Happy Holidays!

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              If I had a nickel for every time some liberal media pundit has complained about Trump’s behavior being a ‘threat’ to democracy, I’d have enough money to fly down to Florida, drive over to Boca and lie down on the beach. Actually, I have enough money to do it anyway, but I’m staying home, and I hope all of you stay home as well.

              Oh my God! We won’t be able to be with the family this year. We’re always with the family this time of year. We love that Cousin Harold shows up drunk for Christmas dinner, that Uncle Dave gets into a fistfight with his son, you know, heartfelt memories like that. Like my grandfather used to say: ‘Shait en haim.” Stay at home.

              Anyway, back to how democracy is teetering on the brink.

              For all the talk about how Trump has been trying to demolish our government by promoting all this nonsense about how the election was ‘fixed,’ I notice that the government at every level seems to just keep rolling along.

              Last weekend we had a huge snowfall. The next day, the roads were all cleared, the school buses picked up half the kids, the other half were home playing with the free laptops they got from the school. The garbage was picked up a day late, but it was picked up. And when I turned on my tap, the water came out. Ditto when I turned on a light. The bulb lit up.

              Most important, the day after the storm my monthly social security check was issued and ended up exactly where it was supposed to end up – in my bank account. And by the way, if God forbid, I need to go to the ER because I feel short of breath, I could get in there, wave my red, white, and blue government-issued Medicaid card and I’m good to go.

              In this country we take for granted what government does every day in providing a level of comfort and services which doesn’t exist anywhere else.  I’m not talking about the lack of government-provided amenities in places like Zimbabwe or Cameroons.  I’m talking about places like England and France.

              The United States is the only country in the entire world where virtually every road is paved. It’s the only country where the store-bought meat is clean, and the milk is really fresh. It’s the only country where, with the exception of Flint, you can walk into any bathroom of any gas station and drink from the tap.

              We are the only country in the entire world which has street lights on just about every street. Next time you check into some pricey, quaint auberge in some lovely, picturesque French village or town, take a walk in the evening and see if you can see anything more than five feet ahead.

              When we use words like ‘government’ or ‘democracy,’ it means something much different to the average person than what it means to the liberal, educated elite. Don’t get me wrong. I think, actually I know that Trump is nothing more than a complete and total piece of shit.

              But he’s no ‘threat’ to democracy. First of all, he’s not smart enough to be a threat to anything. He’s dumb as a rock, and he magnifies his stupidity by making sure that the people around him are even dumber than that. Ever listen to the rants of a GOP House Member named Matt Gaetz? Try an exchange this moron had with a Democratic member during a committee hearing earlier this year.

              The good news about the holidays is that when they’re finished, Trump will be finished too. Granted, it will be three weeks into the New Year before the GSA trucks roll up, take all his personal crap out of the White House, and ship it somewhere else. I doubt if Trump will try to steal the White House silverware the way the Clintons did, but you never know.

              Let’s stop moaning and groaning about how we need to ‘recover’ democracy from the clutches of Donald Trump. Stay home, do a Zoom to everyone, and get ready for 2021.

Is Trump A Threat To Democracy?


Earlier this week, yet another iconic venue of the liberal (’enemy of the people’) media, in this case The New Yorker Magazine, published the umpteenth version of how Trump’s legal and twitter campaigns against election ‘fraud’ represent an assault on our most cherished democratic institutions and “further undermine confidence in the U.S. government.”

The op-ed went on to chastise the “shamelessly craven nature of the Trump-era G.O.P. in Washington,” as compared to local Republicans who have stood up against Trump’s shameless and even dangerous attacks.

I have been listening to this continued drumbeat about the failure of Republican office-holders in D.C. to stand up against the leader of their own party and I must say that my friends on the blue team display some very short memories, when all is said and done. How many members of the Senate or House Democratic caucuses came out and denounced Bill Clinton for getting a pipe job in the Oval Office from a teen-age intern while he was talking on the phone?

Okay, now maybe that behavior didn’t represent a threat to our democratic institutions. So, I’ll give you a better one.

In 1967, just months before the Viet Cong launched the Tet offensive and basically began kicking our asses out of Viet Nam, Johnson asked for an additional increase in the military budget to ‘defend democracy’ in Southeast Asia. After all, Johnson wasn’t going to be the first American President to lose a war.

How many members of the Senate Democratic caucus refused to vote the dough? Exactly two – Ernest Gruening and Wayne Morse.

Want to believe that Trump’s tweets are a greater threat to this country than what we were doing in Viet Nam? Go right ahead.

The United States happens to be the only democratic country in the entire world which has not experienced a single, mass political challenge to its governmental institutions over the last one hundred years. When I went to France to study at the Sorbonne in 1969, the country was still recovering from a combined nationwide student protest and general strike – the May Days – that came within an inch of bringing the de Gaulle government to its knees.

This country has never had a general strike. This country doesn’t have a single union which espouses a Socialist line. This country does not have a single, national political party that calls for resistance to the government from the Right.

Yea, yea, I know about ‘all’ those schmucks armed with their assault rifles who show up at rallies protesting lockdown orders and other limits to our ‘freedoms’ and Constitutional ‘rights.’ I have lived and worked both in Europe and the Near East, and this country is so law-abiding that the idea the Trump is stirring up a massive assault on democratic institutions is a joke.

I don’t think there’s any other country which even understands the concept of getting in line. Don’t believe me? Try jamming your way onto a subway car in Madrid during the rush hour. Or maybe you should try driving around a traffic circle in Rome at any time.

Want a good test for how people respect each other’s space in public places? Watch what happens when a bus pulls up at the Ha Tahana HaMerkazit HaHadasha bus station in Tel Aviv and more than three people are waiting to get on. Have you ever seen what happens when three adults push their way through the entry doors of a bus at exactly the same time?

Let’s cut the bullshit once and for all. Trump’s no threat to democratic institutions. He’s a liar, a racist and a fool. And let’s just remember that there’s a runoff election in Georgia on January 5th and I guarantee you that every, single vote will be counted as carefully as the votes were counted for the election on November 3rd.

Send some money down to Georgia. Send it now: 2020 Georgia Senate Runoff — Donate via ActBlue  

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