Attacking John Lott Won’t Reduce Gun Violence.

              This past week, nine members of the Democratic Senate caucus sent a letter to the Attorney General requesting information “on the completed and potential conversions to civil service positions at the Department and its components.” You can read the entire letter here.

              The letter was sent by Dianne Feinstein and was co-signed by the usual gaggle of Senators who always co-sponsor Dianne’s annual attempt to get rid of assault rifles, a move that I suspect may actually get some traction in the upcoming Senate term.

              This letter, however, had nothing to do with assault rifles. Rather, it was an attempt to undo an appointment to the Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs, in this case the appointment of none other than the infamous and notorious John Lott.

              What makes John Lott such a lightning-rod for the anger and advocacy of the Gun Violence Prevention crowd, a.k.a., GVP? To quote from Feinstein’s letter, Lott is a “pro-gun advocate who claims that widespread gun ownership can reduce crime.” In other words, he’s the mastermind behind all those guns being bought during the Covid-19 year, he’s the reason why companies like Smith & Wesson can’t ship enough products to satisfy demand, he’s the pied piper of Gun-nut Nation leading the armed forces of liberty and justice forward in the MAGA crusade.

              Am I being somewhat too self-righteous in my description of how the GVP describes Lott?  I don’t think so. If anything, I’m actually being somewhat charitable in what I believe is nothing more than a cynical and mis-informed campaign conducted by gun-control advocates and researchers every time that Lott’s name appears.

              Here’s what our friends at The Trace have to say about Lott’s research: “Respected academics have repeatedly discredited Lott’s work.” Who are some of these ‘respected’ academics? One of them is John Donohue, who co-authored a paper claiming that the decline of violent crime in the 1990’s was due to the ability of inner-city women to abort unwanted kids. Another ‘respected’ academic is Daniel Webster, who along with the head of gun research at RAND, stated (under oath) at a Congressional hearing that he didn’t support national gun registration, even though he has supported this idea both verbally and in print.

              I’m not saying that John Lott’s research is flawless, I’m not saying that he isn’t promoting a pro-gun agenda. What I am saying is that the continued attempts to defame him personally and professionally is nothing more than a McCarthyite tactic indulged in by GVP advocates and researchers who have been unwilling to confront the fundamental issue which John Lott has raised.

              And that issue happens to be the degree to which, contrary research notwithstanding, a growing majority of Americans believe that their lives will be safer and more secure if they have access to a gun. In 1986, there were 8 states which issued licenses to carry firearms (CCW) without any ‘show cause’ requirement. By 1998, the number had increased to 30 such states.

              John Lott’s book, More Guns, Less Crime, which is what Feinstein’s letter incorrectly describes, (since Lott argues for a shift from violent to non-violent crime as opposed to a ‘reduction’ in crime) was published in 1998. One of the earliest reviews by David Hemenway, another ‘respected academic,’ faults the book for a statistical approach that yields “invalid results.”

              Neither Hemenway nor any other GVP researcher has yet to publish a single study which attempts to determine why more than one out of three legal gun owners also now holds a license to carry that gun.

I have given up trying to explain to David and his colleagues at the Harvard University School of Public Health that demonizing John Lott won’t do anything to reduce gun violence in the United States.  As long as John Lott continues to be the focus of the GVP debate, well-intentioned GVP researchers and GVP advocates will be talking to themselves.

Shouldn’t we instead be communicating correctly and cogently about gun risks to the folks who own all those guns?

Why Can’t We Secede If We Don’t Like How The Election Turned Out?

For all his bullshit and bluster, it took fat-ass Rush Limbaugh less than 24 hours to withdraw his rant about why certain states might secede. After all, it’s a felony to advocate overthrowing the U.S. Government, which is what secession happens to be.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at how government documents describe the Civil War. Officially, it’s called ‘The War of the Rebellion,’ okay?

Too bad that Rush’s lawyers probably told him to shut the f*** up before Trump got a chance to repeat that remark. In case you haven’t noticed, most of what Trump says or tweets is market-tested for him by Rush the day before. Where do you think Trump got the idea that the coronavirus wasn’t any more serious than the common cold?

Thanks to a law known as the Westfall Act [clap for Steve Case], you can’t sue Trump for defamation or libel while he’s still sitting behind the Resolute desk. Which is why he can get away with calling the parking-garage in Reno being used to treat virus patients as a ‘fake.’

