the FBI. This is how law enforcement agencies crack almost every case where the bad guys are arrested before the actual crime takes place. Somehow, they hear about something going on and they then do some in-person surveillance as things start to rev up.

              That’s what the cops are paid to do – to listen to what’s going on around them. Too bad they didn’t have someone sitting in Mary Surratt’s boarding house listening to John Wilkes Booth shoot off his mouth.

              I’m not saying that the dumbbells arrested yesterday shouldn’t be tried, convicted, and packed away for many years. I’m not saying they don’t represent a conspiracy whose aim was to commit acts that would have resulted in the loss of many lives.

              What I am saying, however, is that if you’re really worried about the existence of a conspiracy whose actions have already harmed millions of people, you don’t need to plant an undercover agent in a meeting of a bunch of complete schmucks. You can see the conspiracy operating openly in Washington, D.C. right now.

              And I’m not talking about the so-called Deep State.

The Medical Community Responds To Trump.

              When Mike Pence got off the plane at Salt Lake City, the first thing he said to the reporters was that this debate was very important because the election meant so much. Evidently, the American people have already decided what the election means, because the polls clearly indicate that the Trump campaign is falling further and further behind, debate or no debate.

              The aggregate national spread between Joe and what’s-his-name is now almost 10 points.  For the first time, Joe is over the 50% mark in the 5 states (MI, NH, PA MN, WI) which gives him all the EV’s he needs, and the Sedaris dog-shit number continues to hover around 6% or less.

              Meanwhile, the Trump campaign appears to be reduced to the 15 or 20 tweets that what’s-his-name does each day. Which nobody cares about since the only issue resonating among the voters is Covid-19, which was the subject of two editorials yesterday.

              The first was a story in Medscape, in which an infectious disease expert, Rochelle Walensky, MD, stated that Mike Pence shouldn’t have even been at the debate. Pence was seen sitting without a mask close by other non-mask wearers at last Saturday’s Rose Garden event. According to CDC guidelines, he should now be at home in self-quarantine.

              But what does Dr. Walensky know?  She’s only Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, specializing in internal medicine and infectious disease. And in fact, Pence told reporters that Trump told him to go to Utah at the end of the Rose Garden event, so off he went.

              The United States is being led by a former real-estate developer who seems to believe that he knows more about infectious disease than scientists who study the problem, or doctors who have treated endless patients infected and sometimes killed by Covid-19. But why trust the medical community when we know for a fact that all physicians belong to the Deep State which promotes this nonsense about the virulence of the virus in order to get rid of Trump.

              Talking about how doctors are part of the liberal alliance out to get Trump, the other media piece that caught my attention yesterday was an editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) which you can access right here. You can also download it here and I really hope you’ll read it carefully and spread it around.

              Although I’m not a physician, I have been reading the NEJM since the journal published fundamental research on gun risk back in 1993 and 1994. The journal is considered one of the premier scientific journals in the entire world and every weekly issue contains important news and notes about medical treatment and scientific research.

              On the other hand, I don’t recall any previous NEJM issue which contained such a direct and clear message about how readers should vote. This editorial was truly one of a kind.

              The editorial first compares infection and mortality rates between the United States and other advanced countries, and notes that the U.S. is far ahead of just about every other developed, nation-state. In her opening statement last night, Kamala mentioned this data as well.

              The article then makes a very salient point when it talks about judging the amount of testing not from the absolute number of tests, but by the number of test performed per infected person, a number that puts us down around Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.  That’s our competition for health outcomes? Zimbabwe and Ethiopia? Give me a friggin’ break.

              Reading the rest of this text is a very depressing exercise, if only because it is clear how from the very beginning, Trump and his minions viewed the virus as a ‘political’ problem which needed to be treated in political, as opposed to scientific terms. And after detailing the degree to which the political leadership responded to the pandemic in such a miserable and inadequate way, the following sentence hit me right between the eyes: “Anyone else who recklessly squandered lives and money in this way would be suffering legal consequences.”

              So we can’t indict what’s-his-name for reckless endangerment or homicidal intent, but we can get rid of him in less than 4 weeks. Enough of that jerkoff is enough.

Could November 3rd Be A Landslide?

Last night I told my sister that the way things looked right now, Joe was on his way to winning 350 electoral votes (EV) or more. 

She said, “That’s impossible.”

I answered, “It’s not only possible, it could really happen and tomorrow I’ll explain how and why.  So here’s my explanation.

Joe started the campaign with 19 Commie/Antifa/sanctuary states in his pocket which together represent 222 votes. This group includes big-ticket states like California, New York, Illinois, Virginia, and New Jersey, five states which alone hold 131 EV’s. Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and  Washington add another 43 EV’s, Add Colorado, Connecticut and Oregon and you have 23 more. The rest are the little guys like New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, Hawaii, Delaware, and DC, okay?

As of this morning, the average gap between Joe and what’s-his-name is 25 percent; i.e., overall Joe’s got 60% of the voters who say they are likely to vote, what’s-his-name has 35%. A few states, like Virginia and New Mexico only show Joe leading by 10-12%, but those states are the exception, not the rule.

Then we have what are referred to as the ‘battleground’ states, which are states that, generally speaking, go blue, but in 2016 went red. There are another 9 such states, together representing 125 EV’s. Florida’s the big one with 29 EV’s, followed by Pennsylvania (20), Ohio (18), Michigan (16), and Wisconsin (10), what we’ll call the rust-belt states. New Mexico, Nevada, and Iowa complete the battleground group.

To get to 350 EV’s, Joe has to capture all 9 battleground states, an outcome which appeared not only doubtful but entirely fanciful two weeks ago. In 4 of those states (MI, NM, WI, PA) Joe has hit the magic number of 50%. The average gap for all 9 states is slightly higher than 5% – 49.56% to 44.51%. And the Sedaris dog-shit number in all 9 states has slipped down under 6%.

Yesterday, the tattered remnants of Trump’s shock-jock noise machine went on a tear about the latest ‘fake news’ national polls, which show Joe moving ahead by as much as 16%. These numbers have to be faked because, after all, Trump is still ahead in 23 states.

My father, who was trained as an accountant, used to say, “Figures don’t lie, but liars sure can figure.” And what’s-his-name’s campaign narrative in this regard proves my father to have been absolutely correct.

The total population in the 23 states that still have what’s-his-name ahead is currently 111 million; in the 19 states going for Joe, the population amounts to 136 million. Add to that latter figure the total population in the battleground states (another 80 million) and right now the states that are showing Joe in front, constitute 68% of the country’s population as a whole.

Assuming that the national polls try to build a response based on a ‘representative’ sample of voters, how could the national polls show anything other than a double-digit lead for Joe, given his campaign’s current performance in both the blue and battleground states?

Of course, there’s always a chance that lots of voters for what’s-his-name are following some secret plan to hide their true intentions for how they intend to vote. That’s all well and good, except the polling outfit making this claim – Rasmussen – admits that even when they adjust their numbers to take the ‘silent vote’ into account, what’s-his-name continues to lag behind.

Last night I was watching the NBC National News at 6:30 on the network’s affiliate station, WWLP. Midway through the broadcast was a 30-second campaign ad for Trump. Massachusetts is the only state of all 50 states that sends a completely Democratic delegation to DC.  As of this morning, Joe leads what’s-his-name by 65% to 29%. Even in the two biggest Commie states, California and New York, what’s-his-name is above 30%.

Buying TV time in Massachusetts? No wonder Trump’s campaign is broke. No wonder that Joe could just wind up blowing Trump out.

And just remember that every vote counts, if only to prevent what’s-his-name from challenging the results.

Can Trump Challenge The Election?

Photo by Adam Schultz / Biden for President

              Notwithstanding the fact that Trump’s poll numbers are moving downward to the trash heap, I continue to be depressingly surprised at how he continues to define and control the public narrative in the 2020 Presidential campaign.