On the other hand, Trump becomes legally liable for anything he says or does after January 20, 2021 because the Constitution doesn’t permit two Presidents to occupy the Oval Office at the same time, no matter what he might believe.

But before you sit back and think about how nice it is that Constitutional government and the idea of one person – one vote has been restored, let’s not forget that this country has a long, bi-partisan history when it comes to nullifying elections and governments all over the place.

Think the Iranians have forgotten that Ike sent the Marines into Iran to overthrow the Mossadegh government in 1953? Think again. How about twenty years later when Nixon ordered the CIA to get rid of Salvador Allende in Chile, who happened to have been elected President without even a murmur of election ‘fraud?’

Then there was the money and guns given by Truman to the ‘good’ side in the Greek civil war. And let’s not forget a little incident known as the Bay of Pigs, which was the handiwork of another Democrat(ic) President named JFK.

The best one of all is when we intervened in the first, post-war election in Italy, a country that had been run by a Fascist government since 1922. Even though Joe DiMaggio’s father had to carry papers identifying him as an ‘enemy alien’ during World War II, his son’s picture was plastered all over the country exhorting Italians to vote in 1946 for the Christian-Democratic Party which was formed and financed by the good ol’ USA.

Remember the invasion of Grenada in 1983 which was condemned by a General Assembly vote of 108 to 9? We sent the troops down there because a left-wing coup was allegedly resulting in attacks against Americans, but a Congressional report found that not a single American had been threatened or harmed.

I’m not saying that Joe would ever consider sending the 101st Airborne into Texas just because the state’s Attorney General is such a schmuck that he actually believes he has the legal authority to tell somewhere around 160 million Americans that they have to vote again. But I can guarantee you that once Trump gets his last free ride on Air Force One, he’ll start ramping up his calls for federal, state and local officials to join his MAGA crusade.

He’ll also try to maintain his Twitter presence by saying the most hateful, racist, divisive, and crazy things he can say. After all, it’s not as if he’ll have the authority of the Presidency to give his voice any political legitimacy at all.

In which case, I am seriously considering putting up a GoFundMe to pay the legal costs of anyone who is defamed by Trump after January 20, 2021. And if he actually does shut the f*** up and just go away, I’ll happily refund everyone’s donations or send the monies off to a charity like the charity our friend Nick Kristof runs every year.

Right now, however, don’t forget to send some bucks down to Georgia for the runoff on January 5th. Please don’t forget.

American Democracy Will Never Survive All These Threats.

HAPPY SAFE HARBOR DAY!  If I had the time, I would put up a petition on asking that Safe Harbor Day be made a Federal holiday.

I just finished watching a CNN report about a parking garage in Arizona which has been converted into a hospital for treating patients with Covid-19. When news about this garage started going around, Donald Trump claimed it was a ‘fake.’

Know what? As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care if the Democrats pulled every scam imaginable to generate millions of fraudulent ballots which elected Joe and Kamala and will now send Trump and his fat ass back to Mar-a-Lago, okay? I really don’t care. Not in the slightest. Not at all.

Yesterday, another fat-ass hot-air balloon named Rush Limbaugh said he believed that certain states were on the road to secede. Know what? Let ‘em go this time.

Ask yourself this question: What have we really gotten out of the 13 facockta states that left the Union and then were forced to return in 1865? Hmmm…let’s see. We got tobacco, we got militarism, we got racism, we got poor Whites and poor Blacks. Oh, I forgot! We got jazz. Isn’t that just great? We got jazz.

Now we have yet another loony story to feed the insatiable conspiracy appetite of the alt-right, namely a comment by that idiot lady who appeared with Giuliani (he’s still in the hospital, by the way) in Michigan who now says that the virus was developed in a lab located in Wuhan which is owned by – Barak and Michelle Obama!              

Where did she make this remarkable statement? On Sarah Palin’s website. Now she’s getting into the act?  If they have to start shlepping Sarah Palin around again, that tells you all you need to know about this so-called attack on America’s most cherished democratic institutions, right?

All of this nonsense would be besides the point were it not for the fact that the liberal media is taking this crap seriously as well. We have a story from the AP that Trump’s ‘movement’ built around denying the 2020 vote is beginning to ‘take hold’ in many states.