              Give Trump one week and all this nonsense about how we will ‘beat’ the virus by fighting it together will disappear. And the messaging next week will probably go back to how and why the election results should be rejected because they will represent just another liberal ‘fraud.’

              And the moment that Trump, for the umpteenth time, refuses to speculate on whether he will accept the electoral results, the mainstream media will respond by writing and saying that Trump’s a threat to democracy, that he’s trying to imitate Putin and install an autocratic regime, that we are heading for a governmental crisis the likes of which has never been seen before. We’ll get this nonsense from Bob Woodward and everyone else.

              It’s crap. And the reason it’s crap is because we know exactly what Trump would have to do to challenge the November results, and such a challenge presupposes that Trump has either the organizational or financial wherewithal to mount such a legal assault..

              It really doesn’t matter whether the Supreme Court adds another conservative justice who could tilt an electoral decision towards Trump. The Supreme Court won’t even hear a challenge to the outcome if it isn’t first run through a state court. And in order for any court to hear such a case, the plaintiff, in this case Trump, would have to first show that the so-called ‘fraud’ was such so as to affect the outcome of the race.

              Every time someone starts kvetching about how the GOP ‘stole’ the 2000 election by finding a friendly judge in a Florida court, they neglect to mention that in the entire national election, Bush and Gore split 101 million votes by a difference of one-half of one percent, and Bush wound up with 271 versus 267 electoral votes.

They also neglect to mention that the two candidates split 5.8 million votes in Florida by a difference of 537 votes.  In other words, a national election came down to the results of one state in which the winner ended up getting .00009 percent of the statewide vote. Now who wouldn’t contest an election result like that?

So a candidate can’t just decide to challenge the outcome of an election. In order to mount a challenge, here’s what, according to a Republican election lawyer, you have to do: “You have to know how many votes either from fraud or by mistake. And it has to be enough votes to cover the margin between the candidates. And so, if you think that you have to go out and actually get this evidence, you have to find voters, you have to election records, and you have to quantify this, and you have to do it in a time period of about a month.”

You think that Trump has the organizational apparatus to conduct such a strategy in one state?  He can’t even put together a coherent message about his illness that doesn’t contain multiple mistakes, take-backs and outright lies. You can lie to CNN all you want. It’s not quite that easy to lie to a judge.

But the more important reason why the refusal of Trump to accept the election results is just so much cockarei (translation: bullshit) is because the way things are going, this election isn’t even close. As of this morning, Joe isn’t ahead in the national polls by one-half of one percent. He’s ahead by almost 9 percent, the widest gap since mid-July.

Things are a little tighter in the 4 states (MI, PA, MN, WI) that Joe needs to sew things up. He’s only up by 7% or more in each of those states, which is a lot more than the tiny fraction that Bush ended up ahead of Gore in the 2000 count from the Sunshine State.

Do yourself and me a favor. Stop worrying about a totally-contrived political narrative and send Joe some dough.  Or do it tomorrow night while Kammie is wiping the floor with Mike Pence.

A High 5 to Drew Kadel for suggesting this column.

Trump Doesn’t Have The Virus!

              Here’s what’s really going on. Trump doesn’t have any infection at all. Trump is using the sickness thing to create a new campaign narrative because what he has been saying so far in this campaign has only made his numbers worse. Plus, the campaign is dead broke and nobody even knows where the money has gone.

              Tuesday night Trump debated Joe. He made a complete mess of the debate, most of all the moment when he mocked Joe for always wearing the ‘biggest mask’ he had ever seen.

              Trump did a rally in Duluth, MN on Wednesday before 3,000 folks. During the debate, he claimed his rallies were drawing 35,000 fans.

              On Thursday he went to his golf club in New Jersey for a fundraiser. Nobody’s giving him any money. Joe’s fundraising right after the debate set a new, one-day record for how much he has taken in.