The story cites as an example of the burgeoning wave of alt-right Trump supporters, a lawsuit filed in Massachusetts by five disappointed Republicans who ran for state and federal offices last month and lost. They are claiming the election was rigged. Let me give you an example of how much the Massachusetts results were rigged.

Take the 5th C.D., whose incumbent Congresswoman, Kathy Clark, has held the seat since 2013.  She barely squeaked by this time, getting only 75% (as in 75 percent) of the vote. Incidentally, this district has been represented by a Democrat since Paul Tsongas was elected in – ready? – 1975. 

So, we have a Congressional district that has been electing a Democrat every two years for forty-five years. That’s only the last 20 Congressional elections, okay?

Now the fact that some hard-up attorney in Massachusetts is willing to file a lawsuit seeking redress because the election of Kathy Clark was a fraud, is about as much proof of a groundswell of local support for Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn his loss as the man in the moon.

And by the way, the other two Congressional races that were ‘fixed’ only returned 65% of their votes to members of the blue team.  As for the two GOP litigants who ran for House seats in the State Assembly, one got 34% of the vote, the other got 31%. Those elections were obviously fixed, too.

So, this is what the liberal media is reduced to in trying to maintain the absurd fiction that there’s a real threat out there to American democracy led by Donald Trump and a bunch of hapless losing candidates who can’t even make their electoral behavior into real contests at all.

If we needed to somehow fix those Massachusetts elections to keep the bad guys in and the good guys out, I wish someone would tell me how to make a buck by getting into the ‘voter fraud’ game. I’m available if the price is right.

The Accidental President Becomes The Artificial President.

              Want to really understand what the Trump Administration has been all about for the last four years? Forget the Mexican wall, forget the love affairs with Kim Jong-un and Vlady Putin, forget Manafort, Kelly, Stone, Cohen and all the other putzes who have been indicted, convicted, and sent off to Otisville or some other federal resort. Also forget Warp Speed which brought the vaccine to the UK before we got it here. Forget all that shit.

              Take a few minutes and read a little story in the (failing) New York Times. [thanks Paula.] But just before you do, you might want to glance at the NYSE ticker because you’ll notice that the day Trump was inaugurated, the NYT stock price closed at $17.65.  Yesterday it closed at $46.74, a gain of 170%. The Dow has gained 50% over the same four years.

              Anyway, there’s a 21-year-old kid named Josh Hall who lives in Mechanicsburg, PA. In case you didn’t know it, Pennsylvania happens to be one of those states which counted millions of illegal ballots that will give Joe and Kammie (and their Deep State Communists-Socialists-Fascists-terrorists buddies) four years in D.C. that they don’t deserve. These votes were so illegal and so corrupt that yesterday the Supreme Court threw out a last-gasp appeal with a one-sentence statement – no dissents. Okay, back to the real news, or the fake news, or whatever the news.

              The kid drives a food delivery truck around town. He says he wants to have an AM shock-jock radio show. He also likes to fool around on social media. His particular talent lies in creating false accounts on Twitter, including one account allegedly belonging to a group called ‘Gay Voices for Trump,’ which raised $7,300 that went into his pocket instead of going to the Trump campaign. In that respect, incidentally, he’s not doing anything all that different from what Trump has been doing with his own fundraising efforts over the past several months.

              Our boy Josh started creating fake Twitter accounts in April, ran a phony GoFundMe that netted him $800 bucks, and began posting the usual mélange of conspiracy theories and pro-Trump diatribes, basically the same kind of stuff which Steve Bannon used to raise more than $1 million to construct a chunk of the Mexican wall which went into his pocket instead.

              Over a few months, the kid created accounts for various members of the Trump family, including Fred Trump III (Donald’s nephew), Maryanne Barry, the President’s sister who is a Federal judge, and Trump’s son Barron, whose name he used to push out an August tweet that the coronavirus was a ‘scam.’

              Josh Hall hit paydirt with his fake tweets on November 20th, when Donald Trump posted a tweet thanking his sister for voicing her support for his efforts to overturn the ‘corrupt’ vote. The sister’s account was almost immediately outed as being a fake, it was deleted by Twitter along with all the other phony accounts that Hall had set up over the previous months.