              On Friday Trump stayed at the White House and looked at the polls, which show his campaign cratering like never before. He’s trailing Joe by double digits in the national polls. The NBC/WSJ poll has him down by 14 points! The situation in the battlegrounds is just as bad or worse:

              Note that Joe is now ahead in every swing state except Texas. Note that he’s at the 50-point mark in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and New Hampshire. He wins those 4 states, he wins. Overall, Joe is the choice of 48.77% of all voters in the swing states, Trump’s at 44.9%. A week ago, Joe was at 48.2%, Trump was at 45.2%.

              And most important, the Sedaris dog-shit number was 6.6% last week, this week it’s 6.3%. In other words, more and more voters have made up their minds and they’re not making up their minds in favor of Trump.

No matter how you slice it and dice it, Joe’s numbers are going up and Trump’s numbers are going down. Wasn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

              Trump and his gang have exactly four weeks to pull this one out. You don’t have any more money and you’re not about to collect any more dough. The whole idea of the election as ‘fraud’ has gone over like a lead balloon. And worst of all, not only hasn’t the virus disappeared, as Trump claimed it would several months ago, but in a majority of states, particularly red states, it’s getting worse.

              So here’s what you do. You stop ignoring the corona virus and you stop saying it’s something that was cooked up by the Chinese government and the Deep State. You also stop denying the importance of social distancing to distinguish yourself from the other side.

              You’re the tough guy, remember? You’re the guy who GETS THINGS DONE! So you’ll defeat the virus and you’ll also defeat Joe. And after those two problems disappear, you’ll really bring the country back to being great again!

              What’s the most effective way to hammer home this message and make everyone forget that you spent the last nine months saying exactly the reverse?  You get infected by the virus and to make sure that everyone knows how tough you are, you recover, check out of the hospital, and go back to the White House in just two days.

              How do we know that any of those videos allegedly made at Walter Reed weren’t made in a video studio somewhere else? We don’t. How do we know that the doctors who all happen to be military guys and thus have to follow orders from the Commander in Chief are telling the truth? We don’t.

              Trump’s video message before he drove outside for that stupidly obvious photo op included a comment about how his campaign is generating more enthusiasm than ever before. And he also is now saying that he ‘learned’ about the virus by becoming infected himself. So now he’s ready to attack the problem on all fronts.

              The reason that more than 210,000 Americans have died from this pandemic is because Trump refused to learn anything about the virus when it first appeared. He was too busy blaming the Chinese and disagreeing with health experts to learn anything at all.

              I give this new reality-TV campaign a week before the script changes again. Meanwhile, I believe he’s still testing positive the way he’s been testing positive all along.

Use An ‘Abundance Of Caution’ To Protect Yourself From Covid-19.

              Now that everyone is trying to figure out how and when the Commander in Chief has become the Infector in Chief, I have to contribute my two cents to the conversation and tell you what I think went on.

              What we know is that on Wednesday, the day after the debate, Trump flew out to Minnesota for a rally with a crowd of roughly 3,000, even though he stated at the debate that his rallies were drawing 35,000 people or more. On the way back to DC from the rally, Hope Hicks began to experience viral symptoms to the point that she had to be isolated on Air Force One.

              Allegedly, Trump wasn’t tested again until after he returned from a fundraiser at his Bedminster club on Thursday evening, even though he had been in close, unprotected contact to Hope Hicks both before and after the Minnesota event. The Thursday evening test allegedly showed that Trump had contracted the virus at some point in time.

              By Friday morning, Trump was experiencing fever, hoarseness, fatigue and was already receiving ‘supplementary oxygen’ which means he was clearly in harm’s way. He managed to walk from the White House to the helicopter, but this was the last time that he moved under his own steam in full public view.

              On Saturday, the whole made-for-TV drama began to unwind. Trump’s personal physician made a brief statement about his patient’s condition, stating that he was ‘feeling better’ and was ‘doing well.’ Then Trump’s staff chief, Mark Meadows, walked over to the reporters and told them that, contrary to the rosy picture painted by the doctor, Trump’s condition was “concerning’ and the next 48 hours would be “critical’ in terms of evaluating the course and outcome of the disease.

              But the moment which really threw the whole phony script into the wastebasket was when Trump’s doctor, Sean Conley, stated that Trump had tested positive “72 hours” prior to the time when the press conference took place. Which means that Trump was infected on Wednesday but still met with a group of donors at Bedminster the following day.

              Who knows what’s going on? Numerous media reports are now circulating that Trump’s video showing him working at Walter Reed might have been made at the White House before he left. And the fact that more people who attended the White House ceremony introducing Amy Barrett – the count is now at least 9 including 3 Senators – have tested positive only adds to the messaging mess.

              The picture above is how Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) behaved at the White House event. Which is how most of the people who were at Trump’s Minnesota rally were protecting themselves from the virus; i.e., not wearing masks.

              But here’s the real kicker to all this: After the rally in Duluth, a local GOP politician, Jason Lewis, announced that he was going to self-quarantine for 14 days because he had stood next to Trump and shaken his hands during the event. He didn’t have any symptoms, but “out of an abundance of caution” he was going to stay at home.

              I heard the phrase, ‘an abundance of caution’ from four different members of Trump’s staff, including Barbie McEnany who trotted out the phrase when she first announced Trump’s trip to Walter Reed but somehow neglected to mention that he was already finding it difficult to breathe.

              Here’s what I think is going on. We have no idea when Trump first tested positive for Covid-19. But I’m willing to take the short odds that the White House wasn’t going to mention the infection until and unless Trump exhibited symptoms that couldn’t be overlooked.

              Remember – many people test positive and then become active carriers and spreaders of this virus even though they don’t necessarily become ‘ill’ themselves. The whole point of doing a self-quarantine is to make sure that you don’t transmit the germs to someone else even though you feel fine.

              In the interests of full disclosure, I will admit that right around the same time I figured out this scenario, David Axelrod said the same thing last night on CNN. Oh well, sometimes great minds…

              The good news is that a majority of Americans believe that Trump wouldn’t be sitting in Walter Reed today if he had worn a mask. Let’s just hope that all those folks remember to vote.

What Can We Learn From Trump Getting Sick?

Last night I was watching Fox News  (I always watch/listen to the enemy just to keep them closer than my friends) and the banner message that kept running across the bottom of the screen said, “Liberal media cheers that President Trump is sick.”

So this morning, to check out the extent of the liberal cheers being directed at Trump, I read the op-ed that will be posted in tomorrow’s edition of The (‘failing’) New York Times written by our friend Nick Kristof which says exactly the opposite of what Fox News believes the liberal media is saying about Trump and Covid-19.

Nick’s op-ed begins by telling us that we shouldn’t be nasty or snarky just because President Trump is sick. Instead, “Let’s learn from the president’s infection. Let’s make this a wake-up call that leads to mask-wearing and social distancing, saving lives.”

He then concludes his homily in the following way: “So as the Trumps battle the virus, let’s learn lessons, sharpen our wits — and commit ourselves to a lifesaving norm of social distancing and wearing masks.”

This may come as something of a shock to Nick, but maybe because he’s been sitting on the family farm in Oregon perhaps he’s missed a few things. The truth is that I don’t need to learn anything about the virus from Trump falling ill. The only thing I’ll learn if he recovers is that he will receive a level of medical care which most Americans who contract the illness won’t receive thanks to how one, single person has behaved.

Several months ago I came driving home to find my street being repaved. In order to drive down the street, I had to tell the cop who was standing there that I was a resident. So I stopped next to him and because I was alone in my car my mask was on the seat next to me.

I dropped my window and but before I realized anything the cop was leaning over, not wearing a mask, and his face was about a foot away from me. I yelled at him to back off which he didn’t, by the way. I then shot the window closed and drove towards my house.