              Now here’s the point. The President of the United States has nothing better to do than to actually sit there in front of his computer and read fake tweets about himself. Does he have the faintest idea about the degree to which social media has become nothing more than a playground for a bunch of children (and so-called adults) who have nothing better to do? Doesn’t he even remember how the Tik Tok kids demolished his Tulsa rally by trolling fake emails all over the place?

              I have been referring to Trump as the ‘accidental’ President since he only won in 2016 because Hillary and her team ran such a lousy campaign. What Trump has now become is the ‘artificial’ President because his entire Administration is reduced to whatever social media presence he continues to have. Except he doesn’t know anything about social media other than what he reads on his Twitter account, assuming he knows how to read.

The Election Isn’t About Trump. It’s About Race. Which Is The Same Thing.

              I get the distinct impression that at least one, if not both Democrat(ic) candidates will win the Senate seats for Georgia in the runoff election on January 5th. Why do I say this? Because I just learned that early voting for that election begins on December 14th, which just happens to be the same day the Electoral College will meet and cast 306 votes for Kamala and Joe.

              There happens to be a connection between these two events – the early voting on the one hand and the Trump ass-kicking on the other. And the connection happens to be that the record-setting turnout for the November election was precisely because most states gave voters options for voting beyond the usual showing up and standing in a long line on Election Day.

              Which team did these options favor? The blue team, of course. In fact, as early returns started trickling in which showed that Joe and Kammie were pulling ahead, the GOP noise machine made a big point of saying that ‘their voters’ always show up in-person at the polls. Which is exactly why Trump started using a Roger Stone script about voting ‘fraud,’ okay?

              Think the voting fraud nonsense isn’t a blatant appeal to racism? Think again. At some point prior to November 3rd, I listened to Rush’s daily rant. He said there was no reason to permit absentee voting because “everyone in those deserving-poor neighborhoods drives a car.” Why can’t ‘they’ all show up and vote the same way that GOP voters show up in the ‘burbs? Because ‘they’ are too busy going out that day to cash their welfare checks.

              These two schmucks – Stone and Trump – cooked up an entire messaging campaign about the election based on what they have been saying about everything for the last ten years, namely, that the Blacks get too much, and the Whites don’t get enough. But what they forgot is that when they use this hateful and divisive rhetoric to challenge election results, they are also challenging the work and competence of many public employees at the state level who got their jobs because they happen to be members of the GOP.

              Who do you think has been counting votes in Georgia? Who do you think certified the election process in Arizona?  These states happen to be run by Republican Governors, which means they appoint many of the individuals who run the machinery of state government, including the process and the actual machines which count votes. If you run around the country telling everyone that voting machines in a swing state were compromised because the software was controlled by Hugo Chavez, you’re saying that the local folks getting paid to do all that work are boobs, incompetents or worse.

              What does a guy living in a town in Ohio who earns some extra money by running a polling place on election day owe Donald Trump? What does he owe Trump even if he got the job because he always votes GOP? Not a goddamn thing. That’s what he owes Trump. Nothing.

              The WaPo released a survey of all Congressional Republicans which found that only 27 of the 247 GOP members serving in the Senate and the House were willing to state that Biden’s election was a done deal. The moment the survey was published, Trump tweeted that he wanted the 27 names.

              Know why he asked for those names? Because this tweet lets him continue to pretend that he’s going to have some presence in the Republican Party after January 20th, 2021. Who was the last President of either party who lost a campaign for re-election and then played an important or even visible role in his party’s political events? It was a Chief Executive named Ignoto, which happens to be Italian for ‘unknown.’

              Remember what Jimmy Carter did after he lost to Ronald Reagan in 1980? He built houses for Habitat for America, that’s what he did. Remember what George H. W Bush did after Clinton sent him packing in 1992? Of course, you don’t remember, because he went up to his beautiful house in Kennebunkport and didn’t do anything at all.

Donate here to make a difference on January 5th.

Trump For President In 2024? Yea, Right.

              There’s a story floating around that Trump is going to boycott the ceremony on Inauguration Day, and instead fly down to Florida (his last free Air Force One trip) and hold a big rally to kick off his 2024 campaign. Boy, do I hope the story is true. In fact, I think I’ll contact the Tik Tok kids and tell them to send Trump a couple of million emails pledging their support for his 2024 run.

              If Trump actually goes ahead and pretends that he will try to get re-elected in 2024, what he’ll actually accomplish is to wreck the Republican Party for the next 8 – 10 years. Not such a bad idea. I believe in the two-party system, but as far as I’m concerned, the two parties should represent Socialism on the one hand, Social Democracy on the other.

              I’m sorry Bernie, but Socialism doesn’t mean a cheaper medical plan. It also doesn’t mean free college tuition. It means that private property no longer exists – we all share equally in all material things.

              Of course, you’re not about to end up with Socialism in a country where so many people have done so well, materially speaking, over the last two hundred years. Fine. Let’s move towards real social democracy instead. The Socialists can be like the Liberal Party used to be in New York – reminding us that there’s something out there which is better than what we have.

              What has the GOP given us over the last 50 years? From the sainted Ronald Reagan we got a massive tax cut for the rich, and a pullout of the Marines from Lebanon that sparked the appearance of Hezbollah. George Herbert Walker Bush didn’t do so bad because he only had four years to screw things up. His son, on the other hand, sent 200,000 American kids into Iraq even though he didn’t know the difference between the Shiites and Sunnis who are still fighting a civil war.

              Don’t get me wrong. The Democrats haven’t for the most part been my cup of tea. Kennedy and then Johnson committed the single worst, most horrific policy decision of all time – the war in Viet Nam. It wasn’t the first time (read: Korea) the Democrats started a useless war that Republicans had to end.

              As for Clinton, he was so trailer park that he even tried to steal the White House silverware when he left town. And for all his talk about a rational foreign policy, we had more American troops stationed outside the country when Obama left office than when he first arrived in D.C.

              Be that as it may, I’m still going to vote blue every chance I get for one reason and one reason only, namely that the Democrats believe in equality and the Republicans don’t. Yea, yea, some of the GOP bunch occasionally give lip service to the Bill of Rights, but the one right they seem most interested in promoting is the right to walk around with a gun.

              I happen to walk around with a gun from time to time as well. But the fact that I live in the first state which legalized gay marriage is a lot more important to me than whether I take along my Glock 17 when I go to Starbucks for a latte later today.

              Trump will fly off from the South Lawn in one of those Marine helicopters that will take him to Andrews Air Force base. That night he’ll no doubt post a video on Twitter showing all his adoring supporters standing (unmasked) in front of the newly refurbished Rose Garden and wishing him goodbye.

              There’s an old Stephen Foster song with lyrics which went, ‘Massa’s in de cold, cold ground an’ de darkies is cryin.’ Remember that? Langston Hughes reminded us that the ‘darkies’ were crying not out of sorrow, but out of joy.

              And that’s exactly what’s going to happen to Trump after Joe and Kammie are sworn in on January 20, 2021. The Republicans will begin looking for a candidate to represent their party in 2024.

              Anyone want to give me the short odds that it won’t be a worn-out blowhard named Donald Trump?

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Is Trump A Threat To Democracy?

Earlier this week, yet another iconic venue of the liberal (’enemy of the people’) media, in this case The New Yorker Magazine, published the umpteenth version of how Trump’s legal and twitter campaigns against election ‘fraud’ represent an assault on our most cherished democratic institutions and “further undermine confidence in the U.S. government.”

The op-ed went on to chastise the “shamelessly craven nature of the Trump-era G.O.P. in Washington,” as compared to local Republicans who have stood up against Trump’s shameless and even dangerous attacks.

I have been listening to this continued drumbeat about the failure of Republican office-holders in D.C. to stand up against the leader of their own party and I must say that my friends on the blue team display some very short memories, when all is said and done. How many members of the Senate or House Democratic caucuses came out and denounced Bill Clinton for getting a pipe job in the Oval Office from a teen-age intern while he was talking on the phone?

Okay, now maybe that behavior didn’t represent a threat to our democratic institutions. So, I’ll give you a better one.

In 1967, just months before the Viet Cong launched the Tet offensive and basically began kicking our asses out of Viet Nam, Johnson asked for an additional increase in the military budget to ‘defend democracy’ in Southeast Asia. After all, Johnson wasn’t going to be the first American President to lose a war.