This incident occurred just before my state’s Governor, Charlie Baker, imposed social distancing statewide. But I had been wearing a mask and staying away from people for at least three or four previous months. And I knew lots of people who were doing the same thing.

But I also saw a lot of people like this cop who weren’t behaving the way they should have behaved. And the reason they weren’t doing what we all need to do is because one fat, stupid and egregious narcissist sitting in the Oval Office has been telling everyone that they don’t have to behave the way they should behave.

I’m not surprised that Trump’s dwindling collection of media allies are going all out to keep him somehow from taking responsibility for the fact that nearly one thousand Americans are still dying from the virus every day. In the entire history of this country, there has never (read: never) been such irresponsible behavior by the guy who sits behind the Resolute desk.

I think it’s not only disingenuous but somewhat alarming when intelligent and well-meaning liberal editorialists like Nick Kristof imply that ‘we’ are somehow all at fault because ‘we’ need to see this virus as some kind of “wake-up call.”

Since early February I have gotten up every morning knowing that I can’t leave my house without a mask. I have also not visited with any of my children or my grandchildren because I know that such visits represent an unacceptable risk. And I’m hardly the only American who has put off seeing their kids.

Sorry Nick, but I don’t need a wake-up call and neither do any of my friends. What we need is a Chief Executive who should be modest and honest enough to accept the blame for pretending that we can just ignore the ‘Chinese flu’ because it will soon ‘go away.’

Poor, Poor Donald Trump.

Just in case anyone believes I have been too harsh in my comments about Trump’s alleged viral infection, the picture above came to be known as the ‘Central Park 5,’ a group of teenage kids who were arrested in April, 1989, for supposedly raping nd brutally attacking a White, female jogger in Central Park. The five kids, all in their teens, were convicted and sentenced to between 5 and 15 years. In 2003, following a DNA match between the victim and an adult serial rapist and murderer, the remaining two defendants were set free.

Several weeks after the kids were arrested, a young real-estate developer named Donald Trump paid over $80,000 for all four major New York newspapers to run this ad:

This ad created a firestorm of publicity about the crime but it also vaulted Trump ono the top of the media heap where he has remained ever since. When New York City finally admitted that the wrong kids were ,locked up and reached an out-of-court settlement to compensate these young men for having lost more than a decade of their lives, Trump publicly denounced the city government for ‘caving in’ and paying out any money at all.

Now let’s move forward to a more recent time. And the time I am talking about is 2011, when Trump was mulling over a Presidential run and with the help of his dear buddy, Roger Stone, began to question whether Obama was born in the United States. For Trump, the ‘birther movement’ became a quick and clever way to see how people would react to a racist smear not just against a Black man, but against a Black man with a Muslim background as well.

Trump’s campaign worked so well that racist attacks on African-Americans and Muslims became a centerpiece of his 2016 campaign. Whenever his rallies got tired of chanting ‘lock her up!’ he could lead them in another favorite chant, ‘send them back!’

If you think I’m being at all unfair about Trump’s racism, here’s a published quote from the 2016 campaign:

I wish I were making up my characterization of Trump as a racist but I’m not. Not only has this guy been playing a public, racist card for more than 30 years, but he has consciously injected racism into the political narrative every chance he gets.

Trump started his attacks against the Central Park 5 just before Ed Koch left the Mayor’s office in New York and was replaced by a Black politician, David Dinkins, who served one term. He served only one term because his successor, Rudy Giuliani, ran the single most racist mayoralty campaign if all time. I was living in New York back then and I remember the degree to which Giuliani injected the most disgusting racist commentary into the 1993 campaign.

And now we are, more than 30 years after Trump first pretended that racist rhetoric has a rightful place in the American political debate, and he’s at it again. You think his refusal to condemn without qualification all supremacy movements and speech is just a ‘mistake?’ Some mistake.

I thought the most important and telling moment of Tuesday night’s debate was when Joe stated that Trump’s lack of response to the corona virus had resulted in 1 our of every 1,000 African-American men losing their lives, a toll which could possibly reach 1 in 500 by the end of the year. And Joe made this statement in response to something Trump said about how he’s always been a ‘friend’ of the Blacks.