How many members of the Senate Democratic caucus refused to vote the dough? Exactly two – Ernest Gruening and Wayne Morse.

Want to believe that Trump’s tweets are a greater threat to this country than what we were doing in Viet Nam? Go right ahead.

The United States happens to be the only democratic country in the entire world which has not experienced a single, mass political challenge to its governmental institutions over the last one hundred years. When I went to France to study at the Sorbonne in 1969, the country was still recovering from a combined nationwide student protest and general strike – the May Days – that came within an inch of bringing the de Gaulle government to its knees.

This country has never had a general strike. This country doesn’t have a single union which espouses a Socialist line. This country does not have a single, national political party that calls for resistance to the government from the Right.

Yea, yea, I know about ‘all’ those schmucks armed with their assault rifles who show up at rallies protesting lockdown orders and other limits to our ‘freedoms’ and Constitutional ‘rights.’ I have lived and worked both in Europe and the Near East, and this country is so law-abiding that the idea the Trump is stirring up a massive assault on democratic institutions is a joke.

I don’t think there’s any other country which even understands the concept of getting in line. Don’t believe me? Try jamming your way onto a subway car in Madrid during the rush hour. Or maybe you should try driving around a traffic circle in Rome at any time.

Want a good test for how people respect each other’s space in public places? Watch what happens when a bus pulls up at the Ha Tahana HaMerkazit HaHadasha bus station in Tel Aviv and more than three people are waiting to get on. Have you ever seen what happens when three adults push their way through the entry doors of a bus at exactly the same time?

Let’s cut the bullshit once and for all. Trump’s no threat to democratic institutions. He’s a liar, a racist and a fool. And let’s just remember that there’s a runoff election in Georgia on January 5th and I guarantee you that every, single vote will be counted as carefully as the votes were counted for the election on November 3rd.

Send some money down to Georgia. Send it now: 2020 Georgia Senate Runoff — Donate via ActBlue  

Time To Get It Done In Georgia.

              Today I have already heard two AM shock-jocks proclaim that Trump’s visit to Georgia this weekend will tip both Senate races towards the GOP because Trump is the first sitting President to get more than 70 million votes in a national vote.

              Big friggin’ deal. Joe Biden happens to be the first Presidential candidate who ever polled 80 million votes. This part of the narrative about the 2020 election always seems to get drowned out.

              Before I send some dough down to Georgia to help Ossoff and Warnock pad what appear to be slight leads, I thought I would do a little research on what the increased 2020 turnout really means for both sides.

              In 2016, Trump and Hillary together pulled 3,967,067 Georgia residents to the polls, with Trump getting 50.4% of the votes (2,089,104) and Hillary getting 45.3% (1,877,973). Last month, the total vote for the blue and red teams was 4,936,344, with Joe getting 2,474,507 and Trump scoring 2,461,837 votes.

              Now watch. The total vote in Georgia from 2016 to 2020 increased by 24.4%.  Trump’s vote went up by 17.8%, slightly lower than the increase in his national vote which was 19.6%. Ready? Joe’s Georgia total in 2020 was 31.1% higher than what Hillary got in 2016; his national vote increased by 27% over the same four years.

              Comparing red to blue in these two elections, the red team had a slightly smaller percentage increase in Georgia than in the overall vote, Joe’s Georgia increase was proportionately higher than the increase in his national vote. No wonder Trump is claiming ‘fraud.’  

              One more comparison between what Hillary did in 2016 and what Joe did in Georgia this year. Georgia went red in 2012, with Romney getting 53.3% versus Barack’s 45.4%.  In 2008, McCain pulled 52.2% of the Georgia tally, Barack got 46.9% of the statewide vote. For the previous three Presidential elections, the blue candidate ran consistently at 45% – 46%. How did Joe push this number up to a shade under 50%?

              Here’s how. In the 6 counties which comprise Atlanta metro, Joe got 1,301,796 votes, an increase in 29.7% over what Hillary received in 2016. Both of them pulled slightly less than half their statewide votes from Gwinnett, Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb, Clayton, and Henry Counties. But while Hillary pulled 67% of the Fulton vote, 47% of the vote in Cobb, 50% in Henry and Gwinnett Counties, Joe got 72% in Fulton, 56% from Cobb, 58% and 60% respectively from Henry and Gwinnett.

              Per usual, Trump got 70% or more in most of the rural counties. But nobody lives in the swamps. He got 72% of the votes in Atkinson County, i.e., 2,300 votes. Clinch County gave him 74% of their votes, which was a whole, big 2,105. Without doing any kind of their usual street-level canvassing in urban neighborhoods, Joe got the vote he needed to swing Georgia out of the red. 

              I won’t bore you with the details but suffice it to say that the increase in urban, traditionally blue counties is exactly what happened not only in Georgia, but as well in Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. For all the talk about how Trump created an entirely new wave of GOP voters in 2016 and embellished it this year, the truth is that we had to put up with his racism, his cronyism, his laziness, his disgusting language and his ineptitude because Hillary’s team didn’t get out the vote.

              The Georgia numbers make it clear that Trump was an accidental President in every respect. Luckily, the same accident didn’t happen twice.

              Now it’s time for the spiel.

Go to and send Reverend Warnock a hundred bucks. Then go to and send Jon Ossoff a Franklin too. And don’t tell me you can’t afford it. You can afford to go out tonight and pick up Chinese? You can afford to help these guys out.

Let’s get it done, okay? Get it done.

Want To Make A Buck? Try A New Market Called Elections.

Yesterday the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, delivered a major, 45-minute address to the nation.  Did it go out on any of the TV networks? No. It went out on Facebook.

The speech was nothing more than a repeat of all the various falsehoods that Trump has been slinging around about the so-called ‘stolen’ election. The event, which Trump claimed was the ‘most important’ speech of his entire life, got a 30-second blip on the CBS Nightly News.

              At the same time that this video was playing on a Facebook page, a so-called ‘grassroots’ rally was being held outside of Atlanta that featured speakers like Sidney Powell, who has been bumped off the Trump legal team, but is still peddling her crazy ideas about how the software used in voting machines is controlled by Chinese ‘thugs.’ When Attorney General Barr announced that his investigation couldn’t find any evidence to support this notion, he was denounced by alt-right media as a ‘liar’ and a ‘fool.’

              What’s going to happen the week after next is that Joe Biden will receive 306 Electoral College votes. On January 20, 2021 he’ll be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. These two events will provide a new class of digital entrepreneurs with the ammunition they need to grow a market which first appeared in 2016.

              And who was the guy who first created this new market and worked it to the point that it has become a significant source of revenue for him and others as well? A guy named Donald Trump. His campaign combined massive digital messaging with equally massive public rallies, the latter being used in place of door-to-door campaigning which Republicans don’t do.

              Remember the Fuller Brush man? Remember the kid selling the World Book Encyclopedia? You probably don’t, but I do. Selling a political candidate is no different from selling anything else.

It’s easy to do a Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaign in cities where people live one on top of the other. It’s not so easy to do GOTV in rural areas where residents are more dispersed.

Who lives out in the country? Republicans, that’s who. So why drive all over the place to hit a house here and there when you can show up at a tent revival or a county bar-b-que and meet everyone at the same time?

              The other innovation that Trump brought to the political scene was to market himself and his brand all the time, whether there was an election or not. In the olden days, political campaigns started up every other year after the World Series. So, in a 24-month span, you were made aware of elections for maybe two months.  

              Beginning December 1, 2016 until the day before the 2020 election, Trump’s campaign held more than 120 large, public events, although they tended to be scaled down somewhat with the spread of Covid-19. The rally held outside of Atlanta yesterday was an exact lookalike of a Trump rally, including the crowd breaking into ‘lock him up’ chants from time to time.

              The only problem with the Atlanta rally, however, was that it was organized as a protest against the Governor of Georgia, who happens to be from the GOP. Another target was the Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, who’s also a Republican even though he certified the election results for Kammie and Joe.

              This situation has created something of a problem because Trump is going down to campaign for the two Senate Republican candidates who are facing two Democrats in the runoff election being held on January 5th. How do you denounce the electoral process as corrupt but meanwhile tell your people to go and vote?

              The difference in messaging between Trump on the one hand and ‘Stop the Vote’ rallies on the other tells me that political campaigns have become nothing more than a new market which may have a significant potential for growth. There were 127 million people who voted in 2016.  The total in 2020 was 154 million.

              That’s not a new market?