Is it really fair to say that Trump did nothing about the virus because, like everyone else, he didn’t realize how serious it was? Or is it possible, maybe just maybe, he let the whole issue alone because the Pandemic first started hitting Black communities far beyond the infection rates being felt among Whites?

I don’t think that my question is all that unfair.

Who Says Trump Has The Virus?

              This morning the AM shock jocks started off by saying that Biden should ‘suspend’ his campaign as a sign of respect to Trump. After the way Trump behaved during the debate, these guys have the balls to ask Joe to show respect? 

              I’m still willing to take the short odds that maybe, just maybe, Trump’s faking the whole infection thing. Why shouldn’t he? After all, the way things are going right now, the only votes he may get are sympathy votes.

In the national aggregate poll, the gap is now 8.2% in Joe’s favor, the widest it has been since August 29. As far as the way people reacted to Tuesday night’s debate, Joe hauled in more than $21 million in the 24 hours following the debate, a one-day record. I didn’t notice the Trump campaign releasing their fundraising numbers yet.

Of the 30 states that ended up in Trump’s W column the last time around, Joe now leads in 10. Some of the margins are razor-thin in states like Georgia, North Carolina, and Ohio. In other states like Michigan and Wisconsin, the lead is 7 points.

In all the ‘battleground’ states, the Sedaris dog-shit vote is now around 6%. So if every, single voter who hasn’t yet made up their minds decides to vote for Trump because they feel so bad that he has contracted Covid-19, he still can’t win but at least it will be close and then he can screw around and challenge the vote.

Trump’s bigger problem is that the guy who proclaimed that his 2016 victory marked the beginning of a new ‘movement,’ is actually having trouble convincing the same people who voted for him last time to vote for him again. In fact, the dismal state of Trump’s campaign in what has always been reliable red states is probably the most interesting and unspoken story of the 2020 campaign.

              While it’s true that Trump’s final Electoral College margin reflected the outcome of very close contests in states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, he couldn’t have been competitive without piling up huge numbers in states like Alabama, where he won by 28%, or Arkansas, where he won by 27%, or Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Tennessee, where his winning margins were 20%, 30%, 20% and 26%.

              That was then, this is now. Of the 17 pro-Trump states for which we have current polls, Trump’s lead this year is half of what it was in 2016. In Montana, an 18.5% gap four years ago is now 7.8%. In Kansas, a 20-point margin last time is now 8.7%. The South Carolina gap has gone from 14% to 5.8%. Taken together, the 17 most reliable red states gave Trump a victory amounting to 20.4% of all votes cast in those states in 2016.  Right now, that number is 10.4%

              I’m not saying that Joe can win any of those states. But if Trump can’t keep the support he got last time in the states that have always voted for the GOP, what chance does he have to overcome Biden’s lead in any of the battleground states? And by the way, the Sedaris dog-shit number in those 17 red states is also around 6%.

              Two other points of note. ‘Well-placed sources’ told the Daily Mail that Brad Parscale is “under investigation” for allegedly stealing $40 million from the campaign. And now we have another story floating around that Eric Trump’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, didn’t ‘resign’ from Fox News as she claimed, but was bounced out after management received numerous complaints about inappropriate sexual behavior.

              When these kinds of stories start coming out, you know that a campaign or any kind of organizational situation is in deep shit. But as far as I’m concerned, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of folks. And frankly, Frank Bruni should be ashamed of himself for his op-ed today in The (failing) New York Times, where he says that he feels ‘petty’ for thinking that maybe Trump’s infection is just another hoax.

              Want a proper perspective on Trump and his campaign?  Think about how he accused Biden of wanting to turn Minnesota into a “refugee camp.”

              If you want, go right ahead and feel sorry for Trump. I’m going to send Joe and Kammie $200 bucks so that I can attend their grass-roots fundraiser tonight.